Wednesday, August 8, 2012

TJ's Giveaway: It's here! It's finally here! (closed)

GIVEAWAY is closed! ^_^


The Giveaway arrived. Did you hear my dramatic voice? I totally did a dramatic voice.

It's funny. I decided to do a giveaway when my page on facebook would hit 300 likes. Now I'm already at 459 likes and for this big increase a HUGE thank you goes to the lovely Carmen from "Paying it Forward - One Day at the Time"...every time when she shared my page, quite a lot of happy souls found my page and I couldn't be more grateful. It only means I can share what I love to do most with even more people and I hope it will put a smile on their faces as well :D

As I was thinking about a lovely prize/prizes, time flew by and work got crazy busy and I can also announce proudly that I entered my third year of blogging as well (June 14th, to be exact!). Goodness! Where did the time go? I'd never thought to be blogging for this long already and as each year passes, my blog gets a different purpose, well not an entirely different purpose as my Art has always been my biggest focus point. You won't see a post with without a doodle or two. However, blogging gave me a new perspective on life, a new way of living and doing what I love to. I learned how to write better posts, capture my thoughts, most importantly I got a better insight in myself as a person and what I really want to get out life. You could say that I'm aware of how I live my life and how I want to live my life...up till a while back, I basically took most things for granted and did things others expected me to do so....I should stop talking as you guys probably think "TEEEJAAAY!! I want to know about the giveaway!!"

You were, weren't you....? Oh my gosh!

Hehe. As always, if you want to join, do read everything and please follow the rules.

So what can you win this time? I won't have 1st, 2nd or 3rd winners, where the prizes go from big to small. No. Instead of this I have 5 sets of 2 prints and I will pick 5 winners! Obviously hehe. Oh. There will be an EXTRA surprise when one receives his/her package, but what this is....I am not going to tell ^_^.

The prints of the Inky Ladies with black frame can vary as I have 13 different ladies, but for picture purposes I grabbed a few random ones. Okay, so what do you have to do?

1. Leave a comment. It's as simple as that, but it is a MUST. Plus, I do have two questions this time. You do have to answer them please.

What would you do if you'd meet me in person?


Ask me a (random) question.
This could be anything from art to fashion/beauty (yes. you ladies can ask me e.g. about the make-up I wear, about my hair etc.) or you can ask my thoughts on a certain subject or just a totally random question. I'll  use these questions for future posts and it's a fun way to peek in your minds as well ;)

For EXTRA entries, you can do the following:
2. Be a Facebook Fan and/or a reader of my blog (either by Google reader or e-mail subscription) and you get 1 extra entry.
3. If you spread the word about my giveaway, Etsy shop or Fanpage, you'll get 1 extra entry.

Just remember to list ALL the things you did in your comment, along with your answers and if you'd prefer the Inky Ladies or the Cupcakes. The Giveaway is open till September 1st (2012 hehe) and then I'll announce the winners. I'll create a permanent link in the sidebar that leads to this post as it will vanish slowly into my blog past as I will add new posts, plus I'll add a little reminder in every new post as well.

That's it! I'm so excited to see your answers ^_^



  1. If I met you I would steal your amazing lady drawing ability because I have absolute drawers envy every time I see them!

    If you could make any flavour ice cream, what would it be?

    PS about to blog about your giveaway right now!! xxx

    1. Hi Nicola!

      Awww haha! You’re so sweet! It would be awesome if we could like download our skills and swap for a bit and infuse what we want with our own skills!! That would be awesome :D

      Thanks so much for joining! I shall reply to your ice cream question in a post!


  2. Well lets see... I already follow your blog, and I have already liked your facebook page, and I just gave you a shout out on google+, now about those questions...hmmmm

    If I were to meet you in person.... I think I might like to watch you draw & paint, if you wouldn't mind? I am fascinated by what you do and curious to learn more about it, and then maybe we could have coffee and girl talk.

    okay..random question....hmmmmm If you could have dinner with someone long passed who would it be and why, and what would you talk about?

    I prefer the rainbow cupcakes... I love rainbows. :) I think that is one of the things that draws me to your is undeniably HAPPY and infectious. :)

    1. Ciao Dani!! Of course you can watch me draw & paint! Don’t be shocked at the possible mistakes though haha. I am slowly learning to get more comfortable with drawing in front of others, it definitely helps if it’s someone who I’m friends with though. I think I have a column on Expats Post about this as well.

      We WILL have coffee and lots of chatting!! No doubts here ^_^

      Also, I definitely need to ponder about your question. So will get back to you in a post!


