Monday, September 14, 2009

Just A Little Update and a Warning.

Updates Updates Updates....this post is all about updates! I guess that was a bit obvious haha.

1. It was my brother's birthday last Saturday ^_^!! So I want to say:


Yes I call him by his Japanese name ^_^. It was a lovely day even though the weather report said it was going to rain. But the sun was shining. We had presents, pie and music. My dad even did a last minute BBQ. So it was all good! I'm happy he liked the anime books I got him!

2. A few weeks ago I was asked by a fellow blogger, Millieunet. Milieunet is a blog about the environment, events that take place around this and news that is written about this. So last Wednesday (September 9th) was the Day of Sustainability. I made a quick illustration and it was posted on the blog. Yeey!! There is a translator button on the blog, if you are interested to read it. I made the following illustration:
Sooo what do you think? I incorporated wind energy, solarpanels as part of the illustration to show that you can use natural energies to provide energy. Also planting lots of...well green to help the world to get a bit greener haha.

3. I made a birthday card for my three year old neighbor. Cute little guy haha. He's floating towards adulthood...well something like that ^_^.

Oh I scanned it a bit weird. Sorry about that!

4. I made a another mug!! This time the design is a bit different. Still with chibi's though. Check out it below! My sister, I call her KiKi, she makes bracelets and she made one in the colors of the Italian flag. I think it gives a nice extra detail as a present.

Oh newsflash! I got an 'order' from a friend to design an illustration for two mugs that she wants to give as a part of her wedding present. How cool is this ^_^!

5. Oh I updated the post of my little book review! I posted a picture...of me and the book haha. Nothing fancy or anything. I wanted to post a picture of the book cover and then I changed my mind and posted one of me and the book. So check it <-- Yes click there.

6. I finished the Bond girl card. Remember the post I did? I choose to go with the chibi girls. This is the final result:
Loved by Bond. No.9

Tadaa! I'm quite pleased with the end result. When I painted the colors, I wasn't quite pleased with it. I don't know why and this got me quite annoyed. I just put it away for a few days. And I just glued to a piece a carton and added the flowers (which are actually for scrapbooking) and then when I looked at it, I was quite happy. Ms. Bond already received the card and she was really happy with it! Which made me even more happy haha. So in the end it turned out all good!

7. This is not really an update, more like a warning haha. The next post will be quite long...

So that's it! Stay tuned for other sketches, doodles, illustrations and so on!!



  1. Delightful little drawings, TJ! Something quite charming about their style-- they sort of radiate an inner-cheer.

  2. Lady Jenn! How nice of you to stroll by! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. An inner-cheer, I like that! They do tell their own story once they are drawn ^_^. PS: I just saw that I made a typo on my last comment on your blog...Lady Jean instead of Lady Jenn, so sorry!

  3. Hey TJ -
    My Broter's birthday is today... I wonder what his Japanese name would be... Andrew.... Actually, my other brother Danny, I used to call Danielson - after the Karate Kid.... I think that is Japanese right... Whatever - I am being random....

    Love your sweet illustrations!!!! They have such great detail!!!

    Thanks for the compliments on my blog - still getting used to the haircut - it has good days and bad... I cut almost 10 inches... thats why I call it extreme!.... Anyway.... tick tock tick tock - time is getting closer to our birthdays - sometime before then send me your address... I'll send you a little surprise... and yeah... I know you live way over yonder! :) - Take Care!!! Kim

  4. Love the updates! You're so creative and talented.....and full of positive energy. WE love that!!


  5. @ Soggy Dog - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your brother!! Hope he has a wonderful day!
    Hmm I started calling my brother Tousuke, because we watched an anime together and the main character behaved a lot like my little brother. His name was Sasuke. And one time I mixed up and called him Tousuke and well it sticked haha.

    And thank you for your lovely comments on my blog as well! I really appreciate it! 10 inches!! Man that is a lot! Wow! Did you just decide one day to cut it? But yeah good and bad days...tell me about it! It's always a bad day when you hope to be a good day..ehm..something like that ^_^

    Being random is totally fine! You really don't want to know how I start talking about a topic from school and I end up talking about ducks who terrorize my street...true story. I have Ducks who terrorize my street.

