Monday, May 9, 2011

A Magical Rambling

Yes. Ever since I started blogging, it has been a magical journey and I can only imagine how it will be in the future. For now, I'm just enjoying the rollercoaster ride and I wanted to thank everyone who is joining me!

A big hello and thank you to my new followers and to everyone else, thanks so much for commenting and sharing your thoughts with me! I appreciate every single one of you. As always, for better view of details, do enlarge the picture.

Even though the destination is unknown, never be afraid to embark on a Magical Journey.
It's a Magical Journey for a reason. Just take a leap of faith, enjoy & learn from it.
What do you have to lose ^_^?

This painting was for the last Self Exam Doodles giveaway winner. He loves anime & Studio Ghibli and wanted one inspired by that. Studio Ghibli is known for magical and strangely interesting characters and I tried to add a few anime elements in it. I do like how it turned out!

No stories this time. I have a huge to do list where I'm slowly, but certainly crossing things off. Therefore this post will be a bit of a ramble post again.

I got a blog award! I have to admit I kinda forgot about the blog awards. but that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate it and I'm honored that people think of me in a world filled with awesome blogs. Thanks so much V! V's blog is called The 'half-baked' Music Snob and the subtitle is 'Art, Music, Weirdness and I'...what's not to like about that :D. Do have a read when you have some spare time. It's filled with musical& arty musings! The award is called 'The Versatile Blogger' award and the receiver must pass it on to other bloggers, which I will not do as I simply can't choose between my awesome blogging friends. There are too many! I also need to tell 7 things about myself. I owe you this one as I need to go through some older posts to see what I haven't told you yet. The links to older quizzes are on the 'Who is TJ' page.

Next! I got interviewed by the very kind & funny Tony Berkman from BlogCatalog. I think a bunch of you already read it, but for the ones who didn't, you can find it here A Magical Treat Inside the Mind of well Me. Hehe. The interview was really, really fun to do and I hope you like it as well.

Last, but not least. I updated my 'Commission Me' page! You can see a menu in the side bar and there's a tab. I added lots of information. So if you ever want to commission me, have a read and see if I answered some of your questions (there may be mistakes/typos as I still need to read it through).

I have more updates for you, but I think your mind will explode if I add it all in one post hehe. So I do it in bits and pieces. Next post will have a....giveaway! So be sure to check back.

Enjoy your week lovely readers!


  1. I just love your drawing, TJ. You really should be creating children's books for a mainstream publisher. You're really that good.

  2. @Libdrone: You're really sweet :D Thanks so much! I'm working on getting signed with a publisher. So fingers crossed that this will soon!!! Thanks for strolling by!

  3. TJ-I just love the peaceful and dreamy atmosphere of this drawing. All your work and your spirit as well exudes an aura of joy, relaxation and playfulness.

  4. You WILL be illustrating children's books for a living some day - I totally believe it. Your work is too perfect not to be shared. :)

  5. That picture is awesome!!!!!! Reward well deserved.

    Didn't realize you got an interview from Tony *rushes off to read it*


  6. @ Cilla: Thaaaank you kiki! hehe :D

    @ NP: As always, thanks so much NP. Your words always brighten up my day :D

    @ Tricia: Awww hahah thank you Tricia!!! Of course I shall let you know when the first children book will be illustrated by me ^_^

    @ Kaja: Heeey Kaja! How cool to see you again aye! Thank you :D Haha! Hope you liked the interview!! Cheeers *gives rum*

  7. Wow! So many good things for such a wonderful person! I loved your interview with Tony, and the award? No surprise. As always, the painting is beautiful, too. Hoorah!

  8. This is such an amazing drawing :D. Its so dreamy and I loveee dreamy! :D All the tiny living creatures in all your drawings are tooo cute. I feel like grabbing them and putting them in my toy-house. Umm...did I just say "my toy house"? don't really play with toy-houses(anymore). Now I don't want you to think that I play with it cos I "don't". lol.
    Anyway, congrats on the interview(which I read few days after it was posted. No, I wasn't stalking you!:P)
    and of course, the award! you deserved it. :D

  9. I am glad that your blogging has been a magical journey -

    I agree with those that say you will be illustrating children's books - I think you have what it takes

  10. You're going places TJ;)
    (and you deserve it!)
    Loved the interview; loved the illustration- it's so cute when you look closer and notice the little creatures that you didn't notice at first. Have an awesome day!:D

  11. TJ

    I'd commission every piece of yours if I could afford to. your work is so happy!

    Though then that would deprive other people so I suppose I wouldn't even if I could.

    Thanks for sharing this all with the rest of us. Your creativity is outstanding bright and brilliant.


  12. I think Ill stalk this blog as well :P

    The illustrations are cute :D
    I hope you keep em coming!

  13. @ Janene: Aww Thank You Janene :D!! Hahah Hooraah! Did you throw your hands in the air when you said that? Wait. If you did, you wouldn’t be able to type it hehe. Ciaooo!

    @V: Heey there V! I love dreamy drawings too :D! Hahah don’t worry, if you did play with a toy-house, your secret would be safe with me hehe. The little creatures are from Studio Ghibli! If you haven’t seen Spirited Away or House Moving Castle or Princess Mononoke…basically any anime by them…GOOOO watch them please :D You may stalk me, as I also stalk you. Hehe. Thanks so much for the award again! Ciaoo!

    @ Barry: Thanks so much Barry! I will definitely do my best to get signed with an agency!

    @Heart: Awww thanks so much Heart! You’re really sweet! I love discovering little things in art, it keeps it interesting :D Have a great day yourself!

    @ Ricardo P.: Heey Ricardo! hahah awesome! Stalking is okay on my blog hehe. Thanks for strolling by! Ciao!

  14. Tony's comment, which Blogger ate (rude)


    I'd commission every piece of yours if I could afford to. your work is so happy!

    Though then that would deprive other people so I suppose I wouldn't even if I could.

    Thanks for sharing this all with the rest of us. Your creativity is outstanding bright and brilliant.

    Tony "

    @ Tony: I should thank you! For leaving such a wonderful comment! Thanks so much for your kind words! I truly appreciate it :D Grazie Mille!

  15. I love your new painting! It's very dream like.
    Keep up the good work.


  16. Ciaoo Heather!! Thanks so much :D I'm planning to create more of these type of paintings.

    Ooh I haven't visited in so long that I didn't even realize you had a new site name!! I shall pop over in a bit Xxx


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