    2. I found the column on EP for you!


  3. How fun! And congratulations on your third year of blogging. That is awesome and very squee-worthy. As for the giveaway, don't include me. Although I'd love more TJ in my house, I would feel greedy if I won. Your work must be spread throughout the world! (insert 'muwa ha ha' here)

    However I will answer you're question. If I ever met you in person I would lock you in a big hug. Then, after pulling a mirrored disco ball out of my back pocket (don't ask me how yet. I'm still working in it)I would cue the dj and lights guys in the corner as I raised the ball over our heads (I'm tall, so I KNOW that part would work). Then we would dance -- oh, how we'd dance! -- as all our blogging friends quickly teleported to the scene. We'd proceed to break out into a perfectly orchestrated flash mob dance that would be filmed by a big timey director. Our video would go viral, thereby ensuring not just fifteen, but SIXTEEN minutes of fame. And it would be glorious.

    As for a random question? Hmmm... Let's see. What was your favorite fairy tale as a child?

    1. It’s so cute when you say SQUEEE Janene haha! Thanks so much!

      I seriously love love loooooooved your answer. So much fun we will have! I totally did a bit of Yoda there haha. Either way, a disco dancing and then an awesome flash mob…*day dreams about the hair and outfits* So COOL! High Five!! I’m so curious how you will get the mirrored disco ball in your back pocket though haha.

      I’d love to ramble about fairy tales in a separate blog post, so my answer will follow soon.

      Also, I definitely heard a Muwa ha ha when I read your comment! Hehe.

      Big HUGS!

  4. TJ:

    First, WHEN we meet in person, I am going to give you a huge hug. Not sure if we will be eye to eye or if I will have to look up or you will to see each other. But I want to tell you how grateful you are my friend. Sentimental, I know, but you have been the sweetest person I have ever met (online) and I want you to know how happy to call you my friend. Then, we will sit down and have tea and goodies. I am sucker for shortbread..hehe.

    Second, what to ask, hmmm? Well, if you could meet one actor or actress in person, who would it be and what would YOU say to them? You know I had to bring it there.

    I am already a fan in everyplace I can think of and I am even following you now on Pinterest - my latest stalking move ;-)

    Great post - and here's to more happy blogging years! YAY!

    1. Katy!!! You'll obviously be getting a huge hug back! Haha. I’m 5’7’ so around 1.70m. Not sure if you’re my height now ^_^ Aww I’m SO grateful to be your friend as well. Goodness. I hope I don’t need tissues though! Tea, is a DATE!

      And, I need to come back to you with the answer to your question. Definitely want to ponder a bit longer about this. I got lots of people on my list, but I never wondered WHAT I will say to them (I always imagined myself staring in shock haha!)


  5. If I meet you I would want to join you along with your friends and family in a meal. I'd want to meet everyone close to you, your sister, your friends, and even your parents. I'd want to tell them how much you inspire others and how much I've enjoyed reading your blogs and watching you develop your art. I'd simply want to drink wine with those close to you and share with them how much I appreciate your work (without trying to embarrass you, too much).

    My second question is one I'm trying to ask of many of our guests at Expats Radio. What are your ambitions? Where would you like to take your work? I'm always interested in this question because it often reveals so much about a person and usually delivers an inspiration message. And, to tell you the truth, I think we all can use some inspiration from time to time in our lives. So, that would be my second question.

    Best wishes in life.

    Oh, and I hope I win! :)



    1. Hi Dean!

      Ahh that would be cool ^_^ Like a big dinner with lots of tasty food and drinks!! Awesome and thank you so much for your kind words too. Sometimes it’s a bit surreal to look back and see how I used to draw. Definitely a huge change in two years. One I never seen coming either. Not sure if you could embarrass me though, I often embarrass myself by the odd things I say or do haha.

      Ah my ambitions and what I see myself doing in the near future? I have to write a longer post regarding this, lots of stuff going here and I do hope I can share a inspiring message to others when they will read it! Thank you again!!


  6. Meet you in person? I'd sweep you off your feet and carry you down to the train to take us to... the coffee shops, LOL, where we'd try all the crazy pot you guys grow. Romantic, right? I actually did that with my wife 16 years ago when I visited her in Paris and we took the TGV to Amsterdam. So, for us, just the pot, and laughing, no romance.

    Another question? You don't look like blondie blue eyed stereotype Dutch chick. Are you a native to the Netherlands? AND as a followup, where did you learn English to the 99th percentile, including all slang?

