Friday, April 29, 2011

TJ's Original Art Sale: The Flower Girls

They are finally here! The Flower Girls.

The Flower Girls just popped in my mind when I was working on another painting. The painting and the flower girls are not related though. Sometimes you just have a project in mind that you just have to work on. The focus is kept on the Girl and the background is just an explosion of colors and flowers. There is an extra hidden step in the creation of these Girls. To find out you have to scroll down and click the link to float to the WIP post ;).

For me, the Flower Girls portray beauty and gracefulness. They are surrounded by nature and just enjoying themselves. Of course a Flower Girl isn't a Flower Girl without a flower name. Each girl has her own name. It's not based on the actual flower, but more on what I found appropriate when I looked at them. Sometimes it's based on the meaning of the name, other times the appearance of the Girl determined the final name. Other times I just knew immediately how I should call her. They are waiting for their new home now.

Important Information: 
1 Small Flower Girl costs EUR 38/ $ 55
1 Big Flower Girl costs EUR 111/ $160
You can get the entire set for EUR 500 / $719

1. The prices includes shipping and will be send in a flat firm package with a TJ touch.
2. State which ones you want by adding the names in your email and I will send an invoice via PayPal. Payment can only be done via Paypal. Email me at For other questions you can also email me of course.
3. I will update this page whenever a Flower Girl is purchased. There will be a permanent link in the sidebar to be transported to this post. If it's sold, you can always request a similar version!
4. The size is without the black border.
5. It is signed ^_^.
Meet The Girls:
(Click the image for much better view)

Ayanna (small - 10x12 cm)

 Jessamine (small - 11x12 cm)

Leilani (small - 11x12 cm)

 LiLou (small - 12x10.5 cm)

Marigold Rose (small - 10 x 12cm) - SOLD
Violet (small - 10x14 cm)
Delphina Lily (big - 24x32 cm)

Ivy Liliana (big - 24x32 cm)
Maylea (big - 24x32 cm)

Hope you like them as much as I do and do tell! Which one is your favorite?

To see how one Flower Girl is created, just click here The Magical Paint Process behind the Flower Girl. Have a lovely weekend ahead and till next post.



  1. ayanna looks just like me... hahaha! :p nice one as always TJ.. :P

    damn if only I had that much money... purchasing here from Phil to other countries has always been hard... and expensive... -___-

  2. TJ Nice... very vibrant !!! Good luck with the sales !

  3. Amazing art! If you're interested I'd love to feature you on my site

    I also made you new blog of the day. Hope that helps.

  4. I love all of them. Use of vibrant colours and in softer tones gives a soothing and refreshing effect.
    Way to go girl. All the best!

  5. Hey! These are gorgeous!!! I love the way your draw the hair.
    btw I gave you an award :D.

  6. TJ! these are great. Love the leilanni one. Beautiful stuff!

  7. So pretty and uplifting, TJ! Good luck with the new line. It should be a winner!


  8. They are all so lovely and would make a fabulous collection when framed and displayed together. this is not to say any single image wouldn't be deilightful -- they all are. :)

  9. Hey, ze zijn allemaal schitterend om te zien. Ben jaloers op je omdat je zo mooi kan tekenen, dus blijf vooral doorgaan. See you later, Bye.

  10. love them! I'm excited to post your interview soon!
    :-) xxx Susanna

  11. Wow, you are so creative. Maylea - my favorite! All the best with the sales.

    P/S : May I grab your picture? I will give you credits and put up a link to your blog.



  12. Good luck! Mmm smells very good!

  13. @ Justine: Oooh she does when you let your hair down :D How cool haha. Thanks so much! Hmm maybe I can do something special for you soon ;).

    @ Marty Qatani: Hi there Marty! Nice to see you here and thanks so much :D

    @ Copyboy: Hello & Thank you!! I shall have a look on your site and let you know okay? Thank you for making me blog of the day though! Very kind of you :D I’ll be in touch!

    @ Shas: Ciaooo Shas! Thanks so much :D It was a lot of fun to color these ladies!

    @ V: Hi! Thank you. I love drawing hair haha :D. Ooh an award I am honored thank you!! I shall visit your blog in a bit! Xx

  14. @ Justin Rodrigues: Heeey Justin! It has been such a long time! How cool to see you here again! Thanks so much ^_^

    @ Bronson Hill Arts: Hey there Barb! Thanks for your lovely words :D. Very sweet to say of you! Xx

    @ TT: Ciao TT. They do look very cool all together :D Thanks so much for strolling by!

    @ Syl: Heey Syl! Cool om je hier te zien! Haha. Jij kunt ook goed tekenen! Remember, ik kan niet zo strak tekenen als jou met potlood. Die extra lijnen komen bij mij gewoon tevoorschijn hehe. Talk to you later!! Ciao!

  15. @TYT: Thank you Susanna :D I can’t wait to see it haha! Xoxo!!

    @ Stevie: Hey Stevie, thank you! Sure, you can grab my picture. I just don’t know which one you mean though haha. I also left a comment on your blog, so let me know okay? Ciao!

    @ Encaracolada: Ciaoo Lady! How have you been? Thanks so much haha :D

    @ Abhisek: Hi & Thanks so much for commenting and following ^_^!

  16. TJ, very nice art work. Good luck with the sales!

  17. @ Barkha Dhar: Hi there :) Thanks so much!!

  18. You got so many points here, that's why i love reading your post. Thank you so much!


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