Sunday, May 22, 2011

Do you like me? And a Doodle Giveaway! (closed)

Ciaooo Everyone!

First of all, I got such a lovely response on my previous post! Thanks to everyone who read it & left a wonderful comment! Also big thanks to the ones who shared it with others.

Meet the Deadly Gorgeous Ladies. Yes. This will be a new series of mini paintings. I created the ones above for a friend who is an excellent writer, mr. Bill Friday. Do visit his site when you have the chance, It's Always Friday.

For the ones who don't know it yet, I have a Facebook Fanpage! I (finally) created one as it's an easy way to keep everyone up to date with short rambles, new illustrations, sneak peeks and other news. While I tell longer stories on my blog. On the page I can also ask quick questions or feedback, so everyone can get creative there. There's a 'like' button in the left corner of my blog.

Okay, I do have a favor to ask from you. There is a review page in the menu on the FB page. I would love to have a review from the people who have an illustration by me or who has worked with me. You would really help me out with this as I try to build up my customers/client network. I think it would be like an extra motivation for future clients to commission me as an artist ^_^. If you don't have an artwork by me (yet) and you want to say something about me as person, you can do that as well haha. Thanks so much in advance!
Doodle Giveaway! (closed)

It's giveaway time again! Do a little dance everyone ^_^. This time no real rules as last time a lot of the participants were already subscribers hehe. If you're not, I'd love for you to subscribe to my blog or like my page or both. However, I leave the choice up to you. The winner can choose out of the following subjects for an A5 illustration (give or take): pirates, underwater, anime, pin-up and creepy cuteness.

If you want to join, just leave a comment on this post with the subject of choice and I'll use the site to pick the winner. I'll announce the winner on May 31th (2011, just in case you were wondering 2012. Hehe.)

There will also be giveaways via my Facebook Fanpage, so if you miss your chance here, keep an eye on the page, because you can have another chance soon! Warning: There will be a giveaway when I reach 100 likes...

Pink Fluffiness for the little princess of my friend Paul Groom

This is it! For now anyway. I've so much to blog about as I also got a new award from two lovely people and lots of new art is on its way! So I need to break it down, because I can easily write a super long post for you guys haha.

Stay tuned & Till next time.



  1. I'm in!!! I love your doodles. :)

  2. gosh i haven't been blogging for a long time... XD creepy cuteness... definitely cute... :P

  3. TJ... oh my gosh!!! You even gave me my own tag and everything? Thank you :)

  4. What a great site - you are very talented. i'll keep my fingers crossed I am a lucky girl on 31.5.11
    'Pirates' please....

  5. *gets stuck in choosing which one she wants*

    I wantttt ..... underwater!!


  6. Count me in for the giveaway. I'd love an underwater pic. :)

    I'm headed over to your facebook fan page now. P.S. Don't worry about rushing your award acceptance post. Real work comes first! :)

  7. wow! count me in please.
    i really like the underwater theme.

  8. Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum! guess which one Amelie's interested in? Or is it me? or should that be I or AYE!!!!


  9. Love your pin-ups. I did a pink "shadow" inspired version in Abby's room...I'll have to take pictures.

    I love giveaways! And don't have my mug yet. SHEESH. ;)

  10. Oooh lots of people joining the giveaway :D Awesome!!

    @ V: Woohoo!

    @ Bill: Of course you have your own tags and everything hahah! You're welcome ^_^

    @ Jo: Thanks so much :D!!

    @ Hanis: Aah yes. I'm not good with decisions either haha!

    @ Rachel: Aww I will, but you and Alejandro are lovely people, so I don't want it to collect dust you know. haha.

    @ Kimberly: Yay!!

    @ Alejandro: *stares* Now me is wondering if the pirate doodle really is for Amelie aye...hehe

    @ Elisa: Hahah patience please. Shipping costs aren't exactly low for a mug ;) I'd love to see pics of the one you did in Abby's room!

