Friday, June 17, 2011

Storytelling Time: Theft in the Cake shop.

Heey everyone!!

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Next! I proudly announce that I'm an official columnist for the site Broowaha! Edit: I have my own column now, which you can find here, TJ on Illustrations. I will post something regarding the illustration business every Friday, starting next week. I will post some of the articles here as well as you need an account to leave comments there. So for the ones who only read my blog, this is the place to be. For the ones who are interesting in writing and connecting with other writers, do check out Broowaha. It's such a fun & friendly community. You won't be disappointed.

So now it's time for the flash story! A while ago, I was participating in another writers community and before it vanished into thin air ( I have nothing to do with it...) I spent a few fun weeks with other writers. Every week there were 5 prompts to choose from and you got critique and feedback on it. This story won :D. So exciting!

Theft in the Cake shop

As soon as Tess opened the door, Sandy burst in.
“Oh my god! Tess!”
“What? What is it?
“Oh my god! Really, you never gonna believe what happened”
“What! What has happened” Tess had all sorts of drama visualized in her head as they walked to the kitchen.
“Really I was shocked…”
“Come on! Just tell me!”
“There was a theft in the CupCakery Bakery!”
“There was a theft in CupCakery Bakery…oohkay this is shocking because…”
“He only stole the tops!”
“The tops? What tops?”
“The tops of the cupcakes!”
“Really? Only that?”
“Yeah! Apparently he said, ‘why steal it all, if you only like the tops’, marvelously said I think”
“Dude’s got a point there. Want to have some tea?”
Sandy just kept nodding with a big smile.
“But how did he do this? How was he able to only steal the tops?”
“Well, he had a special spatula and with one swift movement…” Sandy made a demonstration, “…he could place it under the frosting and scoop it right up. Oh yeah! The other end of the spatula made it possible to slice of muffin tops. He liked those too. They are crunchy.”
Tess tried not to laugh, this was the strangest story she ever heard. “Okay the muffin tops I can understand, but why the frosting?”
“He liked the swirly patterns.”
“I see. Well I guess that makes sense.”
“I guess that makes sense indeed too.”

So. Who wants a cupcake now :D?

Hope you liked it as well & Till next time everyone.

Ciao! *waves*


  1. Hmmm cupcakes indeed *looks at the time* * head desk* It's already Saturday here!!

  2. I would love a cupcake. :) Hopefully will have some sort of cake soon! Abby's birthday is Wednesday!

  3. That's about all I can take of those giant muffins--the tops!!!

    Congrats on your Broowaha coup! Cher knows quality when she wee it!!!

  4. LOL!!!!! Great story, TJ!
    Glad to see you're flexing your storytelling muscles.

  5. Yummy illustration and cute story. That cupcakes look better than the real one..hehe. Okay now it's time to steal the frosting.

  6. @ Elisa: *gives a cup cake* I hope you have one for real soooooon!!! It's Princess Abby's birthday :D Xoxoxox

    @ Judie: Oooh are the muffins in the States HUGE?? Whenever I make muffins they aren't that huge, so I eat it all haha. I love Cher :D Thanks so so much!!

    @ Gozalexx: Heeeeey Jose!! So glad you liked it :D Hahaha. Yes. I love to write! Will upload more when I have the chance ^_^. Ciao!!

    @ Heidi: Hahaha. I so had the urge to bake cupcakes when I painted this! I resisted...only because I didn't have all the ingredients hehe :D Ooooh so YOU steal the frosting as well!!!

  7. I so loved this story, TJ! I can't wait until your Broowaha column begins!

  8. Heck, I wanted a cupcake the minute I saw your lovely, colorful illustration! Fortunately I just filled up on an apple and strawberries.

  9. Yay congrats on being an official columnist!!

    Lol, I want a cupcakie!!! Hope to read more from you, lots of love gorgeous!

  10. TJ, are you an illustrator or a fine artist? :)

    pls reply at thanks!! xoxo

  11. Congrats on becoming a columnist! :)

  12. Can I have that spatula? I have some muffin-tops to take care of :-P

  13. Awesome story TJ! It's so creative I love the illustration too. Haha!:D
    -craves icing all of a sudden...-

  14. What a cute story! And, yes, I want a cupcake now. This diet of mine is going nowhere.... ;)

  15. @ Cher: *twirls around* The day is almost there!!! Now I just hope I won’t let everyone down. Xoxo

    @ Lana: Oooh luckily indeed haha. I often eat something else instead of baked goodies hehe.

    @ Hevn: Ciaoooo Bella!!! Thanks so much! It will be a great way to stay in the writing habit ^_^. I need to get cracking with my own writing projects haha. I will send a cupcake your way!! Xoxoxoxo

    @ Sydney: Hello and I’ve replied ;)

    @ Rachel: Grazie Rachel!! Xoxo

    @ Diana: Hahah Diana!! Gosh! Xoxo

    @ Heart: Hey there! Thank you! Hmmm craving icing huh *keeps an eye on Heart* … hehe :D

    @ Janene: Ciaoo Janene. Thanks so much. I would like to give you one, but the diet…hehe ^_^

    @ encaracolada: Ciaoooo! How are you? Thanks for strolling by!

  16. I found your cupcakes tops!

    1. Awww again a comment I overlooked! So sorry and thank you Marie-Louise!!


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