    You are really too sweet! And you beat me to it! I was already pondering what to give you for your birthday hahaha. Sure I'll give you my address...but I need yours in return hehehe ^_^!! Time is passing by really quickly indeed! Only a few weeks! Ciao!! Xoxo

  6. @ The Guys - Hey there guys! I'm glad you like the updates ^_^! And many many thanks for your sweet comments!

    I'm just happy that I can share whatever I'm doing or thinking on my blog and that people actually read it haha. Thanks for dropping by! Oh I didn't read the last post about Dan and Bob! Need to catch up ^_^! Ciao!!

  7. You ´re not going to believe me... (How can I be so absent-minded) I forgot to add you to know when you post, I thought I did it but NO, so I started thinking: how strange, this girl is getting lazy... he, he.
    I am like that I can desperate people sometimes. But now Its fixed.

    Are you writting 3 novels, HOW.
    I think you could be illustrator in the same way you do all these things. I like the card for the neighbour and the bond girl... everything.
    Big Hug

  8. @ Encaracolada: Hello! You didn't add me :| why? I mean, I'm shocked...hehehe just kidding ^_^!! Thank you so much for following!!! Now you will stay up to date with all my random updates and stories.

    Whahaha I wish I was lazy! I have too much going through my mind at the moment! But man, an illustrator, I'm really considering this...all those lovely comments I get, they really inspire me and it got me wondering "Could I...". We shall see what the future brings!

    So I just keep sketching and drawing, developing skills. I'm going to make a portfolio as well. Oeh! If you have books or tips...please let me know ^_^. *hugs* Xoxo!!

  9. Great artwork...

    Best regards...

  10. @ Alexiev: Hi there & Thanks for dropping by ^_^! Take care

  11. TJ--I just love your drawings! I can honestly picture them in a book--you know, perhaps you should write a children's book! You have so much talent.

    Take care,


  12. Thats very nice, you are also very talanted.

  13. Hey!

    Thanks for your comment! I like the whole "smart/dorky" kinda idea...

    ;) stay posted to see the result! :P

  14. Hey TJ! You are one busy gal! Great updates, love the variety of illustrations:)

  15. Hiya! TJ,
    Howz you?
    Creativity at its best i should say. Am glad you are using your talent to raise some important issues. I wish i was that 3 year old cute neighbour....lolzzz

  16. Full of ideas arentcha?! lol

    I love them! I'll see what I can do-- I have a few other requests..maybe I'll combine them? :) thanks for ur loyal visits..hehe

  17. @ Melinda: Ciao Melinda! I'm really, really considering to do more with this! I just mustn't forget my thesis hehe. Thank you for your lovely words! I really appreciate you stopping by! Take care.

    @ Donald: Hi there & a big welcome! Thanks for strolling by ^_^!!

    @ Abz: Man! You're quick! That was one cool illustration!

  18. @ Monica: Hi Monica!! Haha yes I'm quite busy the last few days...ehm weeks actually ^_^''. Thanks for stopping by!! Xx

    @ Shas: Hi Shas!! I'm doing fine! How are you? Haha you're sweet! Thanks so much! Yes important issues with a creative touch ^_^. Till next time! XOXO!

    @ Abz: Haha yeah, like I said, my brains are working over time haha. Oh a combination would be cool too! Just be creative and I'll check the results for sure ^_^! You too, thanks so much for leaving nice comments!!

  19. Hi TJ,
    I have noticed that your art work is simply getting better & better each time. You are using your creativity with your talents in an interesting way.

    Don't stop now. Keep going...

  20. @ Mystique Earth: Hello! Thank you so much! I keep learning and practicing haha. So I'm glad that there are some improvements ^_^. Thank you for your lovely comment and stopping by!! Till next time!

  21. Hi TJ! I wanted to thank you for visiting my little blog, I appreciate it very much.

    Looks like lots of fun stuff on here, with plenty of good reading too! I'll be sure to spend some time exploring your past posts.

  22. @ Jason Curtis: Hi Jason! How cool of you to stop by! I really do like your blog!

    Thanks for browsing through my little blog ^_^! It's always nice to see new faces...ehm avatars haha. Cya around!


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