Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ramble Update a la TJ

*pauses the time*
Well hello there!

Okay, I really wish I could do that sometimes. I didn't realize that almost 2 weeks have passed since my last post! So I thought it would be nice to see/read what I've been up to so far.

I have been working on a series of paintings, small and larger ones, which I call 'Flower Girls' for now. I will put them up for sale soon as well. So keep an eye out if you would like to get your hands on my original work. I'll tell you more about this in a proper blog post. So for now I have two sneak peeks for you!

Next to this I have been doing a lot of thinking and rewriting of my business plan and my second site. I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted with the second site, but as I worked on it, I noticed that I wasn't too sure of a few elements. So that's why I have it on hold for now. I will rearrange my Flickr photostream and rearrange some things on this blog as well.

There will be a new giveaway soon! I wanted to do one sooner, but the snail mail to the last winner, well it was truly a snail and I wanted to make sure that he got it before I announced a new giveaway ^_^. As you can see, lots of little things to take care of. Oh and Spring cleaning is also sneaking up on me. Who else is doing some major cleaning now or are you already done with it and I'm slow? Hehe.

I have a new Work in Progress post for you! It's the progress of the Tropical Birds header. Enjoy the sneak peek and if you have questions or tips, just let me know!

Edit: Click the image below and you shall be transported to the WIP post. Totally forgot to add this!

Readers who also know Ms. Claire from the blog A Little Piece of Me, probably already know about her awesome character. For the ones who don't, do pay attention please! She's the creator of the character Grumpus! A hairy green huge creature who's planning to take over the world for the last 100 years already and who is...grumpy. I love it haha. Do visit her blog for Grumpus's interesting stories through time. But what I wanted to say is that Grumpus joined Facebook. Yes. yes he did, but with the help of Claire of course. His hands are huge & hairy and with the new feature on Facebook where you only need to press enter to send a comment...well things could get ugly. Plus, did I already tell you that he's planning to rule the world...join joining his page...The Grumpus Page. You don't want Grumpus to go on a Grumpus Rampage now do you ;).

The final ramble update: Could you guys please keep your fingers crossed for my external hard drive? Little bro accidentally dropped it and now I can't access it! The horror. I know it's not the end of the universe if it can't be fixed, but before I have to say "My HD died *insert crying*", I'd love for you to keep your fingers crossed ;).

This is it for now, but I already have another post in the making for you. Haha.

Until then, take care everyone.


  1. LOVE THE FEATHERS!! they look so cool! and awesome color combination as well ^^

    and good luck on your hard drive :S i can imagine Dx

  2. @ Japi: Thanks so much lady!! Xx

    @ Anonymous: Hmm I have a feeling that I know who you are...but then again...I'm not sooo sure! Haha. Thanks a lot for lovely comment & for stopping by though :D

  3. Lovely illustrations, TJ! Done with your characteristic softness, refinement and charm. I'll pray for the resurrection of your hard drive, but being an atheist I don't think my words will weigh too heavily with that Almighty Computer in the sky.

  4. Gr8 illustrations TJ . The eye of the first img is so enchanting .
    Grumpus is cool :)
    I wish you get back your data as intact as possible .

  5. I can't wait to see more of the flower girls, just when I was thinking the feather girl and the birds would be my favourite, you KABOOM KAPOW me with the flower girls!

    I came to gaze at your stuff! and you sneaked in Grumpus!! You didn't have to do that, he wont even thank you!

    I feel sick about the harddrive, hence the dropbox shenanigans. I think I have everything that is important on external HD or online. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed that it works again!

  6. Just lovely, TJ. You get better and better all the time.

  7. @ NP: Ciaooo NP!! Thanks so much! Maybe because you are an atheist the Almighty PC in the sky will listen ;)

    @ Hari Kumar: Hello! Thanks so much :D I wonder how everyone will react when they see the complete illustration :D. All Hail Grumpus hehe. Thanks for strolling by!!

    @ Claire: KABOOM KAPOW *evil laugh* I am pretty sneaky indeed! I can't help it that I like Grumpus! He doesn't have to thank me hehe. As long as I can keep combing his hair (and add little ribbons to it...) Ooh you keep surprising me with your imagination as well!

    I have a Dropbox account for quite some time and I'm a bit annoyed that I didn't really used it and just remembered about it when the hard drive disaster happened -_-'. We also need to keep our hair crossed!! ^_^

    @ Dennis: Heeeey Dennis! How lovely to see you here. Thank you! I'm keeping myself pretty busy haha. I saw you're working on Heather's Logo. Really cool, can't wait to see what you'll come up with!

