Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Goodies from the World: A Poem for Me!

Hello hello!

You know, I've said it a few times before, but one of the biggest things I'm grateful for since I started blogging are the people I've met. The fabulous Cher...she is one of the friends that I keep close to my heart and I when she surprised me with a poem. I was lost for words. You can meet tons of people across the web, but some really are just true gems. I was so honored by this and I want to share it with all of you! I strongly suggest to check out both her blogs AskCherlock and Poems by Cher. Cher is a brilliant poet and writer. Her poems take you to another world and her posts are always filled with interesting thoughts. Whenever you've visited her blogs you leave with a sense of content, knowing a bit more than when you came there. Plus! She always have a little comment for you! You're not talking to thin air. Cher is an absolute pleasure to know and I don't think I've come across anyone sweeter and caring than her. I'm sure that everyone who meets her, feels the same way. I just love her ^_^.

La Danse du Jour
For our very own TJ Lubrano who allows us to see life through her eyes.

Parting early morning sunlit curtains
She sails through an open window,
Shimmers like crystalline dewdrops
Floating lithely above far away fields
Colors of lavender, yellow, and pink,
Rainbow through hues of indigo blue
She alights upon grass to twirl and whirl
Arms swaying, fingers reaching skyward,
An overture to her delicate ballet with life
She laces on and on through thickets of rye
Then wheat, then lush greenness, and soon
Symbiosis of being one with whimsy and
Mystical, magical, colors occurs sublimely
For today is her Danse and through it
Her mind absorbs each dollop as art and
When morn has ended, she will draw upon
Her visions and paint with supplicant joy

Copyright © 2011 Askcherlock

Everyone! *twirls* Isn't it beautiful :D? Every time I read this, I am so happy! I can't even put it in words haha. The above painting I gave to her as a present. It just belonged to her. Thanks so much again, Sweet Cher!

Have a lovely week guys! And in case you haven't read my column yet...you can find it by clicking the magic word. This time I talk about a Treasure Chest...



  1. Beautiful and made me smile, your art always brings out those emotions but this was the perfect compliment to your art and your blog. Just perfect x

  2. Oh TJ, you bring out the best in all of us! Please know that Delphinia Lily beautifully graces our living room. All who visit are told stories about our wonderful TJ, and now they too can enjoy your wondrous art. Feel a hug hug across the miles and know you are loved, my dear, dear, friend.

  3. A lovely poem and a lovely painting, by two lovely ladies!
    Nice work you two,
    --Take care :]

  4. @ SJ: Aww YAY!! Thank so much lovely SJ! I was so happy when I got this from Cher and it will always stay that way :D

    @ Sweet Cher: I am so so SO happy that she is with you now :D Oh stories about me? How cool! Thank so much again, I don't think I can ever express myself with enough words. Hugs hugs back, Sweet Cher!! Xoxoxox

    @ Jayme: How lovely of you to say, Jayme! Thank you :D Take care too okay? Ciaoo!!

  5. Aww, very sweet. And I like your accompanying artwork. The girl in the image has such a blissful expression, taking in the sunshine.

  6. Ciao Jenn!! Thanks so much :D I love the poem so much haha. Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Wow, very impressive art AND poem. And it goes so well with the picture too..

    wow wow wow!

  8. Heeeey Bella!! Thanks so much :D It was so sweet of Cher! Hope you're okay over there!! I haven't forgotten about my email promise!! So hectic here lately! Stay tuned xoxo

  9. Beautiful poem! It describes your sparkliness well. :)

  10. She is a gem, indeed -- and what a lovely poem. Such a perfect gift for such a lovely person. I can see why you two are friends!

  11. @ Rachel: Yay! Thanks so much :D haha I sparkle...I'm not a vampire though...hehe

    @ Janene: I love it so much!! Don't forget, you're a lovely friend as well!!

  12. Hey, TJ! Thanks for the comment on my post. I have sent you a couple of emails about my choice for the fabulous print I won. I wanted the one with the cupcakes. I don't know why you haven't received my emails because I replied to the ones you sent me. Hope you get this message!


  13. Hello Judie!! I got it! I always check my blog ^_^ I left a new one on your blog and a message on FB too! The cupcakes will be on your way soon!! So excited :D

    Ciao! Xoxo

  14. and you got me speechless, i could cry.


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