Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Shopping Time!

Ciao Everyone!!

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! Quick update here regarding my Zazzle shop: It has been refilled! Well, there are lots of other designs in it, but I updated it with a few new Christmassy designs that you can buy as cards and key chains. I will add more products to the shop in the next couple of days. I figured to just update now instead of waiting till all is in the shop...time keeps ticking away. Plus, Zazzle is such a pain in the butt to add products too, so breaks are needed and...if I'd wait any longer I'd fall in my old routine of waiting till I have loooots to show you!
So if you want to send out cards and get small stocking fillers, now is the time :D Just keep in mind to check back as I will add more products. Also, somewhere in the next couple of days, I will add a few card designs and original paintings in my Big Cartel/Etsy shop as well. I wanted to do this today, but something went wrong with my print order, so I haven't made the cards yet. These cards will have a special TJ touch, so they are slightly different than the ones in my Zazzle shop. More on this and prices later, otherwise too much information for you too handle hehe.

Don't worry! I will notify you when the originals and cards are up in my personal shop. But for now Zazzle awaits you! If you know people who would love to get something with the designs I have available now, do let them know as well please.

If you don't see an item with a specific design, just let me know and I'll create one. There will be another post soon regarding my personal shop, but for the new Zazzle products, I will add a note on Twitter & Facebook. If you want to stay in the loop, follow me there please!

And now you can stare a bit more...


  1. Very cool, TJ! I love your designs!

  2. Hi, TJ! I feel that way about Zazzle too yet I love how easy it is for the end user. Your designs are lovely and very festive. Great work.

  3. @ Janene: Thanks so much :D!!

    @ Jennifer: Ciao! Yeah, it's very convenient for the client, so I put my frustrations aside and just go for it haha! Thank you so much!!

  4. I love the cupcake one! My favorite

  5. @ Sparklemezen: Yay! Thanks so much :D


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