  8. woooah you sell your stuff? :P that's cool... I've been thinking of like doing artwork and selling it as well... XD but i'm not to sure... still trying to get used to watercolor... maybe you can give me a few tips? :P and do you stretch your watercolor paper? :P

  9. @ Justine: Haha. Yes. There are quite a few lovely people out there who like my work! If you're comfortable with selling your work...go for it!

    Hehe. I already gave you a few tips somewhere else ;). But for the ones who are curious: I do not stretch my paper. Cya!!

  10. Love the feathers - I do. :) I adore your artwork and wish you well with the new site. I'm so sorry to hear about your hard drive. I have been through computer hell so my fingers are defintely crossed for you.

  11. lovely flower girl Tj.I rekon these illustrations isnt brown dominant-nice colors you picked.

    I crossed my finger for your computer TJ. I remember when I have to reinstal everything 4 times before they change the hardisk.

  12. @ TT: Hi TT! Thanks so much!! Yeah, the question is if I'm going to go through with the second site, I think not as I will look for a alternative that is easier to keep up with haha. Thanks so much for keeping your fingers crossed! Xxx

    @ Dita: Hello Dita!! I worked a bit differently with these drawings. I think that's why the colors stand out more. Not that sure though! Thanks for your lovely comment & Hope you're well! Xoxo

  13. Yay! A new post. She's beautiful, TJ. So glad you shared her! And I do promise to keep my fingers crossed for you. That really does suck about your hard drive. Argh!

  14. Oooh! I am excited to see your Girls! They look so sweet.
    Sorry about your hard drive. I had to buy a new computer lately and now I am good to go!

  15. Hi TJ, Love your work realy great artwork.Brian

  16. @ Janene: Ciao! Thanks so much :D. I love to share bits and pieces with you guys! Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed, however I think it can't be fixed anymore :(

    @ Judie: Helloo! Thank you! Yeah, I probably need a new one soon as well! Stay tuned for the Girls Xoxo!

    @ The Beauty Regime: Thank so much :D & Welcome!!

    @ Brian: Hello Brian, thank you! Such a lovely thing to say. Take care.

  17. I like the last illustration, Tahira. She looks like she's having fun. How's your hard drive?

  18. Hi TJ,
    Your paintings look really great and I'm very much impressed with them, especially the one in the header. I like the way you give them the colours, looks natural.

  19. @ Heidi: Ciaooo Heidi!! Thank You :D. I'm not sure how the hard drive, my dad is working on it, but he thinks that it can't be fixed anymore. He will try one more thing and if that doesn't work, then I need to get a new hard drive as my laptop can't handle all the HQ scans hehe. Hope you're well Xoxo.

    @ Zunnur: Hi there Zunnur & Welcome to you! Thanks so much for you lovely words and I'm glad you like what you saw here ^_^. Cya!

  20. I think it must have been a while since I've clicked over here... I don't remember the pretty picture in your header but LOVE it! She looks like a mix between a peacock and a mermaid. Beautiful.

  21. Good illustrations and I think you will be have this talent..

    Best Wishes..
    Marmaraefl (from blogcatalog)

  22. Great to see what you're up to TJ! You are one busy little bee! Your artworks look amazing, I wish I could do stuff like that. Art, music, dance...clearly you have such a brilliant creative mind and the energy to express it. I would say that you would still be able to play the piano btw, probably not as good as you had when you were practicing, but you would be able to pick it up again relatively quickly I'm sure.

    Thank you for the blog stalking (haha), look forward to seeing more of your artwork soon!

    Much love,

    Lauren K

  23. hi Tj, am just blog walking and found yours..great painting especially the various parrots. the color scheme also very pretty

  24. Great illustrations!!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting :) It's always nice to hear feedback and to know that people READ my ramblings!

    Bex xox

  25. @ Rachel Hoyt: Heeey Rachel! How are you? It has been a while indeed, glad to see you again though :D. Thanks so much!! You're the first one who said mermaid :D. How cool!! Ciao Xx

    @ Marmaraefl: Aww thanks you and nice to meet you!! Take care!

    @ Lauren K.: Ciaooo Lauren! Haha I can't sit still indeed, it gets a bit tiring at times, but I do get energy from working on e.g. my paintings. I just love to create ^_^.

    The piano. I definitely need to try it again someday and see how quickly I'd pick it up. I think I just end up singing and hitting a few keys hehe. Thanks so much for your lovely comment!!! Xoxoxox

    @ Cooking varieties: Hello! Very glad you stumbled upon my little blog and thank you for leaving a comment too ^_^.

    @ BexiestBex: Hey there Bex!! How lovely to see you here and thank you :D Haha! I have the same thing, but luckily there are people out there who read our rambling!! Ciao Xoxo

  26. @Yakattack: Thank you ^_^!!! Xx


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