Monday, December 28, 2009

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I had a lovely time (despite the fact I was still feeling sick. Stupid flu -_-'') and the food was very tasty. As usual fun times always pass by so quickly! Ah well, a button to freeze time hasn't been invented yet (I need to work on my inventions!). So let's all proceed with the countdown towards the New Year!
Goodbye 2009
Yes. I tried to draw some quick fireworks there.
Please don't laugh...too loud...

Hello 2010!!

Have to say, 2009, was filled with lots of things. Opportunities, chances, new friends and catching up with old friends. Yes. I had moments where I thought 'What the !@#$ is happening now', but in the end it all turned out okay (in some cases...sort of okay hehe).

A big THANK YOU to everyone for sticking around. Reading or skimming through my rambling, leaving comments, shouts and sending emails. I really appreciate every single one!! I can assure you more of this will come in 2010. Should I warn you? I would, but even I don't know what the next ramble will be and I think the element of surprise has to be kept in my future posts...that is if you guys were surprised...

So for now I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May it be filled with adventure, happiness, music, good health, love, goodies, luck and well all those things! If things didn't turn out all too well in 2009; just try to learn from your mistakes, start afresh and with new positivity! At least that's what I will try to do the next year ^_^!

Have an awesome time everyone, be careful with fireworks and cya all in 2010!



  1. Hi! My name is Mihai and I'm from Romania(nice country girl).So I thought 1 second and said to myself(letz' be cool and talk with girls(nice ones) from another country!
    Nice blog!
    This is my blog adress:
    Hope you read your comments!

  2. @ Mihai: Hey there and thanks for stopping by. Well it can be nice to know new people. Just stick around and if you have questions just let me know! I saw you just started out blogging. You had some good songs on there, but I can't read Romanian, so if you want to attract more readers, you can translate your text ^_^. Happy blogging! Take care!

    PS.: I always read and reply to my comments ;)!

  3. Thanks for your comments...I think I'll do another black and white one..hehe... Goodbye 2009 indeed..and Im happy its over...very bad year! Hehe, hopefully the new one is better ;)

  4. what an incredible year you've had, TJ!

    just imagine
    what 2010 has in store for you!
    everything you dream, you will have...
    that's just who you are!

    peace&love, my friend~

  5. Well these days I sound like a broken record but what the hell?

  6. Happy New Year to you too TJ! xDDD

  7. TJ-is there any room on that rocket for me? It's been so cold in New York this week I just want to fly away to somewhere warm. Best wishes for the New Year and for all the years yet to come.

  8. Hey gorgeous!

    Arghhhh! Now it's your turn to get sick >.< get well soon! Rest, you hear me, rest!

    My sister was happy to hear that, thank you <3

    Yes please please send me an email and tell me all that's been up with you over there. Been missing you. If I'm lucky, I'll head to Netherlands in 2010 big IF i manage to save enough money that is :P

    Lots of love gorgeous!

  9. Dang it I forgot to mention that my msn is only for show, it's never turne don. >.<

    argh, sounds like I should dust the dust off >.<

    Do send me your msn addy on FB. Take care love

  10. @ Abz: Well you can always learn from the things that went bad in 2009 and avoid them in 2010 ^_^! Thanks for all your lovely comments and tips! I appreciate it greatly! And I can't wait to see the new painting!! Happy New Year!!

    @ Chuck D.: Mr. Dilmore! Thank you soo much! Really everytime I read your comment, I'm simply humbled by your words haha! It means a lot.
    All the luck with your new book!! Hmm I think I already said that *thinks*...ah well...when does one have too much luck huh ^_^?! I'll keep you posted about my adventures!! Have all the fun and have an amazing start of 2010!! Till next time! Xoxo!

    @ Encaracolada: Hahaha I'm also a broken record lately! HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR ^_^!! Have all the fun! Ciao Xoxo!!

  11. @ Bakkanekko: You too!! Happy New Year and be careful with fireworks and have fun :D!! Cya next year!! *hugs*

    @ NP: Hello hello! Of course there is enough room on the rocket! Hop on! You can choose the destination! Haha this should be fun ^_^! You too all the best in the new year! Glad we met on BC and also that I could stalk you. My stalker abilities are much better now hehe. I can't wait to read all the new aphorisms! Happy New Year!!

    @ Hevn: Ciao Bella! Oooh you will be coming to Holland! How cool!! Yes yes I know it's a big maybe, but even so! It makes me very happy ^_^!! Keep me posted! I will send you an email one of these days! Soo keep an eye out and please it will be a typical TJ email...soo maybe a warning should be at place...or maybe not mwhuahahaha.

    I will take it easy and rest a lot! I promise! Don't worry too much okay (says the one who was worrying about you when you were sick hehehe)

    And yes! Your sister is really pretty! And so are you!
    Hahah I will send you my MSN via FB. I have these phases where I use MSN a lot and then...*tumbleweed flies by...*
    Maybe we can use it just for backup ^_^?

    Do take care and also lots of hugs & love!!

