Friday, June 22, 2012

Checking in to say Hi and a Dentist Story.

Well hello there lovely people!

I am still alive hehe. I believe I already told you a few posts back that I was in an "odd" mood right? If can run around with me here...*runs in circles*

Things haven't really changed yet. I'm still very busy and find it a tad difficult to capture my thoughts in normal sentences, writing articles for you to read. But! I've been down writing things down whenever something popped in my mind, so I can stalk you with fun (hopefully fun and not boring...) stuff to read soon.

So what's been going on in my world? Work, work, work. I had one painting that was a rush order, so most of my time went into this. And now it's on its way to the new owners. I am so excited here. It's the biggest I've done so far, around A2 size, which is 16.5 x 23.4 inches for my American friends out there. Let's just say it was a challenge, but a fun one. I got a bit delayed with my own schedule as I got an emergency wisdom tooth pulled out though...let's talk a bit about that as I can't share pictures or talk more about the painting I did just yet!  ^_^

I Yeah, yeah most people do, I know and it's not that I have horror stories to tell, but the thing is that once you're in the chair you can't do a thing. Nada. I do have one story where I had a small filling replaced and I got the shots against the pain. