Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meeting the Doodologist and a Ramble

Hello Everyone!

So, it took some time to finally write a bit about my trip to the UK and meeting Claire, The Doodologist! I had a few things to take care off while I was fighting off a cold, unfortunately the cold got worse when I got caught in the rain last Sunday -_-'

One of the designs that was quite popular. It seems that there is a cupcake madness going on haha.

I had so much fun and the time flew by so quickly. It still feels pretty surreal that I’ve actually met a lady that I’ve known for two years now. And you know what...she isn't THAT crazy hehe :D (Sorry Claire, but you're not...). Meeting her was so much fun and it only made me realize even more how important it is to know someone who can relate with everything you’re doing and going through and who can gives advice and listens to the things you have to say. I will write more about this in a column soon!

Now on to the North West Vintage Fair! It was an interesting event. I didn’t expect people to buy something at all, but they did! I went into the fair with a blank mind and when the first people showed interest I was kinda shocked and didn’t know what to say! You know when you’re behind the computer, you can easily freak out when you get a cool email or when people show interest. You can take a bit of time to let it sink in and then you respond in a normal way. In real life you can’t really do this. I’m not a salesperson, but when you stand there you kind of need to ‘sell’ your work through words and by asking questions. It’s a new switch for me and definitely a learning point if I do another one in Holland! I am very glad to have done one with Claire though, made it less scary ^_^.

Look at our pretty table! Giant Crayons and Pencils courtesy of The Doodologist. 
The really need their own spotlight. Kids love them haha.

So sad when I had to leave again and you know I seriously needed a few days to switch back to Dutch. When people asked me a question, I replied in English *sigh* But Claire and I talked about a lot of fun things and lovely things for in the future. I foresee lots of fun things and in time you shall all know about it.

In 10 days, my first year anniversary as a full-time illustrator will arrive! Now I can never forget when I made the official switch as my birthday is attached to it. I cannot believe that a year already has passed. So much has happened and I am taking a bit of time to reflect on it and see what I need to change and what goals I will set for the second year. That’s why my posts are a bit scarce lately as I'm doing a whole lot in a short amount of time and even though I have the best intentions to do every thing I have on my huge to do list, in reality it doesn't work out all the time. So I need to stay realistic, but more on this in another post!

Gosh. Lots of rambling is ahead of you hehe.

Now everyone…please visit my friend Claire's site, blog or fanpage! Like it and/or spread the word. It’s her birthday today and I’m sure it will make her day if more people get to know about her work and alter ego...The Doodologist!!

Thanks so much for being the lovely & awesome friend that you are ^_^ 
*big hugs*

Till next post everyone!


  1. I'm still jealous that you got to meet up with Claire, I really hope I can arrange something in the future so I can meet you both ;-)

  2. I'm so thrilled that you had such a fantastic time but, sorry, you're not going to convince me that Claire isn't crazy....kidding! I hope she has a happy birthday, too.

  3. Claire is actually very normal in person. Heh, it's quite a surprise. :)

    Your table looks lovely, and it's fun you guys got to have that experience. I certainly would love to finally get to meet you, and to see Claire again. Hopefully we'll be able to make that happen at some point.

  4. Sweet TJ! Your journey has just begun. I am thrilled you got the recognition you so deserve. What a delight for you and Claire! Two very talented young women. Savor each moment. xoxo

  5. TJ - So happy for you about the one year anniversary and happy you were able to come face to face with your friend. Sounds like a lovely time.

  6. How fun to go meet your illustrator friend and have a little craft fair! Keep up the good work. Congrats on your 1 year job-o-versary! (Is that a word? Yes, it is because I said so!) :)

  7. Good morning Pretty TJ, all your cupcakes seem delicious, i'd like to grab some but im on a diet, hihi... ^____^

    Happy birthday to your friend, glad to hear you had great time together!

    kisses & hugs

  8. Its definitely nice to have such a memorable trip with a good friend like yours. I am late to wish Claire, Happy Birthday, so belated wishes to her.

  9. TJ, how wonderful that the vicissitudes of art and life have finally brought you and Claire together. A friendship begun in virtual space and now fulfilled in reality. And congratulations on completing your first year as both an artist and artisan, and as an inspiration to everyone seeking a free and independent life. I miss both your presences here at the forum, but I understand how much richer and more fulfilling real life is.

  10. People would be shocked at how evil you are in real life!

    Although I can't actually remember what you were evil over! But there was definitely something evil!

    Wish it had been much longer, feels like a million years ago already! :(

  11. I'm so glad to hear you met Claire and had a great time together, which not to say that I didn't think you would. You table looks great but spot lighting is helpful says the lady who has done so many art fairs over 35 years that she can't count them all. What my husband and I learned at the very first faira we was not to try to sell our work. We chose to have an attractive well stocked and well-lit display. Then we let our hand painted, wheel thrown pottery sell itself and it sold.

    Congratulations on reaching the end of your first year as an illustrator. I trust you have many happy and prosperous years yet to come.

  12. SO envious that you guys got together, but so glad for you both. :)

    And what IS it with the cupcakes lately? I keep craving them, too. :)

  13. @ Diana: We will!! Fingers crossed it’s soooon :D

    @ Janene: Hahah she is can be a bit crazy...but I can too hehe!

    @ Jenn: The fair was a lot of fun to do and a good learning experience! Oooh like I said with Diana, I am keeping my fingers crossed :D I really looking forward to that day.

    Oh! Claire did stare at me…I can’t recall what I said though hahah

  14. @ Cher: Thanks so much, Sweet Cher!!! I will definitely savor each moment! Till next time xoxo

    @ Katy: Thank you and yes, a lovely time indeed! I can’t wait to meet you either ^_^

    @ Rachel: Haha. It is a word now :D I love to make up words haha. Thanks so so much. Hope you’re well!

    @ Illustration Poetry: Ciaooo Prety Mita! I love cupcakes!! But I don’t eat that many though haha. Big xoxox to you!

  15. @ Elvirah: Aww so nice to meet you and to stroll by here! Thanks so much!

    @ NP: Ciaoo Marty! I was so happy to finally meet Claire! Thanks so much! Yeah, I need to divide my time appropriately and use it for other things. I do miss how the forum was in the past though. It’s always lovely to see you here!! (waves)

    @ Claire: Me? Evil?? Heheh :D I think I know when you were shocked! We were watching TV…at least this is the only thing I can recall now. Not sure if I did something else.

    It does feel super long ago already :(…hopefully we can arrange something longer next time! I miss the Towel of Shame.

  16. @ TT : Hi TT! Thanks for the advice! I shall keep that in mind!! Claire’s giant crayons and pencil really attracted lots of kids and of course parents followed, which was a cool thing to see. Thanks so much! We shall see what the future will bring! Fun times ahead!

    @ Tricia: We will meet as well! I’ve no doubt about that :D I honestly don’t know what it is with the cupcakes…but I have nothing to do with it...hehe ^_^


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