  12. You're a very talented lady. I like your art.

  13. @ Theresa111: Aww thanks ^_^! I do my best! Glad you like it! Happy New Year!!

  14. @ Lana Gramlich: Happy New Year to you and yours too!!

  15. Happy New Year TJ! I always feel so uplifted and energized when I see you! Hope you have a wonderful 2010!

  16. Hey TJ!

    Its been a while :D How are ya? Glad to see your keeping up the blogging over Christmas and New Year.. unlike a certain lazy somebody... woops!

    Hope ya had a great Christmas, and Happy 2010! I look forward to another year of your posts, especially it they are as cute and fun as this one :D

    Rock on! Oh did you get that present I sent ya? A brand new set of pom poms, you better use em, I need encouragment haha!

    Take care

    Ken :D

  17. @ Cathy: Heey Cathy! Happy New Year to you too! Awww that is so nice of you too say! Thanks so much ^_^! Hope you had a wonderful time and wish you all the best for 2010! Keep sending out your positivity and all shall be fine!! Take care!

    @ Ken: THANK YOU!! Man! Have to say, when I saw that box delivered by that Detective dude of yours, I didn't know what to expect. But I love LOVE the purple pom poms with the orange and golden beads! Simply perfect ^_^! I will definitely use them and I shall be careful when I throw them in the air of course! Oh! Now I need to think of a matching cheer!

    I'm doing good! Hope all is well with you too! Haha yes I kept blogging, I try to at least update the blog once a week, so far so good! How was Aussie? Hope you had an awesome Xmas and NY too! Mine was lot of fun even tho I was kinda sick haha. Happy 2010 and till next time!! Ciao!

  18. I'm a little late by Happy New Year all the same.

  19. Love the picture! So exhilarating! Hooray for 2010!

    I hope this year is your best yet!

  20. And a big Happy New Year to you TJ!!

    It's been fun getting to know you.

    All the best in 2010. Be well!!

  21. @ Self Deprecate: Haha! You aren't that late! Thank you! Happy New Year to you as well! Take care!

    @ Emma Wallace: Hi there Emma! Happy New Year to you too and may it be filled with creativity! Thanks so much for stopping by and I'm glad you like the doodles ^_^! I shall check out your blog as soon as I can! Take care!

    @ One of the Guys: Happy new Year to you too!! Big thank you for sticking around too and asking me to illustrate stuff for your blog ^_^! Really appreciated! Wish you all the luck in 2010 and stay Creative as well ;D! Ciao!

  22. Happy New Year TJ! Hope you had a safe and wonderful holiday(s) Who knows what 2010 holds for all of us but I hope it's fun and exciting. Can't wait to see what fun you post on your blog this year. Thanks for being the first to comment on my first post of 2010. WHoo!

  23. @ Pablo: Helloo!! Hahah you're very welcome! I can't wait to see your posts this year!

    Indeed! Who knows what 2010 holds for us! I'm sure it's going to be good ^_^! Ciao!

  24. I'm a little late to the party...but I wanted to wish you a happy new year. Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on my blog, I appreciate every single one of them.

    Happy 2010!

  25. TJ! I am so sorry to hear that nasty flu was still lingering over the Holidays! Boo!

    I love the new drawing depicting the carolers and the passing of 2009! I have a feeling that 2010 is going to be one awesome year for you, my friend!

    Take care,


  26. What pleasure to come to your blog!!! It's has such great and wonderful energy!!! I can see that you have hit the ground running already for 2010. I wish you so much joy and success in all that you put your hands to do! Go for it!!! Happy New Year!

  27. Happy 2010!

    You have a lovely blog, keep it up!

  28. @ David Cornetta: Hey there! Thanks so much!

    @ Jason C.: Heey Jason! Don't worry! I think you're never too late to say happy new year! Glad you like my comments, even though I can ramble a bit! All the best in 2010 and doodle away! Take care!

    @ Melinda: Ciao Melinda! I know right! Soo annoying, stupid flu! I did feel that it wasn't completely gone yet and I guess lack of sleep and too much to do in too little time, just made it all worse *sigh*. Ah well, I try to take it a bit more easy haha! Oh the carolers haha! I love that drawing too. Thanks for strolling by!! Take care & till next time! *hugs*

    @ Vanessa Brantley Newton: Hello hello! Thanks so much for you lovely comment! Your blog is really amazing! So many lovely characters! so many thanks for stopping by mine ^_^. i'm really glad you liked it haha! Take care and stay creative!

    @ Chris: Thanks so much Chris! All the best to you too! Ciao!

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  30. Wish you a Very Happy New year!! Hope the new year add new joys, happiness, cheer to your life. Get well soon.
    Take care!!1

  31. @ Eric: Hey there! Thanks for the tip, but I'm not planning to spend money to market my blog or making money from my blog. My blog is for fun and I tend to keep it that way ^_^. Thanks for pointing it out though, very thoughtful of you! All the best in 2010 for you and yours too!

    @ Shas: Hello Shas! Thanks so much! Luckily I'm feeling better! Till next time! Ciao Xx


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