Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Look in the Past: Lost Friends

There was a house next to ours. A house where its inhabitants only lived for a short period of time before they moved again. One day a young lady moved in, with long blond hair. I'm not sure how we got to talk, but me and my younger sister became friends with her. I think I was around 8 or 9 years old, so I only have vague memories of her.

I don't know why she made such an impact on me when I was young, but she did and every time she was in her garden and I was on the balcony, I would call her name and me & my sister would talk about ehm...I can't really recall what we told her now haha. Oh! I also gave her little drawings and presents. She was really sweet and now I wonder what she did with those little presents. You know those chocolate eggs with little presents in it? Well, we gave her that hehe.

As the years passed by, the house had many other inhabitants while I lived there, but no one else had made that impact on me like she did. It would be really cool to meet her again. Only not sure how, I only have her first name and I'm not sure if it was her nickname and if it's written correctly. Plus, I moved as well.

I only have this little box with oil pastels that I got from her for my birthday and a card that she sent when she moved to Amsterdam. We were supposed to keep in touch and she would visit when she was in Rotterdam, but this never happened. I haven't seen her for years and sometimes Every now and then I still think of her; wondering where she is in life now and what she's doing.

Some people really don't have to do a lot to make an impression on someone. Does anyone of you had a similar story? Experience? I would love to hear it!

It's kind of hard not to miss it, but the new header is finally here! After the sneak peeks on Twitter & blog, it's done and have to say I really like how it turned out. What do you think? There will be a new 'Work in Progress' post about this as well. Take care!


  1. You know I LoVe LoVe LoVe that mermaid!!!! She is beautiful! And I LOVE your blog banner too!!! Hope you are doing well!!! :) Hope you find your friend!!! xo

  2. Great work on your mermaid! I also really like the new header of your blog!Great colors.

  3. The new header is GORGEOUS. I love, love, LOVE the colors!

    And what a cute story. I totally know what you mean. There are people who probably will never realize the impact they've had on my life - it isn't about how long you know someone, it's about whether they touch your heart or your spirit. :)

  4. Some people really do make a tremendous impact on your life.

    It's one reason I smile at everyone I see. You never know where that smile will ultimately end up. Maybe the person you smile at will brighten up and smile at the next person who was having a really bad day and was about to take it out on a potential customer.

    And maybe because of that smile he was friendly to that customer so his company got a big deal and they give everyone a raise.

    And that raise went to a mother who's daughter was just diagnosed with cancer.

    And because of that added income she could afford a treatment that saved that little girls life. And that little girl goes on to become a politician who at some point prevents a war that saves 100,000 lives.

    All because of a smile.

    A little far fetched, I know, but crazier things have happened. ;)

    Hey, love the new banner. Very vibrant. Looks good!


  5. Hi Tj, that was an emotional story you shared. But mine is even more emotional than yours. Because we moved to some other cities for at least 12 times in my childhood. So you can guess the mysterious neighbors that i had in the past. I always have an hope to find them at somewhere and for sometime and managed to meet some of them. There are still a number of people i've been looking for although.

    The sad thing is that it doesn't satisfy me even if i managed to find some of them. Because i was stuck on the memories and we were strangers again when we met 10 or 20 years later.

    So my advice for you is not to think about past or future. Enjoy the moment now. Only "now" is important! Byes.

  6. told you i'd look

    like i said, love the illustrations and the blog was interesting. it made me think of some of the people that have made a brief but lasting visit in my life and it would be interesting to know how their lives turned out.


  7. dank je voor je berichtje! ;-) lieve groetjes, Nancy

  8. I have same story, Tj.
    Most of my close friends lives in different cities or island but one manage to found me on the net.
    She google me and somehow she found me(I won something in the past and all winner was announced on their site and they include our home address etc)but because she wasn't sure that it was me she sent me a letter and I was so surprised when receive it then I reply her back and give my new phone number and she called me and now she is on my facebook. She said she always think about me and I do too! she married and have 3 kids, its nice to get in touch with her again after loosing contact more than 10 years. Believe in Law attraction Tj, to lead someone close to your heart who lives milles away to find you.
    Btw, that's another pretty nice header you made, her hair rock! love those bright color too!
    Have a lovely week ahead. ^^

  9. The new header is lovely. As for the rest of the post, I admit still thinking about my best friend from my earliest childhood, Kim Isaacson. She moved when I was maybe 5 or 6. From time to time I still wonder what ever happened to her...

