Monday, October 31, 2011

The Scary Winners are...

This post is going to be super short (my definition of short...)! I am working on my to do list and I still have a few things to finish! Yes...I am shocked as well, but first...


An oldie for you to see! I started out with several designs for Halloween and then...commissions popped up and I had to put my own project aside. Bummer, but I will finish them and add them to my standard collection. You know, It's funny to look at my characters before I started to add skin tones. I drew this a year ago!

So without further a due, the winners of my giveaway are...
1. Ms. Judie from Rogue Artists
2. Ms. Flameheart from The Fire in My Eyes
3. Ms. Anastasiia from Anastasiia-Ku

Congratulations! I shall contact you this week if I haven't contacted you by the end of the me at please.

Okay! Gotta run again! Stay tuned for the next post where I either tell you about a new exciting adventure that I'm working on OR I will tell you in short what my next steps are for the upcoming months!

Feel free to tell a random story if you want or you can also check out my new column Floating on the Same Cloud.

*sings* I'm Late! I'm Late! *looks at watch*  For a Very Important Date! No time to say Hello!, Goodbye!  I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!...*waves & runs off*


  1. lol...Hope your date went well...Don't tell me a post ruined everything! lol.
    Love the halloween designs btw. :D

  2. wow! excellent post! I've found lots of nice work on your blog. thanks a lot for sharing with us.

  3. @ V: hahahah no I didn't went on a date ^_^ I wouldn't let a post in the way if I had one though haha. I was the white rabbit :D Thank you! I hope you win next time!!

    @ Jen: *throws confetti!!!*

    @ Clipping path: Hi there and welcome! Thank you for your lovely words too :D

  4. Congratulations to all of the winners! They are lucky souls, indeed. And I love the drawing you posted, too. So adorable -- I mean SCARY!! ;)

  5. Oh goodness! Totally overlooked you two!!

    @ Flameheart: I will email you soon!! :D

    @ Janene: Hahaha scary adorable it is :D Thank you :D


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