    I am already an email subscriber and me and DB have been promoting your giveaway on Twitter for the last few hours! Oh, and I'm more of an Inky Ladies kinda guy, though I do like the cupcakes.

    1. Hahahah Rob! I still have to laugh whenever I read your comment. Too funny. Would you believe me when I say I never smoked pot, weed and all the other stuff we grow here? I believe I took a swig from my mom’s cigarette when I was little and almost chocked (obviously)…then I never tried something else again. So...YOU can try it all out! I will just laugh and eat baked goodies...hehe. Oh! And you could tell me more about beer in person too! That would be fun.

      As for your questions! I wrote a column a while back about this:

      So born and raised in Dutchland, but my heritage is scattered across the world. As for the slang…I think I picked this up over the years from my friends and TV haha.

  7. I'm so entering this fabulous giveaway <3 I follow your blog and twitter (@Kittyqua), like your fb page, gave you a shoutout on google+ and gonna mention your giveaway in my new blog post in like...5 minutes!
    - If I'd met you in person, we would definitely have an artist to artist talk, I also love drawing, playing music, singing, cooking, anything creative~! ^.^
    - Have you considered challenging yourself trying out a complete different drawing style? *not permanently of course, you've got a strong personal style, I love that, it's so Disney-like~!!

    Oh, I do prefer cupcakes over the Inky Ladies =)
    Well, I guess I'm gonna snoop around your blog now tehee

    1. Helloo Giulia! What a lovely name you have!!

      I most definitely love to chat about creative things with other creative people! There is always something new to be learned as everyone looks to artistic topics differently. So yes, a artistic chat would be so cool :D

      I have indeed been thinking about expanding my art and do a different drawing style. I do have a specific way of drawing my art and I;m happy that I already have found my “voice” in this. So now I’d need to see how I can keep this while switching between various mediums. So far I’ve been experimenting black ink and now I’ve switched back to colors again. Sometimes the littlest change, like skipping a black outline, changes the entire feel of the drawing as well. However, my art has a very specific mysterious or whimsical element to it. So I want to experiment with a bit more realistic vibe in my art for e.g Fashion illustrations. I love to draw flowy dresses, but I find my technical skills lack certain things for this (like proper legs & feet etc.)

      So definitely stay tuned! I will chat more about this once I got art work to show.


  8. Hey You! If I met you I would ask you to draw me and my daughter together, in your delightful way.

    I would then ask you "Does my ass look big in this?" or would I? That was a question too I suppose oops :)

    But does it? lol


    1. A!! Hahaha! I suppose I’d have to see what you’re wearing as it totally depends on that you know. And don’t go all pouty on me when I say “Apologies A...the ass does look big in it.” Unless you want your ass to look big in what you’re that harm done ^_^

      I’d LOVE to draw you and your daughter in a fun and magical way. Probably with some magical creatures too!

      Ciao Ciao!

  9. Uh yeah!! If course I want to win!!! Ease as pie too. I pimp you all the time on Facebook and twitter, like your page, and am commenting so yay!

    So, if I met you clearly we would have a dance party!

    My question-what is next for you? Any new genre of illustrations we can look forward to...or new mediums??

    1. Woohooo! Most definitely a dance party haha :D Janene (a few comments above) already has the setting!

      Ohhhh your question needs its own post! Stay tuned, but in short, yes! I will have new genre of illustrations for you guys AND new mediums too! Exciting stuff!!


  10. TJ!!! It's me! Finally huh?! lol

    Well, 1st: Iff i was to meet you i would hug you since i'm a hugger and we would most def go have a cupcake with some bubbly drinks. Then shopping, always shopping involved of course. But mostly, I would LOVE to have a one on one drawing/art session with you. Sharing and collaborating different techniques and art styles. Perfect day for sure!

    What i would love to ask you the most (even though it's hard to just come up with one question) is: Have you ever drawn portraits of people in the style of the Inky Ladies, and if so, how similar are they to the actual subject?

    2. Spread word on INKED LABYRINTH FB & Personal FB
    3. RT on Twitter.

    PS: Inky Ladies ALL THE WAY! ;p

    Love you tons!!!


    1. Hii Maylin!!! Ahhh that sounds like a wonderful day...or days, because I probably think with the shopping and cupcakes and bubbly drinks...we might be too giggly to do actual painting haha! Fun times ahead that’s for sure :D

      Ahh no! I haven’t tried drawing portraits of people in the Inky Ladies style. I did use reference from the internet for these ladies, but most of them were already cartoon characters haha. It’d be fun to see how it would turn out if I tried it! Thanks for the suggestion and you can always ask another question haha


  11. If I were on FB, I would totally like your page, hands down!

    This is so much fun! Here's what I would do if I ever met you: I would ramble on and on and on! And then all of a sudden zou ik veranderen van Engels naar Dutch! En ik zou je totally high-fiven. Zeker tien keer ofzo! Dus yes, dat.

