Friday, November 4, 2011

Tales from an Illustrator: One of My Next Steps.


Hmm it seems that I am blogging quite frequently lately haha. But that aside, I have some excting news to tell and some of you may have seen it on Facebook yesterday!

Susanna from Trade Your Talent and I will write a...children book. Well, I will illustrate it haha. I can ramble about it here, but I'd rather have you visit the blog and hopefully you decide to follow our journey over there. The posts on that blog will cover various subjects about finding an app developer, creating character sketches, what we find fun to do, what we find difficult etc. Some posts will be from her alone, some will be mine and some will be combined, like you can see in our first post. Hopefully it will be of interest for people who want to start something for themselves too! To find the blog just click the image below ^_^.

 Meet Migwi the Monkey!! :D

 Everything is still in draft mode, so hopefully seeing it all change and grow will be fun and interesting for you guys!

Writing/illustrating a children's book is one of the steps that I want to complete in my second year as illustrator. I could wait till a project falls in my lap or that I start when I'm signed by an agency...however, I know that sometimes you just have to act pro-active. The story is there, the illustrations are floating around...we are willing to invest our time and energy in why wait?? We believe in our project and to me that's all that matters.

But! Getting signed by an agency is another one of my goals! And in order to create a great promotional package I will join the Zero2Illo challenge '4 Week Promotional Mailer Challenge' I already joined a Zero2illo Challenge in the past, but my thesis took up way too much, so I had to stop after 5 weeks. However more pesky thesis! Not that I have all the time in world though, but this challenge is too interesting to set aside.

Big Thanks to Jonathan and Lea Woodward for giving everyone the change to develop and grow as an artist! *bows*

Till next post everyone and have a fabulous weekend ahead!



  1. That is awesome news, TJ!! I know what's it's like to partner up with someone and have a goal to get to the next step. I did it and now I am heading to LA because of it.
    I know this will bring you that much closer to your dreams!


  2. I am SO SO SO SO SO happy for you! I can't wait to see the evolution of your collaboration :D

  3. Oh, YAY!!! Your work is perfect to illustrate a children's book! This explains the dressed-up creatures of the past few days. Congratulations! May it go wonderfully well!!

  4. Yeah! Way to take initiative. Best of luck on this collaborative project.

  5. Congrats TJ, your lovely brush strokes will bring joy to a lot of children, Good Luck :)

  6. @ ToP: I am soooo excited for you, Katy!! You know, I'm keeping my fingers crossed! It's definitely a leap of faith that we're doing, but you never know what will come out of it and it just feels right!

    @ Jen: YAY! Knowing you're so happy, makes me even happier haha! THANK YOU for hopping on board!!!

    @ Jenn: Oh look the two Jenn's :D!!! Haha. Yes, I will have more and more creatures soon as well! Thanks so much, I'm really curious how it will go!!

  7. @ Jennifer: Hooray!! Thank you, thank you!! :D

    @ He Said: That's so kind of you to say! Thanks so much, He Said!!

  8. Love your blog!!! Sooo creative and origional!!

  9. Hello Counselor! Thanks so much :D Hopefully see you again! Ciao.

  10. OMG! I'm so excited for you!!!!! You're so incredibly talented and this is such a great opportunity and blessing! I know it will be a huge success!!! Yay!!!


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