Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Look in the Past: Old Drawings & winner of the Giveaway

Hello everyone!

Before I do anything else, it is time to announce the winner of the Giveaway! *drum rolls*

It is Alejandro from 'Raising Amelie'!!! Woohoo. Congratulations! I shall contact you as soon as I can. A bit about Alejandro...he is a man with many names and personalities. One day he is Darth Vader, the other day he is Superman. I kid you not. He has a personal blog with lots of stories and Amelie is his cute little princess. He is really cool and I always have to laugh when I read his comments, even when he's serious. Yeah, I can't explain why. I just hear a funny voice in my head (Sorry A hehe). Do visit his blog when you have the chance ^_^.

I thought it would be fun to share some drawings from the past with you. I cleaned up my drawings folders and came across a few oldies. Well, I sort off clean up as I just made another pile hehe. I probably have a bunch more though. These drawings are done somewhere between 2001 and 2006.

I haven't got a lot of colored drawings from when I was younger. Correction, I don't think I have colored drawings. The thing is, I walked around for a long time, thinking that I would mess up my drawings if I colored them. I really believed that I couldn't do this and felt more comfortable working with pencil alone. Oh how things changed over time haha.

In the past, I really just re-drew art work. Nowadays I use it only as a reference to create my own drawings. Yes. I watched a lot of Dragonball and Dragonball Z. Let's just say, I watched a lot of anime. Hehe.
I often stare in shock when I see older work and I notice a LOT of mistakes *sigh*. Though as much as I want to toss it away, it is cool to see how my style developed over time. Also funny how adding color now feels like a second nature. If you would tell me I would be doing what I'm doing now I would stare at you like this -_-' saying 'Yeah Riiiiigghhht'. Kid you not haha.

I hope you liked this little peek in the past. Till next time!


  1. NEVER throw the older stuff away - it's so cool for you (and us) to see the progression of your talents. :)

    BTW, my captcha for your blog today is FAIRI, which seems appropriate. :)

  2. Dolphins!!! That's an amazing drawing, love it!

  3. That's so cool that you're still keeping your older stuff. I just checked some of my older stuff recently. While I was kinda embarrassed to see them, I also felt happy to see the progression:) Those dolphins are adorable!

  4. I was going to say, I feel the same way about my older journals. They seem to childish now and they're kind of embarrassing.

    Your drawings aren't bad. I love the dolphin one. (I love dolphins and penguins.)

    I never colored anything I drew either. I tried and changed perfectly decent drawings into pleh. LOL No that's not a word, but you know what I mean, right?

    Someday I hope I win a giveaway. Maybe I have to be funnier. :)

  5. It´s amazing to look works from the past and see your evolution! I use to do it from time to time.

  6. Ah well. My walls go bear until your next contest maybe ;) Congrats to the winner!

  7. Darn that random number generator!!! It was supposed to say nine. I told Alejandro that picture was mine! :)

  8. TJ, I think your drawing of the horse was especially strong and wonderful! How old were you? It showed such great promise for your future work.

    I still have my old sketchbooks too. They're probably older than many of you ha-ha.

  9. Oh yea, I did some speed art! My very first. Come check it out!


  10. artists hardly ever throw anything away, or if they do, they regret it afterwards.When you become world-renowned, you will be glad you kept those. Oh, wait! You already ARE world-renowned!!

  11. hello Pretty TJ, how are you doing?
    im sorry i missed your posts, i havent been blogging much lately...
    hope you are well :))

    i love this VERY much:

    sooo beautiful...


  12. I dug out some of my embarrassing old art recently, I have deiced tough to try to add and update at least one of them so I could have something that has taken me more than 10 years to complete.

    I may choose some of my black and whote ones and add colour.

  13. TJ-love the drawing of the girl on the horse. Very dynamic. At my age it's the new stuff I'm embarrassed about. The old stuff is so much better.

  14. I love the picture of the girl on the horse. I love the flow of it.

    How have you been? I hope you're having a great summer.

    It's nice to see your talent is still thriving!

    ps. Check out our new Video Page if you get a chance. You'll see "one of the guys" in action!

