Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Derek and...

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Again another birthday post! The birthdays just keep coming don't they! This time it's for.....

*drum rolls* about this clown? Is it scary?


Ha! Did you saw this one coming ^_^...well I thought it was the perfect way to wish you a Happy Birthday. Yes I think it is perfect! Have to say...I think I went a bit overboard with the beard hehe. But don't look behind never know what will happen *evil laugh*

Hope you have an awesome day (I'm sure you will!) and I wish you all the luck in the future! You know, with your future projects, battles, maintaining your evilness and well much more!

Have fun and enjoy it all ^_^!!

Oh and last but not least! I have to say a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Mumborg of Claire!! Yes she doesn't know me...maybe as another girl that doodles haha. But Claire does and I just have to pass on my birthday wishes to her! Have a wonderful day!

So that is it...for now!

(PS.: Don't worry DB, this is the end of me, being a stalker...for now.


  1. A devilishly cute Derek, I think you have been far too nice to him! Also I think he would love to be stalked by you :)

    Love the mumborg doodle! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. You're so nice making every birthday people a cute sketch! <33

  3. Haha, thanks. I like how you included the beard :D

  4. Delivering a meaningful day to a friend.. nice catchin'.. ^^

  5. Love the birthday cards! And it's great how you'rea promoting your business. Good for you!

    Nice to talk with you earlier today.

  6. Ahhh, I'm so in love with your drawings~ <3

  7. What a lovely birthday present TJ! Your drawings are so cute!

  8. awesome work, TJ!
    beautiful, through and through!


  9. Very adorable card TJ! Great job.

  10. @ Claire: Haha loved to be stalked by me huh?! Hmm maybe I've been too nice indeed. I did add his 'love' for clowns, but I thought it is his birthday, so can't be too scary or evil and all. Maybe we should come up with a plan!

    I'm sooo glad you like the Mumborg doodle!!!! Xxxxx

    @ Bakkanekko: Haha thanks Zadia! It's just so much fun to do! *hugs*

    @ Techslam: haha! You will keep calling me Tahi, aren't you? But thank you! You're too kind ^_^!

  11. @ DBowles: DB! Have you seen the beard up close....I just start laughing just when I think about it haha! Glad you like it though ^_^!

    @ Japaul: Hello again! Thank you very much :)!

    @ Bring Back Pluto: Hi there! Haha well have to say, I don't really thought about promoting...I just draw stuff and send it out. It's a promoting strategy on a unconscious level...ehm something like that...glad you like it!

    Yeah nice talking to you as well! Can't wait to see the comic! Just yell if you need help with anything else okay. Cya!

    @ Hevn: Ciao Bella! Thank you, thank you!! Have you seen Elyn's post? I think she looks so cute too! *big hugs*

  12. @ Deray: Hello! Haha thanks so much! I think DB has a nice expression! And his love for clowns is simply captured on the doodle haha! Take care!!

    @ Chuck Dilmore: Ciao Chuck! Thank you so much ^_^! I love doing these little doodles haha. Xoxo!

    @ Pablo: Mr. Pablo! How nice to see you again! Thanks for your lovely comment!

  13. heh i think the clown looks too cute to be scared of :) cute stuff and i love the header too!

  14. Wonderful wonderful TJ and how nice of you to acknowledge others.... I found you on timethief reading list

  15. @ Wayne: Hi again! How nice to see you again ^_^. Hehe yeah well I have this thing with clowns...don't like them AT ALL!! So drawing them can be...well torture hehehe. Thanks for your lovely comment!

    @ Fatima: Hello & welcome Fatima! Thanks so much for your nice comments! Illustrating is really fun to day. Thanks for clicking on TT's link and checking out my blog ^_^. Take care!

  16. Hi, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment - I am a follower now of you cool blog, take care Val xo

  17. @ Val: Hi! You're very welcome! Thank you for your comment and for following!! Really appreciated!! I'm keeping an eye out on your blog as well ^_^. Take care Xx!

  18. hey there thanks for your comment. your drawings are great! so endearing.

    i'm glad you liked the links i shared with maarten :)

  19. @ Messytimbo: Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment! I really appreciate it! Take care ^_^


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