Monday, January 31, 2011

Doodle Giveaway 2: Mermaids Anyone? (closed)

Woohoo! The first giveaway of 2011 (but it is the second give away on this blog). I decided to do more of this, because for me it's just a little & fun gesture to thank you all for reading & participating on my blog. I have a high quality scan of most of my work and after I scanned it, it usually ends up neatly tucked away in a folder. To give a piece away, I know (well I hope so anyway hehe) that it will be hung up on a wall or be given to someone else. The first one that's waiting for a new home is:

You like it? The little fishies are so fun to draw haha. I shall sign & write the date on the back and wrap it up tightly. If you're interested in having an Original art a la TJ, all you have to do is to be sure that:

1. You comment below that you want to join and ehm...Oh! I would love to know what you'll be doing with the drawing if you're the winner. I'm just curious.
2. You are a subscriber to this blog. Yes people, I love to see your lovely pictures floating in the side bar ;)
3. You do a little dance. Okay, the dance is optional.

I will use the site: to select the winner from the comments below. The winner shall be announced in my next post. If you don't win, do not fear! There are more ways to win an original piece of art by me OR by the lovely ms. Claire! Every Friday there is a 'Feel Your Boobs' Friday giveaway on the Self Exam Doodles Page on Facebook. If you're a supporter, you automatically join the weekly giveaway. How easy is that!

Also, do you have an idea for the next giveaway should be? I was thinking to just choose one of the drawings I already have, but if you would to see e.g. pirates or more animals, just let me know. I'll choose the topic that is said the most and I shall create a little illustration for the next giveaway! If your topic isn't chosen, I will take it with me for the next one ^_^.

Edit: Giveaway is closed now. Winner is Vincent Parker! Congratulation. Stay tuned for the next one everyone!

Have a great Monday!


  1. First thing, I love mermaids so much. The Little Mermaid = fave disney movie. I grew up wanting to be mermaids *secretly wants that still*

    So, I think that means I want to join this giveaway :D

    And oooh, if I win it, I'll get it framed and put beside the framed puzzle of Cinderella I have in my room. =)

    *does a little dance for you*

    Yes, I'm that desperate.

  2. Cool! Since I'm already a follower this contest is easy, though I haven't gotten up to dance just yet.

    If I won, your art would hang in my daughter's room. It's so whimsical and fun, I know she'd love it.

    Best of luck with the contest!

  3. I want to join! I would add it to my art collection of other artist's works ^_^! I like to get pieces of artists I admire a whole lot.

    I'm already a subscriber! Woo!!

    Dance? ::does the electric slide, into the robot, then breakdances a lil bit::

    Haha! I love the little fishies, too :) Very cool that in the past months your work is more than Chibi's now! Expanding the empire! YES! Have a great week!

  4. Well, I may have done this out of order. First, I did a littel dance. Second, of ourse I am a follower! OK, if I won this I would hang it near the other picture I have that you did!

  5. I'm dancing as I type, so this could get messy. :) I was already subscribed on RSS, but added Networked Blogs so you can see my cute little mug on your sidebar. I would like to enter the contest... though I haven't decided if I want to keep it or give it away as a gift (though I have a possible recipient in mind).

    For your next giveaway (or any drawing) I'd love to see more fishies, a turtle, or any other sea creatures. :)

  6. I love the mermaids! They would go fabulously with my bathroom decor, don't be scared I wouldn't put them near the shower or toilette. I have a divided bathroom with the vanity/sink outside the actual bathroom and I would love to hang them there ;-)

  7. I do not join every giveaway there is. In fact I rarely enter any giveaways at all. You are such a talented illustrator TJ. I love the charming mermaids. Despite the fact I cannot install a Google follower widget on my blogging tips blog I do follow you on my personal blog. You will find your blog is listed on my Links(Reading) page.

  8. Naturally, I want that wonderful drawing of yours all framed in a place of honor on my living room wall. So I'm jumping into this giveaway with two eager feet. I presume I'm already a follower. If not, let me know and I'll correct that grievous error. This is a win-win situation, since if I'm not the fortunate one, one of my BC buddies is bound to be.