  15. Loved this look at your early drawings, TJ! Even as a child you showed the potential for the tremendous talent you have today. Do Not throw those away. Someday when you are rich and famous, they will be worth a fortune!

  16. Tee hee! I never fancied you a Dragonball Z fan. The art is pretty cool, though -- particularly when YOU draw it. ;) My youngest is into dolphins, so I had to smile when I saw it. Very nice. And congrats to the winner. Lucky guy!

  17. @ Tricia: haha! In the end, I’m glad I keep my older stuff even though they make me cringe at times hehe. Oh Fairi as captcha code :D How cool!

    @ Diana: Yay! Thank you!! Xx

    @ Heidi: Aaah exactly! I will always stare in shock, but then I’m happy to see how my style changed over time! Hope you’re well Ms, Sate ;) Xoxo

    @ Elisa: Dolphins & Penguins are so cute :D. I’m so curious at your drawings! Can’t wait to see them someday! Hahahah Pleh…I love that one. I knew it wasn’t a word, but with you all is possible hehe. You ARE funny!

  18. @ Encaracolada: Ciaooo! So lovely to see you here ^_^. Hope you’re well!

    @ Mike: Haha. Just keep joining! You will win eventually! There is a FB giveaway soon ;)

    @ Rachel: Hahah. I literally had to laugh when I saw his number and then I went like ‘Uh uh…Rachel…’ haha. You will have a one soon enough.

    @ Edwina: Ciao Edwina! I drew that picture of the horse from one of my fave illustrators, Kei Acedera. Thanks so much. I think I was around 16 years old? Gosh. I can’t recall. Ooh browsing through your older work would be so cool!!

  19. @ Judie: Hahaha you’re so funny Judie! World renowned! You’re very sweet! I think I will always keep my older work, I don’t want to regret throwing them away!

    @ Mita: Ciaooo Pretty Mita! How are you? Don’t worry at all, I know you have been busy! I’m doing fine, thank you! Aww I’m so glad you like that one! It’s one of my faves too :D Take care and talk to you soon! Xoxo!

    @ Mike: Oooh do show me some of the ones you will colour! I’d love to see it :D

    @ NP: Ciao NP & Thank you!! Most of the times, things from the past are better. Very often they have a certain charm that you can’t find nowadays.

  20. @ One of the Guys: Thanks so much Sae! I’m doing fine thanks. Summer comes and goes here. The weather is playing tricks with us haha. I shall check it out asap!! Thanks for the heads up :D Hope you’re well!

    @ Cher: Ciao Lovely Cher! Thank you! I shall never throw my stuff away! Hahaha I wonder what the future will bring, but for now I just enjoy the road I’m on and work hard to become *whispers* rich & famous…^_^ Xoxo!

    @ Janene: Hahah! Most of the people don’t really think I’m an anime girl. They have a certain image in mind when they think of anime people (a bit nerdy…ssshhht don’t tell people I said that!)…So when I do say that I love to watch anime they are a tad in shock. It’s funny to see haha. Dolphins are gorgeous!

  21. Even I stare at my older drawings and go wtf? Some of them are damn funny. lol.
    I love these sketches of yours though, especially the one with the girl and the horse. :)

  22. Your blog is great! :) Very inspirational and creative. I especially like the header, it's amazing!

  23. @ V: Hey there!! Hope you're well. I haven't gotten the chance to stop by your blog recently! Hahah I usually go like WTF as well!!! Thank you!

    @ The Creative Artista: Hi & Welcome! Such lovely words ^_^. Thanks so much!!

  24. @ Irfan: Hi Irfan & welcome!! Thanks so much for strolling by :D

  25. Why didn't you tell me? Or post it where I would see this lol oh boy!

    Many many thanks TJ you talented thing you1!!


  26. Hahaha! Next time I will warn you A ^_^ Super glad you loved your little painting :D Xxxx

  27. you've done excellent work! what a nice drawing!

  28. @ Clipping Service: Hi there & A big welcome! So lovely of you to say that :D *waves*


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