Saturday, April 16, 2011

Storytelling Time: It's A Ducks' World.

This time, lovely readers, a small story from my neighborhood. I've mentioned it to several friends on BC and on Twitter. Short story: our neighborhood is invaded by...ducks.

Not kidding here.

When we first moved to where we live now, there was a lot of water and open space. And ducks. Oh. and frogs too, but they disappeared after a year. Man. They made a lot of noise. We still have quite a lot of open space and water, but slowly they are filling it all up with building and I've a feeling that it only be a matter of time before the ducks will move to a different location.Quite a shame. Okay, back to the ducks.

We have the normal ducks, a couple of swans and the standard white geese. Nothing really out of the oridinary. The only thing that I noticed was that there were a lot of them and they slowly started to invade the neighborhood. I often have see them waddle around or sitting in our front yard, just chilling. They are pretty used to people and it's quite interesting to stare out of the window and stare straight into the eyes of a duck...

So I got slowly used to having the ducks all over the place, when my eyes suddenly spotted a few different ones. Let me introduce you to...The Afro Ducks.

The fur is for real. I seriously think they are up to something. At first I thought they had like baby duck fur and they would lose it eventually. Nope, they still have it and there are three of them. Just three. They are always together and they stare at you. Especially the black one, he starts mumbling stuff when you pass him by.

The other one that caught my eye is a giant goose, I call him or her the King Goose. Obviously. if it's a girl it would a Queen, but no way that I'm going to find out if it's a he or a she. There are two of them and the one you see on the picture, well that's the smaller one. Yes my friends, there is a bigger one.

He usually stands like that amongst the other ducks. This one time a neighbor was throwing around bread and every duck waddled and jumped into the water to get to the bread. Well not this one, he used the bridge to waddle to the bread. Lazy.

Then we have Ducky. This is my sister's favorite. It is the white one on the picture below. I have to say that this little duck is quite strange. He is kinda skinny and has the ability to just pop up out of nowhere. He's also a bit of a loner. Every now and then, he has his posse around him though.
They seriously posed for me or they were waiting for me to throw them some bread. Of course it's the posing, because you can tell by the looks of them that they love to be in the picture...hehe.

Holland is a small anything is pretty exciting ;). But really, these ducks are quite interesting. Then again I can see a weird story in almost everything hah! I've a feeling that you will be seeing some duck sketches from me in the near future.

Random illustrations for you guys! I was trying to get a bit more abstract feeling to the leaves and flowers. More of an impression that they are there without extra details. Hope you like it!

I wish my hair would stay that fashionably big. Instead it goes *POOF* like a poodle, well usually it goes like this haha.

Till next time everyone.


  1. DUCK BUTTER! EVERYWHERE! EEEWWWWE! Watch where you step! I love your poofy girls hair!!

  2. Hi TJ =)
    Cool, the duck story! I still cant believe that there's a bigger one than the Goose king.

    --Very cute poofy hair girls =)

  3. Hey Big hair girl TJ hehehe this is interesting to see pictures you snapped on your post and nice story of the duck and love those pink color u use on your doodle also.
    Btw, I eat duck actually and its one of my fav please don't hate me...bad human me!

  4. @ Judie: Hahahaha! Judie! EWWW! Gross! It was very bad at first, but as the ducks are slowly move away, it isn't that bad anymore. Thanks so much :D. Xoxo

    @ Jayme: Ciao Jayme!! I know right! I haven't spotted the bigger one lately. As soon as I do, I snap a picture especially for you ^_^. Thank you!!

    @ Dita: Hi Dita! Haha! My hair can get pretty big indeed :D. Thanks so much and don't worry! My mom grew up eating duck as well in curry haha. Hope you're doing well! Xoxox!

  5. I think loner duck is an introvert duck, just like me... XD I can totally relate duck.. i really do... :P

  6. Haha! Awesome. I'd love to see a duck staring at me outside my window. Unfortunately, I think my dogs would have a different opinion:P

    *Great illustrations too* :D

  7. We have a lake near my house overrun with geese and ducks. Thousands of them. Several summers ago, I spent practically every day hanging out with them. After a while, I could practically tell each one by their personality. One of them was just like your King Goose, absolutely enormous, built like a Sumo wrestler. Some sort of genetic thing, I guess. But he fit right in, and all the other geese accepted him. I absorbed a lot of lessons about life that summer, cavorting with my feathered friends.

  8. I enjoyed this "ducky" post. I see some evidence of different domestic breeds when I view your photos. Where I live I see wild ducks and geese. The geese aren't interested in living on our property and I'm happy about that as their droppings are huge and slimy - yuck!

    One pair of Mallard ducks always nest next to our pond and the overflow from it spills into the creek that runs through our property. When the ducklings have a few of their first true duck feathers the family swims off down the creek to another property far away that has a larger pond.

    Then the Great Blue Heron pair arrive to fish for tadpoles and frogs in our pond. They remain until winter approaches. Then we hear the call of the wild geese as their V shaped flight formations pass overhead marking their annual migration.

  9. Wow, you've got quite the variety of ducks over there! I love the ones with the fros. Hilarious. I wonder what they do to keep the frizz away. Think they'll share their secret?

    Cute post.

  10. LOL! I love this post...AfroDuck and Loner Duck and would stuff in my pocket and take home with me if I could. I love birds and could sit and watch them for hours. Great to see your work up as well. I always struggle rendering hair. You do it so well.

  11. Nice read! The Afro Duck quacked me up...ok really bad joke. We have lots of Ducks back home In MN. There is something odd about ducks that makes you want to make stories up about them, isn't there. They're pretty tasty too! Love the sketches! Keep it up!

