Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Claire!

Can you guess what's on her head?
Not sure if I have drawn it clear enough hehe


Aah if only I had known it sooner! Well either way, Claire I hope you had a wonderful day! Wish you all the fun for the rest of the day! And all the luck for in the future, may you have many more lovely birthdays!

For the readers who don't know her blog....go head and have a look by clicking here! She is a really cool girl who loves to draw and her posts are brilliantly written! She has an amazing sense of humor...well I like it ^_^. So I had to make her a little doodle for her birthday!

Oh October is filled with so many birthdays! I have to say it is the coolest month hehehe.



  1. that is such a cute picture!
    & i love the pic on ur header too!
    gawdd i wish i could draw

  2. I love your drawings, your header and I love Claire too. This post is a winner for sure - Happy Birthday Claire! Thanks for sharing your artistic talents with us. Stay well and happy too.

  3. Ah TJ you certainly know how to make everything cheery :)

    It was such a lovely surprise :)

  4. Is it her bra ? heee heeee! :0)

    What a cute blogsite your pal Claire has.
    And how lucky she is to receive such a cute illustration of her birthday! :) As usual, I love your charming illustrations!... Can't wait for our birthdays! xoxox - Kim

  5. @ Kimee: Heey Kimee! Glad to see you back! Thanks so much ^_^!

    @ Timethief: Hello TT! Thank you for your kind words :D! I'm just glad that my little drawings are liked by many other people out there haha! Thanks so much for stopping by! Take care and hope to see you again!

    @ Claire: Hi Claire! I'm just very happy you like it! Hope you had a lovely day and I'm glad that my little doodle helped to make it a bit more cheery haha! It was a lot of fun to draw! And yes I won't say it again ;D. Ciao!c

    @ Soggy Dog Studios: Heeeeeey Kim! You got it right! It is her bra! How cool! I thought no one would recognize it haha!

    Yes Claire has indeed a very cool blog! Our birthdays are almost here!! Your package is on your way ^_^!! I hope you get it on time though. Xoxo!

  6. what a beatiful gift. Happy birthday Claire!

  7. Sweet pic! What's on her head? Couldn't figure it out.

  8. @Encaracolada: Hola!! Thank you so much! I'm so glad she liked it ^_^! Ciao Xoxo!!

  9. @ The Guys: Thank you! It was her bra ^_^! has a story to it haha!

  10. Hey TJ--you are a real sweetie, you know that. You are right about Claire's blog--it sure is a keeper (and so is yours!).


  11. @ Melinda: Hello hello! Oh thank you so much for your lovely words ^_^! I found out on the same day that it was her birthday, so I quickly doodled something for her! I couldn't let it pass unnoticed haha. Ciao!

  12. I have added your blog to my reading list and have also sent you link love via my post A Lovely Award Please keep the meme going so we all benefit from the links and from getting new readers too. :)

  13. Heh-- no question, that's Olga the Traveling Bra on Claire's head! :)

    Very funny. And I thought the illustration you did for the Mumborg's b-day was lovely.

  14. @ Timethief: Hi TT! Thank you so much for the award. I do appreciate it ^_^. I post it up soon! Take care.

    @ Jenn: Hahaha how cool! Yeeey you got it! You and Kim are the only ones who guessed it haha. So it goes by the name Olga. Didn't know that, I only recalled seeing her picture on BC in a thread. It was such a funny and cool picture!

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment. It was really nice to draw the Mumborg doodle ^_^!

  15. I liked the happy birthday drawing so much, did you do it? if you did, let me tell you you have a talent there that you should develop and exploit really!

  16. @ Viagra Online: Aah yes, made it myself as a small birthday present for her! I will definitely do more with my drawings! Thank you :D


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