Friday, March 11, 2011

The Thing with Mobile Phones.

Greetings Everyone!

Today my post will be about mobile phones. I had this story in my drafts for quite some time now, but I always ended up publishing other stories first. You know, it's pretty interesting to see how technology has weaved its way into our lives and with rapid speed it made sure that we can't live without it or at least not for long. Most things happen via the internet these days and even the most stubborn people (at least in my environment I had a few stubborn people) who said e.g. 'Nuh uh. I won't get a mobile phone. Ever! *insert storming out of a room*'.... they eventually cave in. 
Maybe it's not because they wanted to get one, but it became simple too difficult not to have one. Insert scenarios where you either had a miss communication or weren’t able to tell that you're stuck in traffic etc. In the end, most people want to do everything as easy & effortless as possible. Personally, I don't mind having a one. I kind of like technology and to see what new things are out there, but I can live without it. Hold on! This is only goes for the phone and not the internet hehe. Internet is a whole other story, but with a phone it;s different. Maybe because I'm not a phone person. I rather text than call and I don’t really like the fact that I can be reachable all the time.

A while ago, I had to get a new phone, because my old one decided to stop living, it seriously just stopped. Well okay, I exaggerate. To be more specific the touch screen part stopped and let this be the most important part of the phone. I couldn't enter the main menu anymore or text/dial someone. Before it got worse, I got in a few situations where I had to meet with friends and my phone just temporarily died. Yes. It started to temporarily die at first. In these moments I realized how I take my phone for granted, because I always have it with me and I rely on it to work when I need it. However, getting in these ‘temporarily out of reach’ situations didn't make me think further to insert the card in another phone though. But this is a story for another time. It will be about how my brain will confuse you.
Disco Time!!
Mobile phones from a few years ago, seems to be much more stable and reliable. My mom still has a phone that’s probably considered ancient nowadays. Even though it’s ancient, it’s still as good as new. Whereas my phone, which is like a couple of mobile generations further, started to malfunction within year. BUT! I have to admit, that I made it fly a couple of times, so that could have shorten its life as well *ahem*. So far, I noticed the fancier the phones get, the more flaws it seems to have.

This is my ramble story for today! Times are busy here! I'm still working on my 2nd site/blog. I had to put it aside for awhile as I had other projects to finish. Now I'm working on it again and it should be finished soon, along with new products in Zazzle & Etsy store. Exciting times ahead :D.

Question of today: In these high tech times, are you addicted to your phone or do you still rather live without it? 

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Mmm, thought provoking question, sometime I wish I don't have it! LOL!

  2. @ Pete: Hi there! Haha. Yeah, it's convenient sometimes to have one, but most of the time it's somewhere in my room and I can't find it hehe.

  3. I do have a phone - of course - but I wish the damned things did not exist. I hate talking on it and use it mostly to send messages. I'm notorious for keeping the sound off at all times. I have a 3+ year old Nokia Prism and don't plan on changing it until it dies on its own - I think way too many people are obsessed with having the latest phone on the market, even though, as you said, they break easily.

  4. Hi TJ....
    Your work is looking as beautiful as ever.
    Cell phones? I agree with everything you said, but I have to add about the few times I left it at home by mistake. It was a mixture of those moments when you reach for it, and the immediate realization of the peace and reduced interruptions one has during the workday. Now that I'm between jobs, its important to have it so I can keep up the jobsearch activities, but sitting at home, the land line doesn't stop ringing, and one tries to do something only to be interrupted again and again.
    Having cell phones be the ubiquitous convenience that they are has made folks reach out even more than usual. Part of being continually connected, which I think has its pros and cons. People now assume you are available anytime. I love the fact that in an emergency, one can use it, and solve problems, but by the same token, people have different definitions of what an emergency is. I hate to be interrupted while doing something only to hear about what someone thinks of some piece of news, or has some silly question that could be made at a better time. Folks think one is available and on tap at their beck and call.
    Heck, folks use them even when they have a live person with them... which is disrespectful to me.
    That's my rant, and I'll shut up, in a minute. I can see why folks text instead of talk on the phone, but that still is isolating folks from their environment. There's a balance to be reached.
    Pardon my long comment. Its a pet peeve of mine. :)
    Back to your art. Its so refreshing to me to see your work. Thanks for sharing it as always.
    Have a great one!

