Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Giveaway winner & Just a bit of staring this time

Welcome welcome reader,

This post shall be more of a 'stare' post! First of all, I shall announce the winner of the Mermaids giveaway. Are you ready? The winner is....

Commentator number 9 is Vincent Parker! Congratulations Vincent! To Vincent: I shall contact you for your address. To everyone else, stay tuned for the next giveaway, which shall be soon! This is a lot of fun, especially since almost everyone did a dance haha. Thanks for dancing a long you guys.

I'm working on several illustrations at the moment, one is also a new header. I tweeted it a few days back, but thought it would be fun for you to see as well, at least the ones who don't follow me on twitter.

I can assure you it's going to be tropical hehe.
Another thing I've been doing in between illustrations and projects, is the creation of small little logo type of thingies. These are just little drawings I will add whenever I send out a commission. Plus, I make a proper use of small pieces of a paper too.

It is time to...Disco!! Hehe.

A few colored versions shall follow now. This is the 'stare' bit of the post hehe.

Hope you like it! I have around 30 of these little doodles (and I keep adding to this), so expect them to pop up every now and then. Can you believe it's February already!? Time flies.

Till next time everyone!


  1. Cool parrots! Can't wait to see them in colour :) I like the other doodles too :)


  2. I love getting to see your work in progress. :)

    The lounging lady in purple with the cocktail is my favorite!

  3. Hurray!

    Thank you very much, TJ! I am really really excited. Those beautiful mermaids will be framed and hung for all to see. Thank you so much. :)

    Great doodles! I agree with Tricia, the lounging lady in purple is my favorite as well.

    You have a lot of talent. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    And February already! Time certainly does fly. :)

    See you next post! And thank you again. As soon as it's framed and hung I'll shoot a bunch of photos of it for you. :)


  4. These are enchanting, TJ, and very sophisticated in their own way. Easy to imagine them in some swank magazine. Congratulations to Mr. Parker.

  5. So cute! You are so talented!

  6. Awww I love the little ballerina!

  7. pretty.

    My Pretty very pretty TJ :))

    i so want to hug you!
    thank you thank you thank you!

  8. congrats to the lucky winner, im telling you she is also GORGEOUS!

  9. Waaaaaa! I wanted that illustration!! Well, maybe next time, eh?

  10. That mermaid on the bodem of the ocean with the fishies is also sooo cool!

  11. @ Andji: Ciaooo Andji!! Thanks so much! I’m busy painting it all, it’s pretty big haha. I just love the little fishies haha. They brighten everything up…only a bit of a pain to paint hehe *zwaai zwaai* Xxx

    @ Tricia: Ooh there will be more WIP! I have a few waiting, but can’t show them just yet. That little lady is one of my faves too :D. Xoxox

    @Vincent: Haha! Well you should thank the random.org site hehe. Congrats again! It’s on your way & I hope you like the real one even better! A scan mutes a lot. Do keep me posted on when you’ll get it and I can’t wait to see the pictures :D. I’m glad to share whatever is in my mind with you guys! The feedback I get on it all is awesome! Take care!

    @ NP: Grazie Mille NP! I’d love to get featured in magazines one day! I’m researching lots of things to see what’s the best for me to do now. I’ll keep you posted of course :D.

    @ Dana: Thanks so much ^_^! Xx

    @ Deray: Ooh I have more ballerina’s waiting :D. Stay tuned & GRACIAS!!!

  12. @ Sympathy for The Devil: Prettyyyy Mita! I am so thrilled you finally have it :D!!! You’re so welcome and thank you for being such a great friend! Hopefully, the hug will be there one day haha! I’ll let you know when I will fly to Indonesia!! XOXOXO!

    @ Judie: Awww don’t worry Judie! I promise you one day you will have an original a la TJ! Xoxo!!


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