  11. @ Sam: Aaah I forgot you! Well, I almost forgot you! Creepy CUTEness hehehe :D

  12. What?! I totally want a pirate sketch. Loving the deadly ladies and i will hop over and like your Facebook page! Cheers!

  13. Your illustrations/doodles are very interesting. If im the lucky winner I would lovee to see an underwater illustration :)

  14. TJ-the deadly, gorgeous girls are indeed that. I don't have a Facebook account, but I'm prepared to shout your name and praise your art work from all the rooftops of the world.

  15. TJ, you are so amazing! I love all of your artwork and I bet Friday is on cloud nine, as he should be. :)
    If I had to choose, I would difficult, but underwater. You grace us all the time with your art that inspires and uplifts. You are a joy!

  16. Oh, me! ME, ME, ME! I want that doodle to give to my granddaughter! She is such a little princess!!

    I hope I win!!!

  17. Pretty TJ :D

    i know i know i know i have been a terrible blogger lately, please dont hate me x)))
    been busy with work and stuff, heheh...

    im sorry im not on Facebook but i always love your work, you know that... i wish i could tell the whole world (not only Facebookers) how amazing you are!

    by the way, those ladies have such dangerous eyes!

    take care of yourself,


  18. I think I have added your FB page I will have to check. I love your artistic style!

  19. me gustan los colores que utilizas!

  20. OOO Arrrrr me hearties, Pirates it be fer me! (read in pirate accent), hey I would love a pirate themed picture by you! I'm glad you mentioned that site for picking winners I will use that for my giveaway (anyone reading feel free to enter on my FB page!) (sorry had to get in a little plug there) xx

  21. Ooh I have a feeling that the theme will be either pirates or underwater!!

    @ Justin: Haha! Pirates are awesome!! Thanks Justin :D

    @ Art is Motivation: Hi & welcome! Thank you for joining 

    @ NP: Ciao Marty! I know you would do that, you are really sweet! Thanks so much and don’t worry about Facebook at all ^_^.

    @ Cher: Hello Cher! Haha. Perhaps it’s a tad mean to give subjects as it’s difficult to chose 1! I know I always have troubles choosing between things! Thanks, as always, for your lovely and sweet words! I truly appreciate it!

    @ Lana: Ciao Lana! I was already following your page on FB! I love your work. I’ve added it to my page as well!

  22. @ Judie: Ooooh that would be so cool if your granddaughter has one of my drawings! Little princes ses are precious ^_^. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    @ Indira: Ciaooo Pretty Mita :D. Do not worry at all!! I won’t ever hate you haha. Please don’t worry about Facebook. It’s just one of the many ways I’m trying out to see if it’s helpful for my business ^_^. It’s pretty fun to connect with people there! You’re very sweet! Thanks so much!! Yes! They are pretty dangerous indeed! Take care as well Xoxoxo

    @ K Fields: Oooh go check ;) Thanks so much!!

    @ Bruno: Hola Bruno! Gracias y mucho gusto! Now I hope I said it correctly hehe.

    @ Sam J: AYE! Pirates are awesome :D. I read it in pirate accent hehe. I hope you got more entries and don’t worry about the plug at all!! Yeah, that site is pretty handy indeed! Fingers crossed! Xxx

  23. Congrats on your facebook page! Looks like you already have lots of fans. I joined in of course. Look forward to seeing you on my wall.


  24. You're so sweet for sharing your art! You're a fantastic artist. :)

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  25. What an amazing artist you are. Seems you're a pretty great blogger too.

  26. YAY! I am in!! Your art is amazing!!! -Darling Stewie

  27. You know I adore you and your wonderful art! I would love to win one of your pieces! Please comment on my latest post!!!!

  28. I love the pink fluffiness and these zombie girls are bloody great!

  29. Awww thanks so much everyone! You're so sweet :D. I will announce the winner on June 14th. I'm slowly getting back from all that has happened with my Grandad. So stay tuned!!

    Ciaoooo Xxx


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