Friday, October 21, 2011

It's That Time of the Year Again!

It is party time! Yes. My birthday has arrived again. Can you guys believe that another year has passed again! Goodness. I know I can't. I will reflect back on last year in another post. Hopefully it will be interesting for you to read and see how things went in my first year as illustrator.

Of course I can't let this birthday pass without a little celebration! Yes, my friends, there will be a...

Doodle Giveaway! (closed)

This time I'll be giving away a few prints. The ones you see on the picture are examples and you can either frame it or send it as a card.

And yes, this means that there will be more winners! Three to be exact and each winner can choose one print. The options will be given when I contact the winners! So if you want to join, the rules are as follow:

1. Comment on this post and have a cupcake...okay. the cupcake is optional haha.

2. Be a follower of this blog, my Facebook page or both. I will check this as these giveaways are also little thank yous for supporting me on this adventure I'm on!

3. For additional entries, you can share my blog and/or Facebook page with everyone you know. The more people that are a part of my little world the better as it means I can make more people happy with my art :D. Just let me know where you shared it and how many times, so I can keep track of how many times I have to add your name to the Magic Hat.

4. Just for who/what will you dress up if you are celebrating Halloween? Even if you don't have a party to go to, but you would dress up what costume would you wear? I am...curious haha.

I will announce the winners on Halloween, October 31st at 8pm my time.

Last, but not least...a big Happy Birthday to my lovely friend, Kim from Soggydog Studios! So lovely that we share this lovely day together.

This is it for now! Have a great day everyone and till next post.

Ciao Xoxo


  1. Happy Birthday, TJ! Love your cupcake cute!

  2. Wish you a very Happy B'day and a great year ahead. Have loads of fun. TC gal :)

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope your day is really special:) Love your cupcake illustration too!!! It looks delicious. I'm eating chocolate if that counts;)

    I would probably dress up as a witch... Once I dressed up (not for halloween though) as a witch with a red superhero cape. lol. I like randomness like that;)

    PS. Do you deliver your prizes anywhere around the world..? Just checking if I'm eligible to enter here in South Africa.

    Have a great day! xoxo

  4. Hi. Happy Birthday! Thanks a lot for reminding me my next one is soon and 4-0! Ugh.

    This is what I'll be for Halloween.

  5. Happy birthday TJ! I hope you've had LOTS of cupcakes today. I haven't had one, but I did eat a stale cookie that's been in my lunch pail for about a week now. You are such a wonderfully talented artist, and I'm sure whoever wins this is going to LOVE their prize.

  6. WEll, happy birthday, you sweet and talented woman!! Hope you have a wonderful celebration!!!

  7. Yay! Thanks so much everyone!! I had a lovely time! :D

    @ Flame: Oooh that sounds cool! Haha. I have a thing for red, it's such a pretty color. Chocolate definitely counts!

    And yes! I will send anywhere in the world, so you are in! Good luck! Xoxo

    @ DailyBeer: Haha Rob! You will be scaring lots of peeps that day :D Have fun! and 4-0 is NOT old!

    @ Jen: Oooh cookies! I did eat cupcakes, but I always just want to stare at them haha. Not a huge sweet tooth here, though people might think otherwise haha. Thanks so much for your sweet words Jen! <3 Xx

  8. Truly love your work! I look forward to seeing more. Happy birthday!

  9. Sweets for the sweet, Happy birthday TJ :)

  10. Belated happy birthday TJ!! Sorry for not popping in and leaving my usual nonsense comments that often these days.
    And I'm in for the giveaway. I'd dress up as Siouxsie Sioux. She's not scary but I love her style and her music. :D
    Anyway, I'm loving your cup cake doodles. They're sooooo cute! :D

    Tons of Love
    V :D

  11. Happy belated birthday, TJ. I hope you had a good one. And to answer your question, my Wife and I are dressing up as Ghostbusters this year.

  12. Happy birthday! What day? Mine is the 15th November :)

  13. Happy birthday, sweet TJ! Wishing you a year ahead full of joy, creativity, friendship, and cupcakes, of course.

  14. @ Bsower: Hello and very nice to meet you :D Thanks so much!! Till next time!

    @ He Said! Hello there! Thank you ^_^ (waves)

    @ V: Ciao V!! Don’t worry! I totally understand. I’m not popping on my friends blogs like I used to either (sigh) Busy busy times! You are included! So cool! Siouxsie Sioux has a fun style. Very dramatic make up! That would cool to apply :D Hooray for cupcakes!! Big hugs Xoxox!

  15. @Dennis: Thank You Dennis! I had a wonderful time! Oooh Ghostbusters! I want to see the movie again now haha. Awesome!

    @ Kim: Thank You! Oh 15th November is almost here! Party Time!!

    @ NP: Ciao Marty! Thanks so so much :D It’s always so lovely to see you here! Yes. Can’t forget the cupcakes haha.

  16. Hppy birthday:) Facebook liked:)

  17. Oh, forgot to notice where I shared:
    Retwitted your tweet,
    and shared on facebook:

  18. @ Anastaciia: Thanks so much and so lovely to meet you :D!!


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