Monday, February 14, 2011

Storytelling Time: Preparing to find a Valentine

Prince Charming & his preparation to find a Valentine.
Once upon a time there was a prince. Prince Charming was his name, but he was not an ordinary prince I must say. Prince Charming lives in the Land of Flowery Flowers and today he is in deep preparation for what he think is one of the most important days of the year. Valentines Day.
'Heeeeey, Prince Charming! Whatcha doing?! A tiny voice was to be heard and when he opened his eyes he saw his little best friend, Daisy. She waved with her arms while she glared over him, causing him to jump up and scream like a…
‘Why do you scream like a girl?’
‘I most certainly do NOT scream like a girl, Daisy!'
‘Right. So anyway, you do know that Valentine’s day is today right?’
'Of course!’
‘Right. So have you prepared for this year?’

‘Of course! I have the most genius way to win my Valentine over!’
‘I’m dying to know…’
‘You should! You know that the ladies love the idea of their prince on a white horse with chocolate and flowers right?’
'Err yeah. Well a few of them still have the hope that...’ The prince didn't listen, because he was too busy striking a pose.
‘Exactly! I have combined this all in one and added a twist! The ladies will LOVE my uniqueness. I am a genius!’
‘Erm a twist? Are you sure?’ Daisy got a bit worried. The prince was known to be always on the lookout for something new. So no doubt he had pondered on how he could make the ladies swoon.  It usually didn’t work out.
‘Do not doubt my little friend, it will give you wrinkles. Close your eyes and wait’
Daisy closed her eyes and heard lots of noises and a sheep. Wait. Did she hear that correctly? Was that the sound of a sheep? No. She must have misheard this.
‘You may open your eyes now’

Do I need to say more? I wonder how the ladies will react if they saw their prince on a sheep. Hehe. 

Hope you like this little story. Prince Charming with the flower in his hair, is inspired by the awesome ms. Tricia. I shall properly introduce you to her in another post. She's too awesome for just a little intro in this one.

And behold lovely readers! You are in a treat today, because there is another cool Valentine story out there, written by another awesome lady, ms. Claire. It is called The Grumpus & Love. Have fun!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ^_^.


  1. Hi TJ, nice story & pictures! Will you do more little comic strip-type stories like this?

  2. TJ. I apologize for my late reply. Thanks for answering my questions. I did have a good look around your website, somehow I missed that piece of information. Must admit I instantly fell in love with the illustrated birds in your previous entry. I hope you're having a nice weekend. :)

    - Solelyshe

  3. Aww I love that Daisy is so little :)

    Haha! That he stopped listening because he was striking a pose! Him riding a sheep reminded of that time I rode a goat as a child. Which is a strange but true fact!

    Loved the tale, I think it is a great way to introduce more characters and let us get to know them better.

  4. Ah ha ha! I love it! We'll see if my man comes riding in one a white sheep tonight. Somehow, I kind of doubt it. :)

    Happy Valentine's Day, my lovely friend! XO

  5. @ Arjan: Heey Arjan! Thanks so much!! Yes, you can expect more little stories like this! Me and Claire will do this every once in a while. So stay tuned. Thanks so much for stopping by! Groetjes!

    @ Solelyshe: Ciao! Don’t worry at all and you’re welcome :D. Ooh I hope you will like the final result when you see it too! Have a lovely week ahead as well! Xx

    @ Claire: Hahah! You know I love striking a pose hehe. Can you recall my fave one? It’s the one you don’t like haha. From a certain musician...
    I love Daisy! She was pretty easy to draw in the end. Ooh you rode a goat as a child? Wait. This sounds familiar. I think you’ve told me this? I must ponder a bit more about it. I agree, this is definitely a great way to practice the same character and come up with short stories. Now...bring on challenge number 2! Hehe

    @ Tricia: Ciaoo Tricia! Haha. Glad you like it :D. Hmm it must be a HUGE sheep then. I don’t think normal people could ride a sheep, unless they are little. Like Claire did hehe. For your man a horse would be better ;). Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well! Xoxo!

