Sunday, May 15, 2011

Compassion for others, Compassion for yourself

Hmm I’m not sure when, but I think over 2 weeks ago I started to see the word Compassion on Blogcatalog (a forum that I stalk hehe). The word compassion is intertwined with an individual, a man called Mr. Patch Adams.
Perhaps many of you already know a bunch about this kind & humble man, I on the other hand didn’t. I haven’t even seen the movie Patch Adams (just in case some of you wanted to point out that there’s a movie called Patch Adams hehe). So what is compassion? The general definition is that ‘one suffers with another’. You recognize and understand the suffering of an individual and you take action towards it.

Personally, I can get emotionally attached quite easily. Especially with kids. I can’t really stand suffering and if someone suffers, I try my best to help this person, but afterward it can me sad and I probably needs some time to process it. That’s why I’m not sure if I could ever be e.g. a nurse or work in a hospital in general. 

This is why I admire Patch Adams. I don’t think that there are that many souls on this world who has the amount of compassion that he has. He strives to help others without passing judgment, strives to ease their pain with compassion & love. This is what drives Patch Adams to make the world a better place. 
I’ve read a bit more about Patch and I listened to an awesome interview done by the lovely ms. AskCherlock. I find that the work of mr. Patch Adams is remarkable and I’ve huge respect for his beliefs and actions. I won’t go into much detail about the interview as I strongly advise you listen/read it yourself.

I’ve always believed that the highest reward is hidden in the simplest of gestures. A simple smile can brighten ones world completely. No need for money, no need for materialistic items. You already possess the ability to smile. This got me thinking. If you already possess the elements that one needs to show compassion, why is it so difficult? It should be effortless. That's why, I think that you also need to show compassion towards yourself. After all you are the one who takes action, who wants to make a difference. You need to be content with how you are, before you try to help others. Create a healthy starting point, be happy with who you are and stand for what you believe in. Again, this got me thinking.

Do you think that people are afraid if the answer to a better place is hidden in the simplest of things?

I think, in how society is built, it seems that there is no room for truly thinking outside the box. Well one might think that they are doing things differently. But when you pay close attention to it, one sees that it’s restricted in existing systems & rules. So for me you are not thinking outside of the box completely as one is still being led by something that’s already there. The mind of the human being is being clouded by e.g. materialistic elements,
One man is trying to bring more compassion to world, to let others understand that it isn’t that difficult or expensive in the end. For me, the most powerful actions are hidden in the simplest of things. I’ve experienced it myself, the power of doing a simple act. In my case it’s giving away drawings. It makes people happy, it makes me happy and because I’m happy I have more energy to do things for others again. It’s a never ending circle of positivity.
And that’s what we need. Rays of positivity in a world that’s mostly led by negativity.

Petition to declare May 15th International Day of Compassion
Interview transcript by the lovely Ms. AskCherlock: Part 1 & Part 2 
Listen to the actual interview
Want to read more articles regarding this matter, just visit BloggerUnite. Feel free to share your thoughts about this. You know I love to hear from you :D. Thanks for reading this slightly longer post and have a great start of the week.

Ps.: The drawings were for a mug design for a dear friend of mine, Mr. Nothingprofound!


  1. TJ,
    This is such an excellent post and filled with so much heart. You are so right; we need to be compassionate to ourselves. Once we do that, it is easy to reach out to others.

    Your drawings are so beautiful! What you did for NP is nothing short of magnificent art! Thanks for the links and mentions. You are such a treasure. It is often the smallest of gestures that make the world better. I am so happy to call you friend, and you certainly make my world brighter. Patch Adams would love this post...and you!

  2. Amazing post! & you're right you first must be pleased with yourself before you can show compassion to others! It's something that's easily forgotten. & i loveee the drawings :)!

  3. You ARE a ray of positivity, TJ - every time I connect with you, I go on with my day smiling... :) XO

  4. TJ, your post really hits the mark! Cher's interviews were truly wonderful, and everyone should read them.

    I love what you are doing for Marty!!

  5. TJ, I appreciate your comments! I am curious on your thoughts regarding compassion. You say that helping others makes you happy, and many people that show compassion to others do so for the same reason, to feel happy by helping others. In that sense, do we not show compassion simply to make our own lives better? I think many people do not attempt to show compassion, because they are not happy with themselves, yet if they were to show compassion, would they not be happy? I would really appreciate anyones thoughts on this ;o)

  6. Beautifully and wisely spoken, TJ!

    "Happiness is the least selfish thing there is. This is a paradox the world has yet to learn."

  7. Wow. A beautiful message indeed for a beautiful day of compassion. Thank you. This is my first time visiting ... I'll be back :).

  8. Hello Tahira Sahara -

    I never knew you are a writer as well until I read your beautiful words above. One sequence of words you wrote,

    "You already possess the ability to smile. This got me thinking. If you already possess the elements that one needs to show compassion, why is it so difficult? It should be effortless."

    I am both stunned and impressed in how you share a troubling matter for all societies world-wide to deal with, and how you write is so simply, and magically. You said it perfectly! KUDOS to you.

