Monday, January 11, 2010

A Fresh Start! Well...sort of.

Hey there!

Sorry that my first post in 2010 was a 'Technorati claim' number...hehe. I decided to go through all the things I registered at when I first started blogging and I found out that something went wrong with my Technorati account, so I thought let me see if I can fix it...otherwise I will delete my account there too. I guess everyone who starts blogging goes through that phase to register at all different sorts of sites to promote your blog and later on you know which you can delete and which are useful. So far only one site has been useful. Ah well, we shall see how this Technorati thing goes. On to more fun things!!

I hope everyone had a good start of the new year and that you're following your resolutions. That is, if you had any resolutions...

I don't really follow this whole 'new year resolution' thing, don't get me wrong. I do have goals and things I want to do, but I don't wait until the new year starts to work on them ^_^. I do admit that it is easier to get things in perspective or gain more clarity in what you want to do when a new year start. It feels like a fresh start even though nothing really new happens when you go from December 31st to January 1st. They are just days, only one is in 2009 and the other in 2010. So instead of writing the year different is dates, nothing really changes right?
Because of this 'clarity thing', I also finished every commission I had in 2009 before 2010 started. Again this feeling of beginning with an empty list, just cleared my mind a bit. You guys know what I mean? Not sure if there are more people who have this feeling.

So for my blog, I don't have big resolutions, goals or big changes for that matter. I'll just blog the way I always did and hopefully surprise you all with new content and interesting topics (hopefully the topics are as interesting for you guys as it is for me...). I have so many ideas and I shall share most of that with all you lovely readers. But I have to say that me posting new stuff shall be a bit irregular until I'm used to my new work routine. A new work routine? Yes. a new routine. The thing is, I need to finish my thesis asap! Wanna know why? Because it's a pain in the @#$% (yes fill in any word) instead of good learning process. So that will be my main priority for the upcoming weeks. First I thought to place the blogging aside for a while, but for some reason this didn't feel right and it takes my mind of things too. So I will post whenever I can, but I can't guarantee that it will be like every week or twice a week...

Wanna see how I will spend my days the upcoming weeks?

Yes. I wonder how much work I'll get done hehe!

Thanks for stopping by and till next time!



  1. I really liked the sketch which says that u will be occupied with drawing, imagininig, inspiring,.... so u will be busy doing what u love the most. Very creative.
    Enjoy n have a good time.

  2. @ Shas: Hello!! Thank you ^_^! Yes, I can't put the things I love the most aside. I think it will help me get through this all and finish my thesis ASAP haha! Thanks for always stopping by and have a lovely time yourself! Take care Xoxox!

  3. Hey, What is your thesis about?

  4. Yeah, I wanna know what your thesis is about too?

    Hope you finish it on time. I definitely understand how nice it is to start the new year on a clean slate. You have two statue thingys on your desk in that sketch, you artist are soooo addicted to those things lol.

    Hope you have fun this year in between all the work related stuff :)

  5. that last comment was from, me...Sensico...must remember to input name next time haha

  6. Very happy (and very belated) New Year TJ!!! I know what you mean about your thesis being a pain, I'm working on my proposal and it doesn't seam to end! Anywho, keep at it, you'll be done soon! Hugs

  7. I feel the same way about New Years. There really is no difference but it does give you that perspective of starting off fresh. I guess it is sort of like a measuring stick to see what accomplishments you have made throughout the year.

    I too am curious what your thesis will be on. As well, I loved your sketch. That pretty much summed up my University career.

    Good luck with your work!

  8. @ Kuday: Hey! So you sure you wanna know...I guess you do. Stay tuned I shall put it in a blog post! Take care! Ciao!

    @ Sensico: Hello! Hahah I had to include Jack and Jack Jr. in my doodle! But you wanted to post anonymous huh? Are you afraid that you will have to be called into battle, because we have to fight off the monsters? I see, I need to make some arrangements...

    I hope you had a good start at school and that you didn't doze off somewhere at the beginning of the class hehe ;). Ciao Xx

    @ Deray: Ciao Deray! Thank you!! I also wish you all the best in 2010!! Ooh don't get me started about the proposal! I'm still tweaking on that too! It's just never right! Not that I can't start on my thesis, I can, but since you always read about new stuff, I keep altering what I've written so's just editing, editing, editing! But thank you for your good luck wishes!! I really need it ^_^!! *hugs*

    @ Nathan: Hey Nathan! Yes, I think it's a good way to call it a measuring stick to see what you've accomplished in the previous year! Haha stay tuned I shall write a short summary about my thesis in my next post! Thanks for stopping by!! Take care!