    @Ollie: Haha! Thank you! Yeah, it’s an interesting prince! But then again the conversation I had with Tricia was interesting too haha. So it makes perfect sense. Happy Valentine’s Day as well!

  6. This is really great! Good job, TJ! Happy Valentines day!

  7. TJ, you are gifted in so many ways!! Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. Ihihihi i love this little story!!! I also want my prince.charming to come on a sheep ahahah :p

  9. Cute and funny. Great job!

    And thanks for contributing a picture to our site. Hope you get some traffic.

    Happy V Day! Have fun.

  10. Captivating and brilliantly comedic. :)

  11. TJ-I see it all before me in my mind's eye, in annotated gold letters: "Tales Of The Kooky Prince."
    A modern Don Quixote story, with Daisy playing the Sancho Panza character, his sober and down-to earth sidekick.

  12. Prince Charm has a lot to learn, doesn't he?

  13. Sheeps are awesome! Lovely post buddy!

  14. What a sweet, silly tale! And sheep are SO SEXY. I think the prince is on to something. ;)

  15. I hope the Prince and DAisy are just friends. With the size difference there might be some compatibility issues.

  16. Wow, totally love this, so cute I had to tweet about it! So glad you and Clare put up your links on blog catalog so I could find your blogs!

    I will start following!

    Thanks for the post!

    Lauren K

  17. Aww this was cute. The pictures made the story.

  18. Nice story TJ, and the pictures went perfectly with it. :)

  19. Ha! That was really sweet. Hope you had a good Valentine's Day. :)

  20. @ Leadrocket: Thanks so much!! Really glad you liked it! Take care!

    @ Judie: You’re really sweet Judie! Thanks so much! Xx

    @ Ancilla: Yo kiks! You know I can arrange for your prince to ride a sheep hehehe. Be careful what you wish for...*evil laugh*

    @ One of the Guys: Hey Sae! Thank you and you’re most welcome for the illustration! Glad I could help ^_^. Ciao!

    @Timethief: That’s such a nice thing to say TT! Thank you!

  21. @ NP: Ooooh now that would be awesome NP! Haha. Such a great visual and the gold lettering fits it perfectly ^_^. I’ll write it down! Thanks for strolling by NP!

    @ Deray: Ciao Diana! Haha yes he has quite a lot to learn hehe. Thank for stopping by! Xx

    @ LubranoMusic2: Yo Frenks! You know you’re a sheep don’t you??? Hehehe. Thanks Buddy!

    @ Janene: Ciaoo Janene! Haha sexy sheep! For some reason I imagine the sheep with sunglasses striking a pose hehe. We need to keep a close eye on the prince! Not sure what he has in mind now! Thanks for stopping by :D

    @ Doug S.: Hi there & Welcome! Haha! Yeah they are just friends ;)

    @ Sci-Fi Gene: Hey there & Welcome as well! Haha Woolly? Not so sure if I get what you’re trying to say…^_^

  22. @ Sympathy for the Devil: THANK YOU pretty Mita!!! Xoxoxoxo

    @ Lauren K: Hey Lauren! Welcome & Thanks so much for your lovely comment! Glad you loved the story :D. I haven’t browsed your blog just yet, will do this asap! Take care Xx

    @ EmDottie: Hi there & thanks so much for your comment :D

    @ Daniel W.: Hey Daniel! Thanks so much :D

    @ Lana G.: Heeey Lana! Thank you for strolling by & your comment! It was a nice day ^_^. Hope you had a lovely day as well! Xx

  23. No man named Charming should scream like a girl... ever. Just sayin'.

  24. @ Bill: Hahah! Were you...shocked? Hehe. Prince Charming is quite the character. He does strange things...

  25. Aw.......what a fun one to re-read! :) I wanna hear all about your trip - I'm so envious that you and Claire got to meet up, that's awesome!!

  26. Haha. He just popped up in my folders. I started to clean them, but stopped as it took a bit too much time!

    I will email you and I'll write a post soon. Need to get a few things out of the way first! I'm sure we will meet as well Tricia!! Fingers crossed it's sooner than later!!


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