Friday, March 18, 2011

Ganbare Nippon - Don't Give Up Japan!

Hey Everyone!

You know, I still have no words for what happened in Japan a week ago. I have a soft spot for Japan, ever since I was little and hearing this news last week was devastating. But next to all the sad things that happened, I also read positive things. The people are staying strong and are hoping for the best. These stories are like little sun beams coming through the dark grey cloud that is surrounding Japan. Japan is known as the Land of the Rising Sun and I have no doubt that they will recover and rise up from this tragedy.

Natsuki Otani, is the lovely & sweet owner of the site Illustration Rally. This is a site that features talented artists all over the world. She started a rally and everyone can send in something to send a message of hope, love & peace across. You can read more about it here: Ganbare Nippon Japan Tsunami Appeal.

I choose a more kawaii approach as Japan is also known for lots of little cute characters. I wish I could a lot more, but every little thing helps right?  Feel free to send in something as well! The more positive art there is, the better :D

Arigato Gozaimasu & have a lovely weekend!


  1. sweet.

    I saw a video online about a dog that survived the tsunami and wouldn't live his injured dog-friend behind. I was *bawling*...

  2. You should maybe think about auctioning off this painting to raise money for the relief efforts? I'd bid!

  3. @ Tricia: Heey Tricia! Ooh I saw that vid too. I was just staring at it and thinking 'Wow...'

    Truly amazing!

    Ooh that's a cool idea! I was also thinking to sell postcards of this print. Every penny I'd get, I would give to a charity for Japan.

    Natsuki, from Illustration Rally, is planning to do an auction too with original art pieces from artists all over the world. But there is only one original, maybe I can raise more money with the postcards? I shall think about it and announce it my next post, which shall be soon and not after a week haha.

  4. Or I will update this post hehe.

  5. That's a really sweet illustration, Tahira. It's really uplifting to hear so many kind and supportive comments to the people in Japan during this devastating time. Yes, don't give up Japan!

  6. TJ. great post. I will post the site on my blog, if that is o.k.!

  7. Ahh my gorgeous TJ,
    I still sit here and be amazed by the things that you produce. No shit here.

    I'm still in love with the colours used and your style. It's beautiful!
    Not to mention your BIG heart!

    Fingers crossed for Japan. I believe they will rise again like they always do

  8. It is a great sentiment and very sweet painting TJ!
    --Hoping that everyone affected by the terrible events will have the strength they need to get through.

  9. Nice gesture TJ. Ya, even I was disturbed by what had happened there. I am sure Japan will spring back soon.

  10. Thank you so much for all the concern and care you and your friends are extending to us here in Japan.The road to recovery is still far ahead and the battle continues everyday but there is hope.And it springs from the love and care that people around the world is bestowing upon us.


  11. Oh TJ, this is adorable! I love it!

  12. TJ your drawing is so cute! I think you should do more in the Japanese style for sure. You could have a future in children's book illustration if that sort of thing interests you.


  13. Wonderfully cute and such a lovely gesture!

    I will have to think of something to do for this.

    Off topic:

    New colours in this piece? Or just the effect of cleaning the palette?

  14. Awesome post TJ! It is always very disheartening to hear about disasters like Japan. I love your upliftment illlustration. Great work and good heart :-)

  15. Gosh, my heart hurts, too. That picture is adorable -- really lifts the spirits. You're so sweet to create something just for them. *HUG*

  16. So cute, delicate post for Japan.
    Thanks so much for your coment and visit to my blog.

  17. A beautiful work and sentiment. My heart goes out to Japan.

  18. too kawai : ) I have many Japanese friends, and my heart goes out to them....the people of Japan are of extraordinary resilience.

  19. TJ-a beautiful gesture. Your sweet art and even sweeter nature are a joy to us all.

  20. very thoughtful of you... ♥

    i have a loving friend in Japan too and am so worried about him and his family.

    sending thoughts and prayers.

    Have a nice weekend dearest Pretty TJ :))

    BIG HUG!

  21. Heeey Everyone! Thanks so much for the sweet & lovely comments! I’ve been so swamped with work that I forgot to reply -_-‘. But do keep in mind that your comments make my day and that I often re-read them again. It always puts a smile on my face :D. Super grateful for you guys...girls! Hehe.

    @ June: You are most welcome June!!! I hope you’re doing okay there :D Yuuki o dashite!!! Xxx

    @ Heather: Oooh I am definitely interested in doing childrens book illustrations! Part of what I'm doing lately is researching agencies. It takes up a lot of time though haha.

    @ Claire: Ooh I didn’t do anything different. The palettes are still filled with the paint I added after I cleaned the palettes haha. I think it’s the combination of colours. I did add more white when I created my washes, perhaps that’s the reason!

    Big thanks again and hugs to all of You!!


  22. Hey there! I just came across your blog and really enjoy your Illustrations! The characters really remind me of the ones I see every day in Japan, especially working with Children! Thanks for your kind words! Keep up the good work! Gambare Nipon!

  23. @ J.L. Decker: Hi there J.L.! Your comment made my day ^_^ Thanks so much!! To have people comment on my post who actually live in Japan, really means a lot and I hope you're doing okay over there. I adore anime and over the years I've been influenced by it. It started with my uncle haha. I'd love to work with children one day! Thank you for stopping by and till next time :D


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