  10. oMG, what an explosion of colors in the new banner! love it!

  11. The header looks amazing!

    My little sister Heather, had a habit of making friends where ever she went and becoming penpals with them, so this story reminds me of her.

    Hmm I had to answer the phone whilst writing this comment and now I can't remember what else I was going to write!

  12. i had a dearest friend too.
    he was my classmate in elementary school (he used to sit next to me).
    one day he sent me a letter, he wrote: i love you mita, be my girlfriend
    hahah :D

    we're just best friend now :))
    we met again 5 years ago.

    your mermaid is the loveliest!

    take care dearest Pretty TJ!!!

  13. This is such a sweet story. Thanks for sharing it :) I bet she thinks of you and your sister, too.

    I love the mermaid illustration & your new header!

  14. The new header is absolutely fabulous. How unsuprising coming from such a high caliber artist such as yourself! ;)

    My best friend in high school got married at 20 and dropped off the face of the earth -- well my earth. She was doing 'married' things while I was in college doing 'college' things. We lost touch and now I can't find her anywhere. Wish I could. I often wonder where she is, what she's doing, etc. It makes me sad.

  15. @ Kimberly: Ciaoooo Kim! The little mermaid is swimming towards you! I hope she arrives safe & sound ;). I'll email you one of these days! Xoxoxox.

    @ Mark MacKay: Thanks muchly Mark! I love the colors as well ^_^.

    @ Tricia: Thanks so much!! I’m pleased with the way it turned out. It’s always tricky when I stare at a blank paper filled with black lines haha. I never really know how it will turn out. You said it perfectly. She probably doesn’t know the impact she had on me as I was so little. So even if I don’t meet her again, I’m glad to have met her and to have her in my life for a short while ^_^. Xx

    @ Vincent Parker: I loved your comment! Just like a little movie and you’re right never know where a smile ends up :D. Personally it makes my day when people are friendly outside and smile back to you. I’m known to have a vague smile on my face when I’m outside. My sister always ask me ‘Whyyy are you smiling?’...well no specific reason. It makes everything just a little better I think. Haha. I really like the new header, but I'm already thinking of the next one hehe. I never stop thinking of new ideas! Thanks for strolling by!

  16. @ Kuday: Ciaooo Sinan! It has been a while! Yeah, it’s a story I had written quite some time ago to share with you guys! I’ve more stories to share of course. Thanks so much for sharing yours too & your advice. You moved a lot! I only moved 3 times and the last time was such a hassle -_-‘. You made a good point as well as you both grow and change as a person, so when you do meet, you’re not the same as when you were together. I guess this applies to everything in life. No one really stays the same as you keep on changing. Hope you’re well mister! Talk soon!

    @ Lisa: haha! I could imagine you walking around with spy glasses & coat! Haha.
    Thanks so much though! I appreciate it & glad you like what you saw. It would be definitely interesting to see where she is in life now! Till next time! Oh and I’d love to see how you draw one day too ;)

    @ Homemade by Nancy: Graag gedaan Nancy :D. Groetjes Xx

    @ Dita: Ciaoooo Dita! Ooh the internet is such a great way to find friends back. I’ve found a few back, but just like Kuday said above. Sometimes the memories you have of them is better than meeting them again as you’ve changed way too much and things are different. I’m super glad your friend found you back again and that you remain friends :D. That’s so sweet! You never know what the future may bring indeed. Thanks so much! I love her hair too! Also the hair of the little birds haha. Have a lovely week & Talk soon Xoxoxo!

    @ Lana G.: Ciaoo Lana! Thanks so much :D. You’re story reminded me of a story from my mom and her childhood friend. When my mom moved to Holland she left her best friend in Surinam. She still wonders what happened to her. Hope you’re well Xoxox!

