Monday, December 10, 2012

This Is It!

Hi Everyone!

Ah the time has come to say farewell to Blogger! My new site has been up for a bit now and with the help of my awesome friend MZ, the most important elements are there. I need to re-write some text here and there and put some finishing touches on my logo before I put it up, but I couldn’t wait any longer and have to show it to you all! ^_^

Just go to and you can browse around! My blog is also there with a shiny new post and many waiting to be shared with you. The ones who want to keep following me…there is a follow button floating below the site and a subscribe button when you visit my blog, which is still called A Look in a Creative Mind.

It feels a bit sad and odd to make a switch to a new site. Starting out on Blogger brought me so much, but I feel like I can't grow as a business with just this as a site.

Hope you like it, do say hello and I hope you’ll join me on this next adventure ^_^

See Ya There!



  1. All the Best on your new venture, TJ. Love your art! Have signed up to follow on twitter & to get updates on your wordpress blog.

    You can check out mine at

    Happy Hols! and continued success,
    aza cody

    1. Hiii Aza! Thank you so much! I'll look you up as well ^_^ Happy Holidays and lots of success to you too! Xx

  2. This is totally the right move for you. While you've built up something really great on Blogger, I think your new site is EXACTLY what your art needed. Everything just looks so slick and clean and cool. Nothing takes away from your illustrations.

    Best of luck, not that you'll need it!

    1. My UNTZY cheerleader! Thank you so much for your everlasting support and lovely words. Truly means a lot to me. I am very happy that I (finally) made the move, now I can build my entire magical empire in one place hehe :D

  3. Yeaaayyyyyyy this is so exciting and i'm happy for you, of course!
    congrats Pretty TJ, i have been blogging less lately too, but i dont forget you, good luck with everything ♥


    1. Pretty Mitaaaaaaaaaa! Thanks so much for stopping by! It's been such a long time since I talked to you though. You're never far though :) I'll stop by your site later. Hope you're well!!!


  4. Congratulations, TJ. Wonderful to see how you keep transforming and renewing yourself. The sign of a true creative spirit.

    1. Thank you!! Thank you!! :D I'm just so happy to go to next stage of career!

  5. Is this the place where I'm supposed to wave goodbye as I hold back the tears of joy at out little T.J. being all grown up now?


    Next stop, "The Big Time"!!!

    1. Hahaha yes! Do you need a tissue? I got a box with magic ones here.

      Thank you so much, Bill. :)

  6. The first thing that I must say is that your drawings are magical. I was very impressed with the attention to detail. I think it was a wonderful move to go from your normal blog to a full fledge website. It will bring your creations more attention and possible clientele.

    1. Hi Nina! Thanks so much for leaving such a nice comment! Having a official website now was the next logical step indeed :) So you're invited to join me there as well!!

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