Sunday, September 18, 2011

Updates, updates, updates!

Hello hello!

How are you all doing? This time I have a few little updates for you guys and one big one! A few illustrations made their way to their new owner, so for the ones who aren't following me on Facebook, I shall add them here. If you are on Facebook and want to stay up to date a bit quicker, do become a fan of the little world I have over there!

Update 1: The Afro Rainbow Lady from last post has been sold and is now in the hands of a very proud owner! It always makes me super happy when I see how excited people get when they get their illustration(s). I just know that they arrived in the perfect new home. Prints of this Lady will be available soon.

Update 2: The last giveaway winner also received his package and to see what I created...just click on the picture and you will see more pictures! I've snapped a bunch of pictures before I wrapped it up. Hehe. The winner was mr. Garry, who is a wonderful writer. You can read some of his great articles on Expats Post or on his blog.

 The Land of the Lost Words

I think you can browse around the folder even if you don't have a Facebook account. If this is not the case, do let me know. The theme was inspired on writing and I added a bunch of anime influenced characters in it. The ones who know Studio Ghibli might recognize this.

Update 3: A bunch of colorful Parrots made their way safely to their new owner as well! And yes, they are an addition to the ones you see on my header. I am slowly expanding that colorful world. I wonder what else is hiding there!
Parrot Madness

Now my most exciting news! I will be heading to the UK for a week! I'll be visiting The Doodologist aka Claire Pitt. Regular readers know who she is as her name pops up every now and then. For the ones who don't know her, just click on the above link or if you want to read more ramblings by her please visit her blog.

We will be standing at the North West Vintage Fair that's being held on 24th & 25th September. It's my first fair, so I am a tad nervous, but very excited! We'll have some goodies for sale and will be chatting about our work. So if you're around, do pay us a visit. It would be so lovely to meet you!

Enjoy your Sunday and see you when I get back! Anyone who has questions about artwork/commissions, you can still email me at I will get back to you after my trip.

Last but not behave okay? I am watching you...hehe.



  1. Who said I ramble!

    (myself numerous times)

    Everyone that I have spoke to, had a good time at this event in the past, so fingers crossed we have a good time too!

  2. Have fun TJ and show us lots of pictures! <3

  3. @ Claire:
    Hahah! :D Ramble, ramble, ramble...

    Oh lovely to hear! Fingers crossed! I'm sure it will be lovely and besides I can always annoy you hehe.

    @ Bella Ash:
    Thanks so much!! I will do my best ^_^ Xoxoxoxo!

  4. So fun! I love the parrots. And have a FABULOUS time in the UK. I'm sure you and Claire are going to have a blast.

  5. @ Janene: Thanks so much!! I will report back hehe ^_^ *waves* Xx

  6. Such an artist! Very creative, your mind is a genius!

    Zero Dramas

  7. Incredible work! Wish i was this good hahaha! I never have the patience for the coloring. It's certainly something to behold. Keep it up! :)

  8. oh i just clicked your parrot illustration and i could feel the parrot madness and that was wonderful!!!! :D
    you are so amazing with colors, you must know that Pretty TJ!!!!!

    xoxo and lots of ♥

  9. oh thank you for liking my pic with the cat, it isnt my cat, just found her on a street ^__^


  10. @ Master Blogger: Hey There! Haha. Thank You! :)

    @ Johnny Madrid: Hello! As good huh? Haha! I see your avatar...that's looking really nice! I shall have a look at your site later! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  11. @ Pretty Mita: Yaaaaaaay! Hooray for Parrot madness! Thank you so much!! I really love your picture and now I see another gorgeous one!!

    Lots of xoxoxo and <3 back to you!


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