Sunday, January 10, 2010

Technorati claim: Sorry sorry my new post will be up soon!



  1. I have an account at Technorati and they need this number to know that this blog is mine. I did it a few months back, but I removed the number afterwards and I guess something went wrong with updating my account at Technorati. So I'm trying it again, leaving this number on my blog. I hope it will go okay, otherwise I will just delete my account there hehe ^_^.

  2. @ Kuday: Do you have an account there? If so, did it work and is it beneficial?

    Haha. I'm finding it funny that I get comments on this post ^_^. Not that I mind...I just woke up, so my brains are a bit foggy. I find everything amusing at this point...

  3. No I don't have an account at Technorati. Do you have stumbleupon account??

  4. @ Kuday: Oh yeah! Now I recall! I do have a Stumbleupon account :|...I think my username is also TJLubrano there.

    Geez what else did I registered at...

  5. Hi TJ,
    I have Technorati account too. But in my experience, it doesn't cut the mustard.

    Someday, I must find the time to disconnect it.

    I think so...

  6. @ Mystique Earth: Hey again! yeah, I think I will delete my account there. I still see no use from it.

    But that means...I need to log onto the site again...I'm too lazy at the moment.

    So for me also, someday, I will delete it hehehe ^_^!


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