  5. Interesting question . I am an audiobook fanatic , so i depend on my phone for that .Otherwise i just text people ... but one day without an audiobook during travel , will shoot my mood to hell , so ahem ,I believe i cud say im not an addict ;P

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  7. I am so bad at keeping track of my phone... sometime I go a few days without knowing where it is (not good when you live on a different continent to the rest of your family).
    I also wanted to tell you that I LOVE your illustrations. You have an amazing style, they make me smile when I see them.

  8. I am so NOT addicted to my phone. Half the time I leave it at home when I go out. Then of course Rod tries to call me and I don't answer. He is seriously addicted to his phone, and has taught it to do tricks!!

  9. cute illustrations... :P anyway... my phone is pretty useless actually. I don't text that often, I only get calls from my parents whenever they want me to run an errand.. -____- , which makes me wish I don't have my phone so they can't make me do stuff XD...

    your blog is cute... Sammy approved. 5 stars *****

  10. actually, Dearest TJ, im addicted to my phone (ahahah please dont hate me!)


  11. need it to read and write emails, and... stuffs :D

    Looove your disco time!! fun fun xD

  12. I don't like possessions, never have. Never wanted to own a car, a TV, a radio, a dishwasher, a phone, any of that stuff. They're always breaking down, and I don't like taking care of things. I make an exception for the computer because it's an outlet for my writing and a way to meet wonderful people like you. As far as the technology behind it is concerned, I'm totally indifferent. It's the expression, the communication, that counts.

  13. @ Dona: Ciao Dona! So nice to see you here :D. I’m with you and I never hear it either. I just don’t pay attention to it. Well I do pay attention to it when I’m expecting a call or applied for something or something is going on in the family. You know, things like that. Thanks so much for strolling by!! Take care!

    @ Gonzalexx: Ciaoooo! Thank you for your awesome comment and sharing your thoughts here. I agree that being continually connected has its pros and cons. There are people who need to be available at all times because it’s part of their job. And you said it perfectly, there are different definitions to a ‘emergency’...e.g. a broken nail isn’t an emergency hehe. When I’m with friends I always leave my phone in my bag and don’t check in until my friend goes to the bathroom. Or I only have it on the table when I expect something.
    I think mobile phones shall always be a discussion point! Thanks again :D. Take care!!

    @ R. Hari Kumar: Hi there & welcome! Aah I see! Yeah I only listen to podcasts on my laptop and I don’t have kindle or something like that haha. But your mood is depending on it! So for the love of the people around you….never forget your audiobook hehe. Take care & thanks for commenting :D

  14. @ R.Hari Kumar: heheh you sneaked in therewith your comment! Haha!

    @ Ollie: Hey Ollie! Nice to see you again. Even with my regular phones I rather text than call haha. But when I could get a new phone, I wanted to see what the fuss was around the smart phones. It’s pretty cool to be able to check email and twitter whenever I want, but I could live without it haha. Up till know, I never tweeted when I was outside! Perhaps this will change when I will travel around the world hehe. I love handwritten and homemade cards. I prefer this to anything! Sending smoke signals would be awesome haha! Thank you for strolling by!! Ciao

    @ Healing Leaf: Ciao Healing Leaf! Thanks so much for your lovely comment! Super glad you like my illustrations :D. Aah I understand what you mean! If I don’t have my phone on my desk, I can go days without it too! Hope to see you again ^_^.

    @ Judie: Haha high Five Judie! Rod taught his phone to do tricks?! How? What can it do? Man. I have the vaguest things in my mind now haha.

  15. @ Justine Love: Ciao Lady! Thanks so much! Aaaah doing errands! I know what you mean. My mom is usually guilty of this hehe. Thanks for approving ;). Cya later Xx

    @ Sympathy for the Devil: Ciaoooo Pretty Mita!! Aww hahah don’t worry! I shall never hate you hehe. We need to do a disco dance now!! Xoxoxox

    @ Nothing Profound: Hi there NP! Yes, I can recall you saying that you don’t like possessions. I think it was a discussion on BC? Thanks so much for your comment and I’m glad you made an exception with the PC, because now you can share your wisdom with all of us :D. I’m super glad for that! Till next time!

  16. I still can't decide on new phone! I hate using the phone to talk to people, but I like it for reading emails and things when I turn off the PC, or I am, shock/horror, away from the PC.

    I have decided that I would like the new one to have a pretty decent camera though.


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