  17. @ Deray: Hahahah Thank so much Diana :D. I have another idea with her in mind! Xxx

    @ Claire: Thank You!! Does she still keep in touch with all these people? You had to answer the phone? Aaah now I will never know what other things you had to say. Maybe it had something to do with world domination? I like world domination hehe.

    @ Sympathy for the Devil: Ooh what a sweet story! Did you became his girlfriend when you got his letter :D?? How was it when you met again? Still the same? Thanks for strolling by Pretty Mita! Xoxoxo

    @ Monica Holtsclaw: Hi Monica! So funny! I was thinking to send you a note the day before I got your comment! It’s lovely to see you again here! I hope she’s also thinking of us :D. I’ll stroll to your blog in a bit ( I usually read everything from you in Google reader)

    @ Janene Murphy: Hahaha you’re so sweet! I do my best to keep you guys interested with the drawings I do ;). Super glad you like it!!

    It’s sad when you lose touch when you both go different ways. I did have it with a few friends from high school. A lot of them are married & having kids, while I’m doing completely different things. I tried to keep in touch with a few, but eventually it stops. I do hope that one day you will find your friend again :D. Don’t be too sad please; remember the memories you have with her ^_^ Xoxo!

  18. I think the new header is striking TJ! Great work.

    I often think about the people that were part of my life but have moved on. It would be fun to have a reunion with all of them, mainly out of curiosity rather than longing.

    I guess that's what Facebook is for! :)

  19. Hi, i loved the mermaid picture and banner. Your story was touching and well-written. The great thing about facebook is that now we can find old friends again who may have been lost. i come from South Africa and my friends moved away all over the worls, but here they are now, right on my desktop.

  20. TJ-I love the new header. You really have to start illustrating children's books.

    And that was such a sweet story! When you're a kid you can develop such strong attachments to people. I think all it takes is for someone older to show a little personal interest in you. It makes you and them seem so special. Personally, I'm not one to look back. I like to keep the past where it is. I know this will sound strange, but I think you get less nostalgic as you get older. You concentrate more on the present, because there's just too much behind you. It can be overwhelming.

  21. Hi TJ,
    Your new header is adorable! ♥ ♥ ♥

  22. Oh Happy Day!!!! :) Guess What I Got!
    Love Love Love... and LOVE Her! You are sooo sweet to me! What a Lucky Gal I am! :) xoxoxo - Kim

  23. I love your new header! Very cute. Your drawings are getting really good.

    I too have people I've lost along the way, but what can you do? It was before facebook. Now it's so much easier to keep in touch.


  24. I like the Lost Friends story. And I also like your new friends, the cute and colourful birds in your header :)

  25. @ Saelen: Ciao Sae! Thank you :D. Haha Facebook makes a whole lot easier. I did have a reunion a few years day from high school, but it was way too quick after graduation, like 2 years, so it wasn’t really a reunion as most people weren’t really ‘changed’ haha. Lack of better word there hehe. Now it would be fun to see them again as I know a lot are in different life phases now. Talk to you later!

    @ MelanieGreenbergPhD: Ciao Melanie and a big welcome here! Thanks for your lovely comment :D. Hope to see you again! Take care.

    @ NP: Don’t worry NP! I will work on that ^_^. Your comment makes a lot of sense! If more people let go of the past and focus on the present, instead of complaining that things were better/worse years ago, then they will be much happier or at least more aware of the live they have now. What’s in the past stays in the past!

    @ Jayme: Hello Jayme! Thank yooouuuuu!!! :D Xx

    @ Soggy Dog Studios: Woohooooooooooo :D! Super glad you got it and you got it super fast as well! I still need to email you hehe. Stay tuned! Xoxoxo!

    @ Heather Fonseca: Ciao Heather! Aww thanks so much! That makes me happy to hear! You gotta love Facebook for that. It makes connecting with people much easier! Xx

    @ Arjan: Heey Arjan! Haha they are a bunch of funny characters these birds. Thanks so much :D

  26. @ Trade Your Talent: Thanks so much :D & a big welcome to you!


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