  9. Hi TJ,

    You have beautiful work and I would be honored to be included in your giveaway.

    If I'm the winner the first thing I would do is get it framed. After that it would be featured in one of our rooms (though honestly, the decorating has been quietly taken from my hands by the women in my life).

    Either the guest bedroom which has slowly become a Disney room, the main hallway, the dining room... oh I don't know! It would definitely have a home somewhere amongst these walls, of that you can be sure.

    Yes! I am one of your "precious stalkers" and am subscribed by email. :)

    And the dance is not optional! *does a silly jig*

    And since you mention pirates.. who doesn't love pirates? Yarg! Pirates 'as me vote as sure as a bottle o' rum 'as me heart!


  10. Hi TJ =)
    I would like to enter. What cute mermaids! If I won, I would hang them on my wall and then post about the cool 'Original art a la TJ' that I had!

  11. I'd love to have a piece of you, and these mermaids are really cute, and would go great in a frame next to my comp.
    Thanks again for being so sweet ^-^

  12. Hi, i would love to win these mermaids! i would hang them in our nursery as i'm 37 weeks pregnant of our first child. (it's a girl!!!!). i don't think a dancing pregnant woman is fun to look at but i'll do a dance just for you!

  13. So cute, as always! :)

    And no, I'm not dancing - trust me, NOBODY wants to see that!

  14. OoooH! Me! Pick me!! You know how I love your work! I even have it on my blog!! When I first looked at the Mermaids I knew exactly where I would hang it!

    I hope I win! IhopeIhopeIhope!!

  15. Very nice TJ! I love the details you have done, like that little parrot/bird in the hand of the mermaid. And the little fishies are also so cute!

    For the next giveaway I want to see more of these cute animals!

    Keep up the good work :)
    Your friend Andji :)

  16. I absoloutely love all your work its so dainty and the mermaids are magical!:)xoxox

  17. Love your illustrations! I always wished I could draw people, but I can't. :( I'd totally hang the pic up in my office. I work at an art school, so this would be just the thing to brighten up my wall!

  18. Hi TJ! Thanks for visiting, I just found about your nice blog. I'll be back to read! Cya

  19. Hey! What's up!

    It's been a while. I've been MIA from the blog world, but I'm back finally. We just relaunched our site. Now part of The Guys' Network.

    I love the picture for your blog. You have this way of making your women seductive AND cute at the same time-a perfect combination.

    Maybe you'd like to be a guest artist on our new site?

    Let me know what's going on.

  20. Hello TJ Lubrano, I see that you're quite the illustrator. Are you working professionally with illustration or is it a hobby? I can't help but wonder how long it takes to create one. I have always been writing and drawing, writing became the bigger passion. Want to thank you for your comment at my blog, much much appreciated.

    - Em

  21. I follow your blog in Google Reader...don't know if that counts. I have to put all the blogs I follow there & only there, or I'd get lost trying to figure out where they all are.
    Regardless, it's a lovely image & I wish everyone the best of luck! Me? I'd frame it & hang it on my wall, of course!

  22. Oh wow! Thanks so much for all your lovely comments & joining this !! I will do my next post tomorrow, so stay tuned for the winner! I know wished I had a mermaid drawing for everyone! But as I said, no worries if you don’t win, as there will be more giveaways. I find it very cool that a lot of you did a dance too!! *dances around*

    @ Hanis: Ciaooo lady! Aww you’re so sweet! The Little Mermaid is such a great movie! I still love it and now the words to the songs haha. Thanks for doing the dance too :D.

    @ Janene M: Hahah it’s okay for not doing the dance ;). Your daughters room would be such a perfect place ^_^.

    @ Ollie: Thanks so much! Art collection of other artist’s works! That sounds awesome :D. Haha nice dance you’ve got going on there! Yep. I try to keep challenging myself and thinking of new things, it’s easy to slip into things that are already out there I think. Thanks!!

  23. @Dana: Ciaoo Dana!! Hahah doing things in yoru own way is always good! I usually dance around before I sit down and read stuff too haha.

