Monday, November 29, 2010

Ho Ho Ho *coughs*

Hi everyone,

Finally I can upload a few Christmas designs AND the new header is here AND there are a few new drawings here and there to add a bit more for a Christmas feel to the blog. What do you think? I was pondering between 2 designs, but in the end went with this one because the other one, which you can find below, was a bit too crowded for my taste. Do enlarge the pictures for a better look ^_^.

I won't add all the Christmas designs in this post, because it would be a bit too long and a few are still waiting to be painted. So a sneak preview in this post and to see them all just visit my Flickr account or hop over to the Zazzle store where you can get merchandise to fill e.g. stockings with Christmas posters, buttons & magnets. Yes. It's filled with Christmas items now!

Santa's Snowmen are singing a tune! I like the blue one hehe. The design below was the other choice as header. Even though it didn't make it as a header, I did send it as a card design to ms. Kate Harper. She is a greeting card designer and has open up her blog for every illustrator to be featured on her blog for an entire month with your own greeting card design. Her blog is filled with interesting and valuable information about the greeting card business as well. Definitely worth to check it out. Big thank you to her as well for the opportunity!

Last week it was very busy, next to finishing commissions I had two birthdays, from my grandma & dad. I did create a small card for them. For the ones who didn't saw it on twitter, have a look below. The Indian styled one was for grandma, she loves Bollywood and her mother is originally from India as well. A music style was for my dad, he's a musician in his free time so it speaks for itself haha.

Well I don't have a random story this time for you, well I have a bunch, but this post is already a bit on the long side haha. Next time! Would love to hear what you think of them and if you like the products in the Zazzle store! Feel free to give suggestions/tips. Also, random stories from you guys are always welcome as well ;). I will add a few more characters somewhere this week, I'll tweet about it, so stay tuned for this!

Ciao & Enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. I loved all your creations. Belated Happy B'day wish to your grandma and your dad. Wow! so, you have an Indian connection.

  2. I love the snowmen! Good luck with the Zazzle sales--how are you doing with that so far, btw? I've never had much luck with such things, myself.

  3. The Bollywood card is ADORABLE!! :)

  4. Wow you've been busy! I'm wowed. And I love the kitty drawing!!!!

  5. TJ-you just keep churning out one frolic masterpiece after another. The header you chose is wonderful, but either one would've been fine. I love the music card you designed for your Dad. He must've been thrilled with it. Have a lovely last day of November!

  6. Love the new header! I like the tiny gingerbread man on the outside of the door hehe. Those hidden gems always bring warmth to my heart.

    Keep up the great work! ^_^

  7. @ Shas: Thanks so much!! Yes, my grandma's mother is from India ^_^. Hope you're well lady! Xoxo!

    @ Lana: I really like them too haha! Well Zazzle is going okay, not too fond of it I think, but will do a blog post soon about it! Have a lovely weekend ahead!

    @ Tricia: Ciao! Thank you ^_^. I'm thinking of a whole line of these little ladies!

  8. @ Heather: Haha yeah I've been pretty busy indeed. Need to keep practicing new techniques and creating new work. I looove the kitty too. Quite funny how the simple things sometimes works best. Ciao Xx

    @ Nothing Profound: Ciao NP! Aww thanks so much :D. Yes, he really liked it ^_^. I need to keep on creating things in order to get better. It does mean less sleep though hehe. Take care & till next time!!

    @ Ollie: Helloo! I love the tiny details as well! That way there's always something new to be seen! Well this is the case until you spotted them all haha! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Wow! You have been really busy :). Great work!!

  10. @ Dennis C.: Hey there! Thank you ^_^. Yeah will take a break over the holidays soon and refocus on what I want to do. Take care!

  11. That Santa Cat is too cute:) Best of luck for your new store.
    Ooh I just learned something new about you. I had no idea you have Indian blood. Happy belated birthday to your grandma and dad:)

  12. I just love the snowmen!

    Hope the store does really well for you.

  13. That's great that you can do this for your family. They're lovely designs and are full of heart. Something a lot of illustration lacks these days.

  14. T.J., thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! The illustrations you have here are WONDERFUL! I'll bet you have the best Christmas cards ever!!

  15. Wow, those are great. I think the new header is terrific and the birthday cards you made for your family are spectacular, way better than Hallmark could ever do.

    Talk to you later.

  16. Nice work TJ! I'm looking forward to Christmas now :) Happy Holidays!

  17. I just love your artwork, TJ. Whenever I pop over here I leave with a smile on my face.


  18. @ Heidi A.: Ciao Heidi! Thank you :D. The penguin has lots of fans haha! Yes Indian runs through the family amongst a bunch of others ^_^. Lovely to see you here!

    @ Juliana: Hello Juliana! How have you been? Hope you're well. Thanks muchly!

    @ Tanoshiboy: Ciao and thank you for your lovely comment! It's really cool to be able to create something that fits a person for real by taking little personal elements from them. They were really happy with it!

    @ Judie: Hi Judie! You're welcome and thanks so much for your sweet comment and putting the Snowmen on your blog! Haha. Not sure whether they are the best, but they tend to make people happy and that's what important to me ^_^.

    @ Beer Drinker Rob: Heeey there! Why thanks so much! That's a big compliment! It's cool to see their faces, because they don't expect it and that makes it even more fun hehe. Talk to you later!

    @ Arjan W.: Heey Arjan! Thanks so much! Christmas is here before we know it! Thanks for strolling by ^_^. Spreek je & Groetjes

    @ Janene M.: Aww that makes me happy to hear :D. Thank you Janene!

  19. Pretty TJ, i just replied your mail!

    i like your snowman... heheh...
    Frosty the snowman knew
    The sun was hot that day,
    So he said, "Let's run and
    We'll have some fun
    Now before I melt away."


  20. @ Sympathy for the Devil: Ciaooo Pretty Mita! I saw it thank you! And thank you for the comment and the little poem! I love your comments ^_^! Xoxoxo


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