Thursday, September 24, 2009

Capturing colors, creating something new, showing something old

Don't you guys just love the Fall!? Well I do ^_^. The changing colors, the falling leaves. It's not too warm nor too cold. Well I just love it! So I decided to make a new banner! What do you think? Perhaps I will alter it a bit though.

Anyway moving on!

When I first decided to start making cards and needed some material, like organza bags and ribbons and so on, I searched the web. By doing that, I stumbled on a very nice web shop, NICX. This web shop is owned by sweet lady named Nicole and she had everything I needed! Even cute little cards with the text; 'This One-Of-A-Kind piece of art is a unique Impression of the artist inner life....'. I just love that sentence!

So I ordered quite a lot haha. Either way a couple a weeks ago I placed a new order and I noticed that she had a new item...Stamps. They are very cute and easy to decorate, for example a card. We got in contact again and she asked if it was possible to turn a chibi into design that she could use as a stamp. An interesting idea.

So I sketched up a few drawings and she choose one AND she turned it into a stamp! How cool is that!

Tadaa! Hmm maybe I should have switch the images.
The design first and then the stamp....I'm too lazy to change it hehehe

Pretty cool huh! Nicole also has a nice blog, featuring the items she sells in her shop. Do have a look on it when you have the time! Her shop is in Dutch, but on her blog you can find English translations of what she has written about the items!

Only a note to myself; I need to work on more straight lines. This can be quite difficult, because I more the type who draws in many lines haha. So if anyone has a tip, instead of practicing (which I keep doing of course), I would be happy too hear them! Also is there an option in to do this easy in Photoshop?

Another thing! I found a bunch of old sketches, by old I mean really OLD and filled with mistakes hehehe. But perhaps its funny for you guys too see...not the mistakes, but the drawing in general ^_^. here ya go!

I have this one on my DeviantArt. But I rarely use that anymore.

Till next time!


  1. Nice banner.. you're really a good artist and can I have that stamp be pasted on my collections.. ^_^ just kidding.. lovin' the deviant art thing.. hehe.. is it an elf or what?

  2. Cute banner <3

    How much did you pay for making that stamp? I'm curious :"D
    It's cute~

    You want drawing straight lines eyh, Idk, I don't like drawing with many lines ^_^; I'm more abstract drawer, I don't like lining xDD it's useful tho for backgrounds.

    Your old drawing looks nice, full background, I never good at them D: backgrounds are hard for me, you do well~

  3. @ Japong: Thank you for your lovely comment! Yeah that old sketch is an elf, ehmm a's fairy creature. Let's leave it at that haha. I just started drawing and she was created ^_^.

    @ Bakkanekko: Hello! Me and Nicole did a swap first, since we didn't know if it would turn out okay. If you click on a link, you will see that one stamp is like EUR 4...ehm I'm not so sure now. If you want to know more, just send me an email okay ^_^!

    Yeah straight lines, I think just practicing will help me to get a steady hand. So I will keep practicing!

    Thanks again for that lovely chibi you made for me! I will post it soon on my blog! *hugs*

  4. I looove your new banner! And the stamp looks great too... hehe... ;)

    I hope you've found it in the mail by now... thanks a lot for talking so nice about me in your post. :D

    I hope we can create lots more chibistamps!! :)

    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Your new banner looks good but i really loved the earlier one. Hey do update your deviant art account. You have a good collection over there.

  6. @ Nicole!! Hi there!! You're very welcome and I'm really glad you liked the post. And I got the package! Thank you, Thank you so much! I love it! I have a few ideas...soo be watching your email next week ^_^! *waves*

    @ Shas: Hello! Yeah I did like the previous banner too, but there are a few things I need to change in it. Every time I looked at it, I saw a few details that needed to be changes and loose pixels here and there. Then I thought, "the fall is coming, I switch up my banner and I edit the previous one". It will be back, don't worry ^_^.

    Haha I'll update my DA account. But the thing is you really need to network and leave comments for other artists. I got a bit tired from that, because the feedback on my stuff wasn't big at all. With my blog I got so many comments and tips! So for now this is a bit better. But in the future I will update it. So stay tuned! Ciao Xx!

  7. I love your art work. THey are so cute and creative. You have such a wonder banner too.

  8. Came to your blog via Nicole's blog. I luvvvv you're shabby girl.
    About digital drawing and doing more easy in Photoshop: I'm already struggling over a design for about 2 or 3 months now and it's getting quite frustrating, since the digital image won't succeed. I'm afraid I'm not much of a help to you, but maybe for a moment it helps to know you're not the only one ;)
    Do go on drawing and designing. Good luck and have fun!
    xx Monica

  9. TJ,
    We just love your style! Everything you draw has such an appeal to it.

    Your "Old" drawing is interesting to see. It's fun to see how your style evolved.

    Take care,

  10. @ Tricia: Hello Tricia! How nice to see you here! Thank you for your lovely comment and for following *yeeey*! I really appreciate it! Do stop by anytime you like ^_^.

    @ Me-Bear: Hi Monica! How nice of you to drop by! Thanks so much! It's good too know that I'm not alone haha. Oh man 2/3 months on on design! That's frustrating! I do hope it works out soon! For you the same, keep designing and don't let a minor set back get you down! Take care Xoxo

  11. @ The Guys: Hey there! Oh you Guys are too nice haha! thank you for all the lovely comments you leave on my blog! I'm always happy to see you here! Yes I do try to experiment with different drawing styles, but it's always towards fantasy.

    Really glad you like it here! Take care! *waves*

  12. Cute little stamp! :)

    Thanks for the comments, as always- very flattering.

    I have started working on one I think you might like! :P

    Ill update soon!

  13. @ Abz: Thank you ^_^! I mean every word I say/type, so you're very welcome!

    One I might like?! Now you got me very curious!

  14. HI! Nice banner TJ! I like the Fall as well.
    About the lines, yours are really nice in my opinion, very natural. So I am not sure what you mean. I I think is like writting, something very personal, but if you mean something like cleaning the draw to simplify the line or getting it better, there is a way to make this in photoshop. You have to sketch with blue or red and then do the final line with black, it can be pencil or ink... etc, then you have to remove the coloured channels of CMYK and keep the black one. This method allows you to change some things in the same drawing. If you didn´t know that or you have troubles trying, tell me and I will send you a graphic example by email.

  15. @ Encaracolada: Hello! You're back haha! Thank you so much! You're right about the drawing style. It's a personal thing for the artist and it makes you stand out it the crowd. For a normal sketch the lining is good. But to create a stamp from a little design, it's easier for Nicole, to make a good and clean stamp with simple and more tight lines. Soo thank you for your tip! I'm going to try it out and if I get lost in Photoshop I know who to turn too! Thank you!! *hugs* Xx

    @ JCGonzalez: Hi JC! Thank you ^_^!

  16. Holy *toot* I LOVE the stamp! LOL!!It's so cuteeeeeee!

    and also two thumbs and two toes way up for the new banner. Totally loving it!

    Lots of love gorgeous,

    p.s: I can't stop smiling like an idiot looking at your stamp, art and banner. I'm so weird. I'm so proud of you. LOL

  17. @ Hevn: Whahahahaha ASH! Your Holy *toot* & two thumbs and toes made me laugh so hard! Hahaha you're really cool!

    Thanks soo much Bella! I'm always soo happy when you stop by! Your comments are always funny, sweet and full of positivity *sigh* Aah I'm making you proud, that is soo sweet to say! I do my best ^_^!

    Lova ya Bella!!

    PS.: You're weird? Me too ^_^! Let's be weird together hahaha!

  18. @ Kimee: Haha! Thank sooo much :D!!


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