    Awesome and Fabulous post. Enjoy your Wednesday. :)

  9. very good post, you should write more often. i like you and you writing. keep it up thank you and god bless

  10. I have to agree with Brian/Charlie.
    Well said in a manner that is not overbearing and self-righteous.



    lovely pics btw

  11. I was JUST having a conversation with someone on FB about the idea of Mitzvah: doing a good deed for someone else. You don't expect to get anything out of it, it's done just to do it. It's part of who you are and what you do. To me, it fits in here with compassion for others. Smiling and being happy. We're so caught up in ourselves that we forget that little things can add up big time.
    Thanks for the post, and the Mitzvah you did yesterday (wishing my mother a Happy Birthday). Good deed done...she was thrilled to get so many out of the blue Happy Birthdays.

  12. I like what you say about being compassionate to oneself. Your illustrations are so wonderful. Mr Nothing Profound is great guy - he did a guest post for me a few weeks back!

  13. A great post. I loved the message. I haven't gotten much of a chance to stop by but I love the artwork and your insights. Can't wait to read your next article!

  14. When I look at your drawings I see the compassion you hold or carry within every stroke of you make.
    Compassion is felt and expressed in many ways and you have done it so beautifully in your words and your art!

  15. A beautiful post like this can be only be written by someone beautiful from inside.It is true that unless you love yourself and are at peace with your self you can never give it to others.Loved it TJ and your drawings as always are awesome.

  16. Those pictures DID make me smile. Thanks, TJ! I like what you said about how a simple smile can brighten ones world. That is very true. Showing compassion doesn't require money, just action, and showing it opens your world up to so much. Thanks for sharing such thoughtful words. They are inspiring!

  17. I'm now following your charming blog and hope you will follow me as well.

    Regards, Mari

  18. Thanks for this post, TJ:-)

    It's so true that it's the little things in life that count, like a hug or a smile, or just being a good listener.

    I hope the positivity and compassion grows in this world, and that people are inspired to be more compassionate by reading this post.

    *Have a great Sunday*

  19. I've never heard of him before. But I'm definitely going to read about him.
    The illustrations are beautiful.
    Thanks for the post :)

  20. Whoops! I’m a tad late again with replying to all your awesome comments!

    @ Askcherlock: Ciao Cher!! I really loved your interview with Patch and I’m truly happy that you liked my post! Ooh it would be so cool if Patch read this post haha. NP’s is such a wonderful friend and I’m glad that I could send him a little present :D. You’re most welcome for everything and thanks for being my friend as well! Big hugs to you!!! Xx
    @ Ancilla: Yo Kiks! Thank you!!!! Yes, need to start with yourself in order to change…the wooooorrrllldd!! Hehe.

    @ Tricia: Aww Tricia! You’re so sweet. Thank you! I love our emails haha! Xoxoxox!

    @ Judie: I know right! Cher’s interviews were amazing and I hope lots of people read it or listened to it. Haha. Marty already has his mug :D! Xoxo!

    @So basically: Hi there & Thanks for stopping by! In regards to your question, yes. I presonally think that everyone acts in a way to make their lives better. However I don’t think that everyone who shows compassion, is truly happy. It’s different for each individual and some people get their happiness from doing other things instead of showing compassion to others. Some people are more indivdualistic and need to do things entirely for themselves to be happy. Nothing wrong with this of course. Like I said, it’s different for each individual and that’s why I think you need to start with yourself. Be happy with yourself, find out what makes you happy and then proceed from there. I don’t know if there are researches on the link between compassion and happiness though. That would be an interesting read. I hope this gives you a bit more insight in how think of it ^_^.

    @NP: Thank so much Marty!! Your illustrations fits the post perfectly :D. I love that quote!

  21. @ Becky: Ciao Becky! Thanks so much!! I’d love to see you again :D

    @ Charlie: Hello there Charlie! Again, big thanks for your lovely words! I know I’ve already said it many times haha. As I said, my Sociology hat was on my head hehe. Thank You!!

    @ Roy Durham: Hi Roy! Thanks so much for your kind words and I shall do my best to write more.

    @ Alejandro: Ciao & Grazie Mille!!! hehe

    @ BornStoryTelly: Hello hello Stuart! Exactly! You don’t expect anything for in return, you just do it. And it’s part of who you are. You’re most welcome for the Mitzvah for you mom! I hope your mom had a wonderful time :D

    @ Corinne: Oooh I need to search for NP’s post now! I had it at the back of my mind when I read your comment for the first time, but I forgot it again! I’m doing too much at the same time haha. Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it!

    @ Jessica M.: Hi Jessica! Ooh don’t worry at all! I still need to stop by yours and several others! I shall do my best to write more articles like this haha. Glad you stopped by though and thanks for your lovely words!

  22. @ YogaSavy: You’re so sweet! Thanks for your amazing words! I love ot do what I do, so when people notice this it makes me happy :D

    @ Rimly: Aww Rimly! Thank you!! I loved writing this post. To me the answer seem quite simple, but I know that world is too complex to notice the simple things in life! Thanks for strolling by!!

    @ Janene: Smiling is goooood! I’m glad they made you smile! If you stand still nothing will happen, you have to move forward and take action! I’m glad that I can share my thoughts with you guys! Thanks so much!!

    @ Marie: Ciao & thanks!!

    @ Heart: Ciao Heart & thanks for your lovely comment ^_^. Patch is an interesting man and I’m glad that I’m not the only one who didn’t know that much about him hehe. Cya!!


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