Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TJs Ramble: Just Checking in.

Hello Everyone!

Goodness. Time flies! I seriously thought only a week had passed since my last post. Err...sorry about that!

First of all, a big hello to all the new followers! Lovely to see you here. Don't be shy to share stories, thoughts or ask questions. Second of all, big Hugs to my sweet & awesome friend Tricia from Tershbango. She got married last weekend. I'm so happy for her!

Now...what have I been up to? Well a bunch of things haha. There are a few packages on their way to their owners and I'm still in the process of updating and organizing a lot of things, so to update you all with vague rambling would only confuse you. Once I've organize my mind and the illustrations arrived safe and sound I will write a big update post (maybe two...)! Are you getting scared...? Hehe.

Things like new projects, new illustrations that I need to edit and to share with the world and so on. Keep an eye on this blog please! Some of you are more on Facebook and if you want to stay updated there, do visit my fanpage (if you haven't already hehe). I update my page with quick sneak peeks, notes or questions, so for quicker updates that's the place to be! Everyone is welcome to share thoughts, ideas and ramblings as well. Looking forward to see you there ^_^

This was a sneak peek on my page. 
It's now edited and the original plus prints will be up for sale soon!! Excited!

I have a question: What are your favorite elements about Halloween? The parties? dressing up? cats? ghosts? pumpkins? Scaring people? I will do a poll on my page as well, but you can also comment below if you want to share some thoughts regarding Halloween. I'd love to hear it and see what I can incorporate in new illustrations. So please put your Witches & Wizards Hats on ;)

Yes. My mind is already drifting towards the upcoming holidays. I can't help it. I caught myself singing Jingle Bells & Dashing through the Snow several times already...

Hope you're all doing well and to everyone who lives in the area where Irene passed by...hope you're safe and got through it okay!

Till next time everyone.



  1. I love the costumes and the moody lighting of Halloween. Like you I love the holidays and already have a few Christmas sketches. Love the rainbow afro hair. Great fun.

  2. I am so mesmerized by your drawings... WOW! I thought I was following you... lost you for a while.

  3. That lady looks sad =( or maybe I'm just projecting, she is very pretty though.

  4. I've always loved all of your work but this one blew me away. The colours!! Oh my! So vibrant and.. alive

    Good job TJ!

    What I love about Halloween is the dressing up part I guess. Halloween is not a celebration here so no one goes around asking for candies or that might have topped the list of why I love Halloween: Free candies.

    Getting to dress up and no one says that you look weird or anything is always good in my books.

    I once got a lecture by some guy about my costume once. I was wearing a fairy costume. Usually people just point and laugh.


  5. Hey TJ! It's been a long long time since I popped in here.
    The scaring people part would be awesome but you know...we don't really celebrate halloween here in India. I know. It's terribly sad.
    Anyway, great painting. The combination of funky,dark & mysterious look is amazing.
    Have a great weekend :D

  6. love your works
    you are really talented happy to have found you through twitter #FF :-)
    Now following you
    You can visit me at http://www.thedollsfactory.com/

  7. What a beautifully colorful illustration, sweet TJ! I always see a bit of you in the faces you draw, and they are so lovely. Ciao!

  8. pretty Tj, please tell me HOW TO GET HER MAKEUP LOOK?‎???

    sooo stunning!!!! :)))


  9. Putting razor blades in the apples for the kids ;) only joking mate I just hope they put a decent horror film on TV ya never know

  10. @ Jennifer: Ciao Jennifer! Thanks so much and lovely to see you here again :D High five for loving the holidays too! I wish Halloween was bigger here though. Ah well. I better start my own parties hehe.

    @ Savira: Aww thanks so much!! So glad you like it and so glad you found me again!! Now I’m not sure if I’m following you…I shall check in a bit! *waves*

    @ Diana: I think you’re right. She has a touch of sadness over her. Hope you’re doing okay!! Hugs to you and thank you for strolling by :D

  11. @ Bella: Ciaooo Bella!!! Haha! THANK YOU so much!! I’m constantly experimenting and creating new pieces. Sometimes it works, sometimes it belongs in the trash can haha.

