Monday, February 1, 2010

Sketch Alert: Still in concept.

Hey again!

Before you get your tea (or something else) ready...this post is not why I didn't choose Arts. I'm still writing that post and I have to tweak it here and there. I promise the next post will be about that ^_^.

I got some Jean Grey/Phoenix sketches for you! This drawing style is slightly different and I'm still sketching and learning, but I though it would be fun to show you two examples. I came across a really cool illustration from Mike Maihack (Do check out his site if you have the time). He is a really cool illustrator! His Jean Grey phoenix illustration caught my eye (scroll a bit down and you will see the image). I thought it would be fun to recreate it, eventually in my own way. Personally, I find the Phoenix really interesting. A mystic fire bird, that never dies and which rises again from its own ashes. Whenever you see the Phoenix as illustrations, it has this air of freedom, fierceness and strength. But on to the sketches! First I used Mike's image as reference and I created this:

And what I like about studying new illustrations and techniques, is that after you used images as a reference, the lining you placed on paper to recreate the image is mixed with what you already know. And therefore you refine your own techniques. Ha! ^_^. But okay, I created my own Jean Grey Phoenix sketch. One of the sketches looks like this:

I drew this at the corner of a paper and I didn't realize that I liked the way this turned out ...after I stopped drawing. So I didn't have enough space to draw the entire Phoenix. Still in concept, but in the end I will create a larger watercolored version of this. But this is what I love the most; the rough sketching, to create something new. Oh! I also have some chibi versions in mind. Of course I will show you these as well.

Hope you liked this sneak peek of this different way of drawing. Lately, I sketch all my ideas in chibi style, because of the time issues I have hehe. I will definitely post more of this in the future (I have a bunch waiting already), but I have to get more familiar with it (practice, practice, practice). Stay tuned for the final version (which will come eventually...).



  1. Hey TJ,
    Do you have an intention of changing your style completely?? or it's just a concept work and you'r trying to create a super hero??

  2. @ Kuday: Hey Sinan! No don't worry! I won't change my style, more expanding what I can do. This is just a concept to create a cool Phoenix character ^_^! But I love drawing chibi's, I will always draw them! Cya!

  3. Ohh I like both! I like the second phoenix and the first Jean the best.

    They both have great movement though, something I am rubbish at adding.

    I find it hard enough to look at your illustrations, but then looking at Mike Maihak's stuff, just makes me sick with envy! I hate talented people sometimes lol

    Can't wait to see the finished piece, even though I will kinda hate you for it.

  4. those came out great, tj! the second one is much improved. a far better composition than mine. love those eyes! :)

  5. Tooooo cooool TJ. I love these sketches and this style of drawing. They remind me of the type of character you'd find in video games. Now all you have to do is create your own Final Fantasy character and you'll be a star among geeks haha

  6. @ Claire: Hey! Thank you ^_^! I know what you mean. I find it sometimes difficult myself to look at other people's stuff, but then again it works motivating to practice more and get better! I have a bunch more phoenix sketches, but these were the most complete. So maybe you will see a sketch here and there in my posts, before I show the final piece! Hate :|? Did you look at the screen with one eye open and one eye closed? Glad you did liked it though ;D Ciao Xx

    @ Mike: Oh wow! a better composition than yours :|. That I didn't expect haha! Many thanks for stopping by ^_^! I will practice more and let you know when I have the final result!
    Take care! ps.: Sorry! I forgot the 'c' in your last name.

    @ Sensi: Thanks so much Sensi!! I do like the way it turned out. Ehm a star among geeks? Let me think about that one....Haha! Who am I kidding! To create a character for a game would be soo cool!! Cya

  7. Great stuff TJ. thanks for sharing Mike's website his stuff is awesome i will be visiting there more often.

    I'd love to see these taken to the next level.

  8. @ Justin: Hey again! Thanks so much ^_^. Mike's stuff is awesome! I love it :D! Stay tuned for the end will come sooner or later hehe. Cya

  9. Hi TJ,
    You mentioned,"His Jean Grey phoenix illustration caught my eye".

    Yeah, my eyes caught on it like a rivet too.

    Nice work with pencil, TJ. Great job. The drawing made me remember when the last time I did a sketch just using pencil. My arts teacher told me that i would get an award for the worst artist in the school. This happened a long, long time ago...

  10. @ Mystique Earth: I'm sooo sorry, but your comment really made me laugh ^_^'! Did your teacher really say that to you?! Man. That was brutally honest! How long ago was this?

    But thank you! I do have a lot of pencil sketches around, I will upload more every now and then, just to show you all some progress before I post a final drawing!

    Yes Mike's work is really awesome! I love it!

  11. Yeah TJ,
    It was so looooong ago, some decades ago. As i was in a co-ed school, upon seeing my classmates, especially the opposite gender laughing, my ego was terribly hurt.

    I was angry and I reacted by scolding him & then in return I got sheltering from the Principal. I deserved it for not keeping my cool.

    If it was now, i would have said something like only the Best Teacher can make the Best of the worst students. Unfortunately, for you, being the worst arts teacher, you only deserve the worst students. Be proud of it! My arts speaks volumes about the quality of your arts lessons.

    Most of the arts teachers throughout my 11 yrs of school days didn't really teach how to draw. Most of them just ask to draw scenery, stills, situations without really teaching the technique.

    I only learnt how to draw when I started working when it became necessary to sketch still parts.

  12. @ Mystery Earth: It was really mean from your teacher! There are tons of other ways to tell someone he/she isn't that good and the whole point of teaching is to try to teach skills and not to bring someone down.

    I think getting angry is only logic right? I also have a few situations from high school, where I would react differently than I actually did. That can be annoying sometimes, but you usually gain a sense of perspective after you experienced certain things.

    Yeah, my art teachers had this specific way of teaching and I didn't like that at all. It was too broad in terms of different styles of art, but too limited when it came to the assignments. It's kinda weird actually. They basically explained the assignment, but no practicing with skills or use of colors. All the things I know now, is because I learned it myself and not because of the art classes I got.

    Thanks for sharing your story!

    Take care!


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