Thursday, January 13, 2011

Boobalicious News!

A while ago, during the Breast Cancer Awareness month in 2010, I posted about the site Self Exam Doodles set up by the lovely ms. Claire. Remember it? Before you start running around in not fear. The Boobalicious Adventure continues my lovely readers! This time with a French connection. Ms. Claire and I will do a collaborated piece for each set breast exam doodles. Here you can see my half.

 Ooh La La
Curious about the other half done by Claire? Of course you are! Please visit the Self Exam Doodles site.

I can't begin to tell you guys how excited & proud I am to be part of such a great site!! Hopefully you all will love the illustrations as much as we do! So act preventive & take control of your own health. It doesn't require much time nor effort. This project is really fun to do and I hope that by adding fun illustrations & taking away a language barrier, the ladies will be more motivated to do this quick exam. Our goal is to get this exam translated in as much languages as possible and we will create for each language a specific set of illustrations!

So far we have the following translations: English, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, French, German, Portuguese, Hindi, Indonesian & Lithuanian.

If you want to help us out, because it's our mission to create as many culture related doodles as possible, please email me at with the language you want to do for us.

Last, but not least, if you like what you see and want to stay up to date, I kindly like to ask all of you to like it, love it, share it, adore it & exam it hehe ^_^. Please do share the site & fan page with your friends & family as well. It's truly appreciated.

As always, thanks muchly for reading everyone!


  1. I really REALLY like this idea:)!! You are reminding people how important it is to take care of your own health in such a creative way! And translating the self exam in all these different languages makes it so much more approachable for so many people all over the world!! I can't wait to see more drawings by you and Ms. Claire :D!

  2. That's great TJ! I love the whole drawing, you and claire's part.

    This is a really good idea, we have that issue here too where those from other countries don't get exams or many other checkups because of the language barriers

  3. Left y'all a comment over there. ;)

  4. JT, I am taking that picture and posting it on my blog with a link back to you!!

  5. Actually I will link it to the site.

  6. @ Cilla: Why thank you kiki! Yes! I think Claire did such a wonderful job in starting this project! It can only get bigger & bigger :D!

    @ Sensico: Heeey Sensi, my adoptive sis hehe. Thanks so much for strolling by! Yeah, hopefully more and more people will see the site and use it accordingly ^_^.

    @ Lana G.: Ciao Lana! Woohoo! Thank you :D. Xx

    @ Judie: Yay!! That's so sweet of you :D. Yes. Linking back to the official site is perfect! Thanks so much! Xoxo!

  7. Haha I love love love the poodle in your illo! Enjoying the french connection very much hehe. I also like the Chanel logo and lipstick in the background frame haha. Is that Cilla's idea? And the croissant and coffee mug too hehe.

    Always a beautiful thing that you're doing work for a good cause. As a super heroine, I am glad you are using your illustration powers for good! Keep up the great work as always TJ ^_^

  8. @ Ollie: Heey Ollie! Thank you, thank you! I love the poodle as well :D. I have more of them waiting hehe. Ooh not sure if it is Cilla's idea now haha. She was around when I was drawing it haha!!

    I now need a cool superhero outfit and a cool soundtrack to match hehe.

    Thanks for strolling by!!

  9. Good luck and more power to your vocation TJ.Take care and Keep it up.

  10. @ Manny Manny Minds: Thanks so much Manny! You too take care! Hope to see you again here ^_^. Ciao!


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