Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Elyn!

Shall I sing a little tune? Shall I dance a little dance?
Better yet!
I shall draw some little wish you a Happy Birthday
from across the miles!

I really like her dress ^_^

Happy Birthday Elyn!!

Yes you are probably wondering how on Earth I know it's your birthday...well...I stalked Ash ^_^!

I hope you have an marvelous day and I wish you many many years of happiness, love, adventures, good food, shopping, good fortune and well you know all the good stuff! Do the things you want in live and enjoy it all!!


ps.: I know I haven't uploaded in a while. I'm kinda busy with sorting stuff out aaaand sketching a bunch of stuff. Of course we can't forget my school work ha ha ha -_- . Either way, don't worry! You'll see new stuff soon! Ciao!


  1. So cuteeee <33333
    and her lil crown X3

  2. Awww, so cute...!!! It's looks exactly like her, you're so good in drawing...!!! Hehe...

  3. @ Bakkanekki: Hello! Haha thank you!!! XOXO!

    @ Chris: Hi there!! Hahahah thank goodness it looks like her! Psst, don't tell anyone, but I checked some photo's on Ash's blog ^_^. Thank you for your lovely comment ^_^! Take care!

  4. hi dear thanks ,it is the beauty of your creative mind that you found my blog beautiful thanks for saying so nice words for me .i found your blog full of life creative it speaks your mind keep it up

  5. OMG my birthday is january 30th :) LOVE LOVE LOVE the drawing!

  6. @ Baili: Hi! You're very welcome and thank you for your sweet comment. You said that so beautifully. I appreciate it! I will do my best ^_^. Take care

    @ Kruimel: Hello! Aha January 30th! I will keep that in mind ^_^!! Thanks for stopping by and I'm really happy you like the drawing :D!


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