Monday, November 22, 2010

Hiding in my Imaginative World

Heey everyone!

Just a quick note to say that I'm still around!! Yes, I'm still here, only I'm hiding behind the curtain that leads to my imaginative world hehe.

But if you're wondering what I've been up to, well I've been illustrating my butt off. Seriously. And once I'm in my own world, time seems to stop there, but unfortunately it continues in the real world. But I'm happy to say that a bunch of illustrations are finished and mugs have been ordered! I'm really excited to hear what the clients think of them ^_^.

There's still some time left if you want to have something illustrated before the holidays. Do let me know this week if you're still thinking about it. Especially if it's a mug, because that takes more time.

This little lady is preparing for the holidays. 
I already told her that she still has some time, but she has to find the perfect outfit...

Other important news that I forgot to share with you all! I'm an official illustrator since my birthday! Yes, nothing more to add to this, except that I'm super excited. It's not easy though, I have so much to go through to make sure I got the business side all set up, but I'm getting there.

Next to working on commissions, I have been working on my own Christmas designs as well and I will show you these in my next post! Which shall be somewhere this week...I hope.

Oh before I go: a quick drawing I did for my little sister a while back:
Take care and till next post which shall be filled with illustrations. Hope everyone is well & HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!



  1. Congratulations TJ! Full fledged Illustrator! Alright! Best of luck setting up. You keep to your imaginative world, its the best place to get inspired.
    These images are proof! They're excellent pieces!

  2. Congratulations! I'm so proud of you. Abby is too! :) You're amazing. I want to be like you when I grow up.

  3. Yay!! I'm so happy for you. You EARNED it and you DESERVE it. :)

  4. Congratulations!, this is the first time that i stop by and direct good news! I love your lady get ready for the holidays,


  5. @ Gonzalexx: Hola! Thanks so much :D. I have piles of info to go through, but will do it this week. Till next time!

    @ Elisa: Awww Abby!!! Big hugs to her!! you're too kind Elisa :D thank you! Xoxo

    @ Tricia: Ciao Tricia! Yay thank you! It totally slipped my mind to tell it sooner haha.

    @ Normal Daily Chaos: Hello and welcome! Thank you :) Haha yes, I have a feeling there will be more ladies soon ;)

  6. /lights fireworks and pops champagne

    Hooray for being all official and taking that scary step into the unknown!

    Can't wait to see what you come up with next :)

  7. Oh Dearest TJ, it's very nice to hear from you!
    now you're an official illustrator, yay!!! how cool is that?!

    me, im an official Wiccan, lol :D

    enjoy your time, ok ;))


  8. Congrats! How did you go about becoming an official illustrator? I'll be making the jump too soon.


  9. *does a little dance*

    Whee wheeee wheeee, congrats my love!

    and the drawing you did for your sis, is to DIE for!!! It's so pretty!!!


  10. @ Claire: *takes a glass of champagne* How lovely Claire! How did you manage to get this much fireworks :|. It's awesome!! Thank you :D! *grabs more champagne* hehe

    @ Sympathy for The Devil: Ciaooo Pretty Mita! Thanks so much :D. It's really coo and being an official Wiccan sounds awesome! Hope you're well Xoxox!

    @ Heather F.: Hello Heather! Thanks you! Well basically I had to register myself as a freelancer at the Chamber of Commerce and I got a few numbers that I need to add on contracts/bills. The rest is up to myself, searching for clients, keeping my administration organized and I need to look into insurances and a bunch of other topics though, but the fact that I'm independent and working for myself is really cool!

    Let me know when you make the jump!! Xoxo!

    @ Hevn: Ciaooo Bella! Hahah *dances along* Thanks so much :D!! Yeah I'm really glad she liked it. Talk to you soon! Xoxoxo

  11. Congrats on being a REAL illustrator. *L* Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  12. @ Lana: Hello hello! Thanks so much!! Unfortunately we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Holland. BUT it was my dad's birthday ^_^. Xx

  13. Hi Lana , I came through Judies blog . I've visited you once before but this time I thought I'd leave a comment . I love that pretty little lady dressed up for the holidays . She's adorable .
    I hope all your Christmas wishes come true and a happy and prosperous new year !

  14. @ Jackie: Hi there Jackie! Nice to meet you! Ooh my name is TJ ;). I do know a lady named Lana though haha. Thanks so much for strolling by!! Have fun tonight & Happy New Year!!!


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