  12. I love the afro duck and it has also inspired me to go to my local dick filled park and create some nerdy statistical proofs for my students. (I was going to do that anyway it was just finding a nice location to do that away from the distractions of home).

  13. It looks very pretty where you live and I hope the ducks stay because they certainly seem to have found a home. I am amazed at your attention to detail. I suppose that is part of being an artist. Thanks for sharing the ducks with us. I have never experienced a duck tour before.

  14. OMG...that's just crazy! The afro ducks remind me of George Washington for some reason. *L* Love the illustrations, too. I wish I had hair like that, myself!

  15. haha this is comical...I wish I could have been there. Is it their mating season or something? I know last week the toads were at it because our yard was covered with MILLIONS of them and now you can see their eggs in the pond.

  16. @ Justine: Awww haha! Now I wonder if you could pet him! He comes pretty close, so maybe if he sense that you can relate…you can pet him1 My sister is going to be uber jealous haha!

    @ Heart: Hahah! That would be a different scenario indeed! Thanks so much for strolling by :D

    @ V: Thanks so much :D!

    @ NP: Ciao Marty! Man! That must have looked really impressive! It’s true, after a while you can identify the ducks. From the one my sister calls Ducky, there are two more, but they are a bit different than Ducky. Ducky is really slim haha. King Goose is such an interesting character. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us! *waves*

  17. @ TT: Ciao TT! It’s really interesting to see them and I wonder how the Afro Ducks get to keep their hair haha. Ewwwww don’t get me started on their droppings! Ms. Julia already visualized it for me haha. Man. I could totally visualize what you said about the Mallards, Blue Heron and the Wild Geese. Sounds like a story to me :D! I love to stare at the birds in the sky, so peaceful & free!

    @ Janene: Ooooh I should try to ask them about their secret! It’s always neatly in place hehe. Unline my hair…don’t get me started about my hair haha! Thanks for strolling by!

    @ Jennifer: Ciaoooo jennifer!! How lovely to see you here :D. Haha believe me, my sister would take Loner Duck with her, if he would listen. I love to stare at birds as well. Thanks so much! Believe me, the way I paint the hair is quite simple!! Hopefully soon I get a video up. Stay tuned for when I do ^_^

    @ J.L. Decker: Hi there!! Hahah I had to laugh when I read quacked though! It’s true! Ducks have this mysterious vibe when they waddle around and when they stop and stare at you. Sometimes you think they are asleep…but then you see them stare at you through their feathers. They do notice us haha. Thank so much!!

  18. @ Mike: Hey there Mike! Heheh with dick you meant duck right! Haha! I’m glad it inspired you though :D. Really cool! I hope you got lots of nerdy statistical proofs *adjust glasses* Thanks for stopping by!

    @ Antony: Ciaoo Tony! It was a huge dessert when I moved here, but now it’s slowly blossoming and more people are wandering around. This has its pros and cons of course. I just hope the ducks will stay. I love staring and observing my surroundings, spotting things no one else saw before :D. Haha! It was a Duck Tour indeed hehe. Glad you liked it!! POOF.

    @ Lana: Hahaha! Now I can only see George W. when I stare at the afro ducks! Thanks so much! I wish my hair was like that as well haha.

    @ Shayla: Hello Shayla! Love your name. It’s really fun to see them for real. When I first moved here I thought it was mating season, but they are here throughout the year. The frogs have moved away though. Thank goodness, as they seriously kept you up at night -_-‘. Thanks for rolling by Ciao!

  19. Your illustrations are absolutely beautiful. I wish I had that kind of talent!!
    & I LOVE. DUCKS. It reminds me of being a little girl in New Jersey visiting my grandpa, and they had so many of them! I love the ones with the hair!

  20. @ Janelle: Ciaooo Janelle! Lovely to see you here and thank you for your wonderful comment! The afro ducks are too funny :D.

  21. wow i'm scared to death of animals so i dnt think i'll survive with ducks in my backyard lol. Its pretty cool to have them waddling around the place though lol

  22. @ Kitkat: Ciaooo KitKat! Haha. Well they are usually harmless. I say usually because they have an intense stare hehe. It's funny to see them waddle around indeed :D. Thanks for strolling by and big welcome to you! Take care!

  23. Wow, nice duck story! Every story needs a good beginning, and the ending part too. I enjoyed reading it.

    P/S : Invaded by ducks..hehe



  24. @ Stevie: Thanks so much Stevie! Glad you liked it. Haha! Yes, they are still invading my neighborhood. My sister even shot some footage haha! Take care!

  25. I have to say, this is a first for me-- I've never seen a duck with such a thick head of hair. :) Hysterical.

    I love how the ducks around Ducky really do look like part of a Duck Gang by the way they're standing.

  26. @ Jenn: Ciao Jenn! Hahah they are so funny! I hoep they will stick around as they are doing a lot of construction here, so there is a chance that they will move to a more quiet place. Ducky is always with his Duck Gang. It's too funny!

  27. Not sure why, but I just love the word waddle. And in my head I always say it twice. I have feeling you will completely understand this, TJ. Sweet post :-)

    1. Aaah I know exactly what you mean :D Waddle, waddle

      It's so cute ^_^

      Big thanks for strolling by!!

  28. Whahaha, love this! So are they still there? Ducks can be sooo funny. But also pretty annoying with their uitwerpselen! Haha.
    I love the afro ducks!

    1. Hahah yes! They are still here! Iedere keer als ik naar buiten ga dan zie ik ze. Alleen Ducky heb ik al heel lang niet meer gezien. Ze maken wel echt een troep man! Niet normaal! High Five for Afro Ducks!!! :D


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