    Well guys, you've been warned! I shall tell something about my thesis in my next post!! Don't fall asleep....

  9. Great post TJ! I'm kinda like you with New Years resolutions. I want to them but end up disappointing myself when I don't but so doing my best just telling myself to have fun this year and draw,draw,draw and have fun and grow without feeling the pressures of having to stay on task with a resolution. But one thing I do want to make certain of is blog more frequently. Oh by the way Love the drawing you posted.

  10. Commitment is a hard road to travel but please stay on tracks ) Happy new year and hopefully this will be a smashing year.

  11. Well at least you've got your priorities straight TJ, even though it's a pain in the ass! (Sorry I said it)

    Happy New Year!!!

  12. @ Pablo: Thank you!!! You described it perfectly! As soon as you place things, like doodling, in a formal frame, you can lose the freedom and creative buzz you get from it. The pressure gets to high and it isn't fun anymore! You can do so much more if you want to do it and not because you have to ^_^! Hmm that was my speech for today haha! Ciao!

    @ Celticmusicfan: Heey CFM! Thanks so much! I do try to stick on that road as much as I can! I will need frequent stops have something to eat hehe! Thanks for stopping by and wish you all the best in 2010 as well!! Take care!

    @ One of the Guys: Hahaha! Yeah you said it. Don't worry, I just like to type @#$%. It's just one smooth movement on the keyboard haha! I do try to stick to my priorities, but getting side tracked is way too easy! I do my best, but I need to keep doodling in my life...otherwise something will happen and it won't be pleasant haha! Take care and till next time!

  13. Hey gorgeous,
    Ahh thesis, get your a$$ to it dear, finish it up so you'll have more time blogging XD

    I know you're still busy with work, modeling *wink* and your thesis but do get enough rest and please keep us updated k.

    Lots of love gorgeous!

  14. If you are reading this I am disappointed because you shoudl be working on your thesis instead. JK of course.. I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I hope your feeling more inspired that I am today. Muah

  15. @ Hevn: Ciao Bella! I know, I know! I will do my best, I promise! I will be sooo happy when it's finished =__=.

    Hahaha!!! I shall keep you updated of course, whether it is via my blog or a story I send you via email hehehe ;D! And keep an eye out...there is one on its way!

    Love ya lots! XOXO

    @ Time Outdoors: Haha! Well I was on a break ^_^! Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it. I wish I felt more inspired for my thesis, but all my inspiration goes to drawing hehe. Take care and till next time!

  16. Love your sketch. Good luck on your thesis.

  17. TJ--it sounds as though you are off to an awesome start to the New Year. I really do love the thought of a 'new' year--a brand new fresh slate where you can throw out all the garbage of the last year and have a clean start to change whatever you are inspired to change. I do have a few things on that list too! :-)

    I look forward to 2010 and seeing more of your awesome drawings (I adore the new ZzzzZzzzZzzz one!). Cheers and Ciao!


  18. Hi TJ,
    I kinda agree to what Deray has to say about writing volumes of often boring stuff. I really didn't get to it on time, but when the deadline bells started to do 90 mph per hour.

    Yeah, and also few days of little sleep in a row. Somehow, I failed to look in my own creative mind right from the beginning. It is always the end that it starts pouring.

    So, I think you know what you need to do if you don't want to make the silly mistake like i did.

    Take care.

  19. @ Liquid & Tunsie: Hey again! Thanks so much ^_^!

    @ 假裝: You said that very nicely! I shall try not to get distracted all the time and stick to my daily planning and get the stuff done what I intended to do for that day! Thanks for stopping by.

    @ Melinda: Ciao Melinda! I can't wait to see what the new year holds for both of us ^_^!! 2010 did started pretty cool and I only hope it will get better & better!

    Thanks for always strolling by and yes! I will post more drawings! I have a bunch of ideas in mind what I want to show you guys...soo stay tuned! Take care *hugs*

    @ Mystique Earth: Hello! Thanks so much for your lovely comment! It's very true what you said tho. A lot of people procrastinate and when the deadline is nearing...there is stress, lack of sleep and well a bunch of non fun stuff. I don't really have a deadline for this, it's all in my hands. But I just need to make that switch again and think of the relief I will have when I hand it all in!

    Many thanks ^_^! Take care & Till next time!

  20. Sweet! :)
    You have a lovely style for children illustration!
    kiss from portugal


  21. @ Francisco Martins:
    Ciao Francisco. Thanks so much ^_^! We shall see how the future goes right! Take care!

  22. hahaha... I love your characters. Great and funny blog!


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