    Okay, my question to you is as follows: what is the one thing you can't live without? It can either be a virtue such as love, patience, whatever, or it can be a person, it can be your crayons, whatever it is. And then tell me why you can't live without it or him or her!

    1. Ruthie!!! I know I'd crack up with you going from Dutch to English all the time! I'd be the same though hahah! High fives & rambling are a MUST!!! Can't wait to meet you one day ^_^

      Hmmm I'd have to address your question in a post. There are a lot of things I couldn't live without, but I will have a little ponder for you!

      *waves* Ciaoooooooo!

  12. Lessee...I don't know what I'd do if I met you in person. I'm going to assume it would be THERE and we'd do some touristy things, make cupcakes, go shopping and do each other's hair and nails and paint together. :)

    I don't have a ...ok I do have a question. Faber Castell makes a...something. It looked like pastels. They're water soluble, but supposedly after you paint with them and let them dry then they're waterPROOF so you don't get the runny mess. Any idea what they are? (Someone on Youtube swore by them and I can't figure out what they are.)

    Also, I'm a facebook fan and I subscribed and will share in 2 seconds when I flip back to facebook. :) And damn Google always shows up as ABBY even tho I've changed it 4 million times. It's me! ELISA!

    1. Hahah you assumed it would be in Holland huh? Have to say that I am not a hug girly giry when it comes to should see how Cilla stares at me sometimes haha! NOT that I walk around with dirty nails, most definitely not, but once they're done, they're done haha ^_^

      Ohh I have heard of water soluble pastels. Not specifically from Faber Castell though. I did a bit of searching and found out about Faber Castell Gel sticks...did you mean this? It's the first time I heard of it, but they look very, very interesting! SO definitely on my to buy list! I do have a tray of oils that are water soluble. Need to play around with those soon :D

      And I knew it was you haha!

  13. Well, we ARE going to meet in person. Don't know when or how but I just know it in my heart. :) And the first thing I'll do is hug you - and probably squeal.

    Here's my question. Are you just naturally as happy as you always seem? Or do you have your crabby sad days? Because you ALWAYS seems happy and always ready to make everyone else's day better.

    1. I KNOOOOW that we will meet one day! I just know it ^_^ and I will squeal toooo haha.

      I already wrote to you about your questions! I'm still amazed at the timing of your question haha. But yes, a post about this will be up very soon! Lots of hugs to you and I'm still sending out 'Get well VERY soon' vibes!! XOXO

  14. How did I not comment till now Teej? Not that I'm only here for the giveaway... there IS still a GIVEAWAY, right? Oh, never mind. Anyway, (1) I would twirl you around till your hair formed itself into the shape of cupcake frosting (shouldn't be that hard), and (2) When did you decide that my kid's blog was more fun than mine?

    Okay, I hope that qualifies.


    1. Bill! I have no clue why you didn't comment sooner mister! But thank you so much for strolling by ^_^

      Hahaha! You can try to twirl me around. What if my hair is in the Obachan bun huh? No frosting hair there...I think. It'd be fun to try it out though! Also, I never decided that B's blog is more fun than yours...but he DOES have food on his blog. You know me and recipes. It's like an instant hypnoses! Well sort off.

      ^_^ *waves, waves*

  15. Three years? WOW! Congrats. You deserve all of the success you've gotten in that time.

    To answer your first question, you and I would have a MAJOR dance party when we meet. I would do the UNTZ, and you would do the ZOING. That would be followed by lots of talking and giggling.

    Random question...hmmm....I have two. (1) If you could be anything other than an artist, what would you be? (2) Name one beauty product you couldn't live without.

    P.S. Don't enter me in the contest. I'm lucky enough to own a TJLI original :D

    1. The Ultimate UNTZ & ZOING party!!!! AH :D I can't wait for that day, I probably should prepare for the laughing and make sure I don't pass out from being short on oxygen...not kidding here! I already have the giggles thinking about our dancing AND we have to add our Jamaican YOLOflappen to it as well.

      Your questions really deserve a post/posts of their own. So stay tuned for these please!!

      Thank you for floating by!!! I knooooow how crazy busy you are!

      XOXO *waves*


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