    @Rachel Hoyt: Ooooh Dance Typing!! Now that’s an awesome skill haha! Yaaaay for adding networked blogs! I like your picture! I’m pretty sure that whatever you would decide is perfect :D. Thanks for the suggestion too! I will definitely take this with me. Sea creatures are always fun top draw and a reason for me to practice them more haha.

    @ Deray: Heey Diana! Hahah your comment till makes me laugh! Don’t know why though haha. Don’t worry, I wasn’t afraid ;). I know I can trust you! If you win, I’d love to see a picture where you’d hang it. In fact…I think I will ask this to the winner in general…hehe.

    @ Timethief: Hi TT! Thanks so much for your lovely words. I knew you were following me! Thanks for joining, means a lot!!

    @ Nothingprofound: Ciao NP! It would be an honor for me as well if you would have a drawing of me! Did I spot a dance when you jumped into this giveaway with two eager feet?? There are so many lovely contestants indeed! I’m happy, because I know that it will have a nice home in the end ^_^.

  24. @ Vincent Parker: Hello Vincent & welcome here! Super glad you decided to enter this giveaway and to pop from out of the shadows! Haha! I know exactly what you meant, when you said that the decorating has been taken over hehe. A Disney room sounds awesome! Very cool dance! Me thinks a wee bit of pirate moves were shown aye. Pirates. Me likes them a lot. Arr me hearty, yer suggestion shall be taken with me!

    Yo ho yo ho…a pirates life for me ^_^. Thanks for the cool comment!

    @ Jayme: Hahah how cool! Thanks so much for joining!! Even a post huh? Now that would be awesome :D. Wish you all the luck!

    @ Pat: Ciaooo Pat! You’re most welcome! Really glad you’re joining this giveaway too! Xxx

    @ Eefje Meesters: Hello & welcome!! Awww haha you’re so sweet :D! Thanks so much for dancing along too! And congratulations!! A baby girls is on her way! How lovely! I would be honoured if my drawing would be hung up in the nursery!

    @ Tricia: Thanks muchly Tricia! Hahah well now you’ve made me curious!

    @ Judie: Ciaooo Judie!! Ooh I do know how you love my work and I’m so grateful for your support :D! You’re really sweet! I wish you all the luck!!!

  25. @ Toyin: Thanks so much Toyin :D

    @ Andji: Ciaoooo Andji :D!! Thank you! I’m not sure what type of bird it is though, it looks like a parrot indeed haha. I looove the fishies :D. I made a note to create more cute animals!!

    @Ambrin: Ciaoo Ambrin & welcome here! Thanks so much for your lovely comment :D. Xoxoxo

    @ Wenny Muffin: You know, every time I see your name, I want a muffin haha! Thanks for stopping by AND a big welcome here as well! Working at an art school sounds really cool!

    @ Benoit Therriault: Bonjoir Benoit! Thanks so much for stopping by! Your blog is really nice as well! Feel free to stop by whenever! Ciao!

    @One of the Guys: Hello hello Sae! How cool to see you back in the blogging world! Welcome back. Yes, I noticed the changes of your site! So cool to see the progress on it and super happy for you all as well. Haha glad you like the ladies!! I have a lot of fun drawing them too! Especially their eyes. Ooooh I’d love to be a guest artist :D! I still owe you an email, so I will ask you more details then. Thanks for strolling by! Talk to you later!

    @ Solely She: Hello hello! Also a big welcome here! Well it started as a hobby, but it’s now my profession ^_^. How long it takes really depends per illustration. Sometimes it takes 2 hours other times it can take up 2 days. Most of the times goes into sketching & painting. I work with watercolors, so I paint in layers. Each illustration has an average of 4 layers of paint. I’ve been writing and drawing as well. Drawing took over now, but writing is a really close second haha. Oh! I shall paste this comment on your blog, in case you don’t see it!
    You’re most welcome for the comment, thanks muchly for yours!!

    @ Lana: Ciao Lana! Ooh I know you’re a regular reader, which I truly appreciate :D! Thanks so much for joining! You’re such a talented artist yourself, it would be really cool if you won!! Xxx


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