    I’ve never been to a real dress up party! I’d love to go to one in the future! Here only the small kids go trick or treating…I wish I could go too hahaha

    You got a lecture about your costume?! How odd is that! I bet he was just jealous!!! You must have looked very pretty :D ( I shall post this on your blog, just in case you won’t see it hehe.)


  12. @ V: Heeey V! Long time indeed, but super happy to see you here ^_^ I never realized you were from India! Cool! Now I know haha. Holland starts celebrating it, but it’s all very commercial and that’s what I don’t like. There is no Halloweeny atmosphere at all. Just sell, sell, sell.

    Thanks so much!! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    @ Dolls Factory: Ciao! So cool to see you here! Thanks so much!! Your site is amazing!! Glad to be connected as well ^_^

  13. @ Cher: Sweet Sweet Cher! It always makes my day to see you!! You really see bits of me in the paintings! How cool is that! I’ve been hearing this more lately. It’s funny, because I don’t really see it…yet haha. Ciaooo! Xox

    @ Illustration Poetry: Ciaooo Pretty Mita!!! I will let you know as soon as I find out how she got the make up!! It’s pretty, isn’t it :D Hope you’re well xoxoxoxo

    @ BaldyChaz: Mr. Chaz! How cool to see you here!! Hahahah. I knew you were joking…sort off. Man! It would be a horror movie for real :| Fingers crossed they air a good movie for you! *waves*

  14. Wow, love the illustration! the colours are really vibrant and yet there's a fragility in the girl's expression.

    I've never really celebrated halloween- it's not really such a big thing in my country, but I love anything that involves dressing up and celebrating!

  15. you've done really excellent job! thanks a lot for sharing!!

  16. Whoa! That painting is far out, man! When it comes to Halloween, I love the little kids dressing up in cute costumes. So adorable. I love the pumpkins, too. Gosh, I love it all! Not much into the blood and gore stuff, tho.

  17. @ Digital Inks: You're most welcome! Glad you liked it :D

    @ Janene: haha! Thanks so much Janene! A bit of Photoshop can do wonders!! I'm with you on no blood and gore stuff!! Not a big fan of it. I looove pumpkins! I want to bake a pumpkin pie now :D *waves* Xx

  18. Hello TJ,

    I'm visiting your blog for the first time, and already LOVE you paintings! You are so talented! Thank you for giving me inspiration! Can I ask you how you became famous? How did you start selling your art pieces? How did you get people so interested? Did it take you long before people started to recognize your blog/ art?

    Best wishes,

  19. Hey Tj well it's great to see your work again - you've really been working hard and it shows - :) Me I like to scare the kids and give them fruit instead of lollies - but I am mean :) :)

  20. @ Cecilia: Hello Cecilia! How lovely to see you here and thanks so much for your compliments :) Giving others inspiration is one of the best things ever!! Okay, I don't think I am famous though hahah!! But thanks so much for saying so ;)

    Shortly after I started my blog, people asked if I could do a little drawing for them. I was very surprised, but gladly said yes! I love to draw and to have people interested in my art was very new for me. I never thought this was possible. So in short, no it didn't take very long, but I am working very, very hard to make sure I can make a living with what I'm doing now. You just need to get your art out there, let people know that they can hire your for work and actively search for e.g. an agency to represent yourself (I'm working on that one!)

    It's a tad too long to discuss in a comment, but if you have more questions, just email me okay?

    Take care!! Xx

  21. @ Mr. Finnie: Hellooooo! Lovely to see you here and thank you!!! I can't sit still and I have to work hard to make sure people find me right? Haha. Scaring kids huh? I should warn them hehe. *waves*

  22. Thank you TJ, for your lovely reply :)
    Of course you are famous ;) you have a lot of active followers that comment your blog all the time and you have even buyers! That's what I call famous! You are so cool! But you know, I don't think I'm willing to put that much work into this right now, I have kids and school work to do. But maybe later sometime when I'm finished with school. I have had a lot of dreams that suddenly there are 50 000 views on this blog and suddenly people are recognizing my art... hahaha... that would be way cool!

    I'm just interested in what will bring the viewers in? Is it really just the art that does it? I just have to make that kind of art that sells in today's world? I don't know. Or do I have to do a lot of advertisement that people will find my blog?

    Take care!


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