Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's That Time of the Year...Again!!

Hello Hello Everyone!

Thanks so much for the response on the cupcake tutorial (previous post)! I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of people that read and liked the post! I will have more cupcake tutorials soon and from this I shall expand to other tutorials *evil laugh*

You know, I think that this is the last post for 2011...I need to take a few days off and re-focus and prepare for the Holidays. It really feels like it has been only a week ago, that I wished you Happy Holidays in 2010! I think I also have my first new party header where my characters had skin tones. Goodness!

Happy Holidays 

and have an Awesome 2012!!

I know I probably already said 'Thank You' many, many times, but I shall do it again, because without your support and readership I wouldn’t be here! Really, a huge thank you for just following me on my journey. I hope it inspires you to just work hard & chase your own dreams. You can make a difference for yourself as nothing is impossible, you can make it impossible by thinking that it is!
I’m really curious to what 2012 will bring! Commission requests are already coming in for 2012 and I have a feeling that I have to put a commission stop soon. You will be notified when I have to do this though, but if you don’t have a deadline and you don’t mind waiting a bit longer for your commission, then by all means, e-mail me if you have questions, want to know prices and so on (tjlubrano@gmail.com).

With this, I shall leave you! I’ll be checking in on my Fan page every now and then and post random doodles. I gotta keep on doodling!

Don't forget that I also have a column blog, I published my last column for this year there. It's called, Glancing Back. Plus, don't forget about the Migwi book project ^_^. In 2012, there will be more tidbits  of news about this little monkey too.

Whatever you do, have fun and be careful with fireworks!

See you all in 2012.

Ciao Ciao xoxo!


  1. That's quite the sexy little Santa's helper!

    I have no doubt that 2012 will be good to you. You deserve it, sweet TJ...



  3. Oh, TJ. I am so happy to have met you this year, and have no doubt 2012 will be a tremendous year for you. You have such a gift, and I see big, big things for you in the future :)

  4. @ Tricia: Hahahah yes, she is indeed :D Thank you so much, for everything!! Cheeeers xoxo <3

    @ Jen: Aaaah thank you and it is likewise, Jen, absolutely likewise :D I am super happy to have met you this year. Let's grab our rum bottles and stare in the distance as I am sure that 2012 will be awesome for both of us!! xoxo <3

    *throws around with confetti and glitter*

  5. She's cute! Love it! My...its been ages since I dropped by. Im such a lazy blogger these days! Happy holidays ma'am! :D

  6. @ Durga: THANK YOU! :) Same goes for you :)

    @ Ken: Kenny!! You are back (sort off hehe) It has been ages indeed. Rudeness, Kenny, Rudeness! Happy Holidays, Mister and talk to you soooooon :D

  7. And a very merry Christmas to you, too. I'm so glad I got to know you better this year. You're awesome, sweet, talented --- love ya!

  8. Cute drawings. (:

    Check out my blog? (:

  9. TJ, have a wonderful and joyful and creative New Year! Looks like big things are looming ahead.

  10. galing mo naman po mag drawing.

    hope you visit my blog!


  11. Goodness! Sorry everyone! I thought I already replied to you!

    @ Janene: I am so happy that I got to know you as well :D You're AWESOME!! Love ya too! Xx

    @ Cathy: Thank you!!! You have sprinkle in your address and an cupcake picture...I shall check out your blog in a bit :)

    @ NP: Have an awesome 2012, NP! May it be filled with lovely strolls and basically anything you want to do! Talk to you soon!

    @ Angelo: I have no clue what you said...but thanks...I guess haha.


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