Wednesday, September 30, 2009

~ Open for business ~

I am open for business...

whahaha this sounds so funny.

But its true though ^_^.

After the stamp collaboration, Nicole was so kind to place the cards I made for her on her blog. You can see them here.

She actually asked me to make one card....but I added two more. I couldn't stop drawing hehehe.
But she got so many lovely comments on the stamp and drawings and there were a few that wanted a drawing as well. So when I looked at my blog, I realized that when people read it, they couldn't see if they could request a drawing. So that's why I made this post with more information. I guess this was kinda obvious whaha.

So dear readers, if you want an illustration, send me an email ( with the following:

- a picture of yourself or other loved ones

- any specifics regarding elements that needs to be included, like piano, animals, landscape,
situation etc. You can also include your hobbies and so on.

- the size of the drawing

- color preferences

For now the prices for an a5 size illustration is EUR 9,90/$14 and for an a4 EUR 14,90/$22.

If there is something else you want to know...just ask! I'm sure we can figure something out.

Oh a little detail, even though I blog in English, readers from Holland can email me in Dutch of course. I don't know if it's stupid to add this little detail...but still I add it. So there it's added ^_^!

If you live abroad, let me know as well and I will look at the precise shipping costs and give you an estimate.

Also let me know, by when you need an illustration. Just keep in mind that i actually need to create and send the illustration to you okay ^_^!

You guys get the picture right...just send an email! Communication is so easy these days.

Well I hope this makes it all a bit more clear.

Ciao Xoxo!!


  1. wah!!! thats awesome, so your gonna start your own business!! (i went to c the card u made its so amazing!!!)

    u r so talented no kidding

    good luck to your business! i wish u best luck :p

  2. @ Emily: Hello hello!! Haha thank you! You're really sweet! Nicole pointed out to me that it would be easier to add some more information on my blog. So that's what I did ^_^. Cya!! Xx

  3. Good luck for our business! *toast* for us! hhaha~ -.-;;

  4. @ Bakkanekko: Haha you're totally right! CHEERS!! *lifts champagne glass* Ciao! Xoxo!

  5. Super! :D
    Wish you many sales! :)

  6. I think you changed the image of your blog header. Really cool...

    Wish U many success in your new endeavour. Perhaps...why not stretch it to E-Bay?

  7. Hope the biz goes well!

    We gave you some props on our site. See our list up today.

    See ya!

  8. All the best to my budding entrepreneur... am glad that you came up with this idea. Am sure it will be a success.
    Hi plz watermark your sketches that you put up on your blog because anybody can easily copy, paste and claim it to be theirs. You need to protect your creations.

  9. @ Nicollie: Hi Nicole! Thanks so much! This whole thing kinda started rolling a bit faster, thanks to you ^_^! So thanks a billion! Big hug!! Xx

    @ Mystique Earth: Hello again! Yes, I've changed my header! Glad you liked it ^_^. I will change it so now and a then. So stay tuned!

    Thanks so much for your good luck wishes! Hmm who knows Ebay, that's a thought as well :D! I will look into it! Till next time! Ciao.

  10. @ The Guys: Thanks so much Guys! I saw the post! That was really sweet of you! I really, really appreciate it! If you want something in the future, just ask okay! Ciao!!

    @ Shas: Thank you ^_^! I hope I can make many others happy with an illustration!

    Oh don't worry about the watermark. I read into this and legally everything you create by yourself, the rights automatically belongs to you. It only becomes a bit more tricky when you sold your designs to a company and a third party copies the design. I can place a watermark on them, I probably will start doing it. But it is more a mental thing that I've protected my drawings, so that I feel a bit more safe.

    I also have a few accounts for a copyright (You can see them on my blog as well). So I'm protected ^_^.

    But you're really sweet to point it out! Thanks dear *HUGS*

  11. Good on ya! All the best with that - why dont you put a notice up on the side of your blog saying you make cards? The cards are cute BTW, nice work :D

  12. @ Ken: Hey Ken! Thanks so much for dropping by ^_^! I will put a notice on the side of my blog that I make cards, drawings and so on. I'm working on a small sketch for that haha. Man! I hope one day I will be as good as you! Dude your skills are simply awesome! Stroll by anytime! Ciao!

  13. TJ, these are so lovely! I will be contacting you at some point about the prices for sending to the U.S. because I think one of your illustrations would be so perfect for my niece! And she would be so tickled to get a drawing of herself!

    Congratulations on being 'open for business' and I really wish you all the success you deserve. You have such a wonderful talent I am sure you will be successful!


  14. So cool! i just wrote a blog about your awesome drawing!

    hope you'll be a busy lady soon!

  15. Hi Tj. First let me say thank you for stopping by my blog and for your comment(s). I really adore your artwork here. You really have alot of fun drawings you have here. I will also be following your work as well. Keep up the great drawings TJ.

  16. @Gorgeous TJ
    AHHHHHH, If I could squeeze you to death I could! I'm so so so so proud of you!! Yay you go girl!

    Congrats on setting up your first shop and all and I'm super glad you're putting your talents for something like this!

    Congrats congrats dearie!

    Lots of love <3

  17. Just stopping by to say hey.

    Hope school is going well.

    See ya,
    "ONE of THE GUYS"

  18. @ Kruimel: Hello! Thanks for stopping by & writing that cool post! I really really appreciate it ^_^! I shall visit your blog again soon! I didn't have much time lately -_-! Take care!

    @ Pablo: Hi Pablo, you're very welcome! Thank you for stopping by on mine as well and leaving such a nice comment! It's always nice to meet new illustrators! I think I can learn a bunch of things from you haha! Take care! Ciao!

  19. @ Hevn: Ciaoo Bella! Thank you Thank you thaaank you so much :D!! I'm so excited and I really wonder what the future will bring! Oh oh! One of my favorite illustrators left a comment on my blog! I was like ":|...she is super busy, amazingly talented and she left a comment for me!". I was so happy ^_^!


    @ Bring Back Pluto: Heey Guys! How nice of you to stop by ^_^! Thank you. I'm doing fine, been quite busy lately with school and drawings. I shall be posting new stuff soon! Stay tuned! Ciao *waves*

  20. @ Chuck Dilmore: Mr. Chuck! Welcome back! Thank you so much ^_^!!


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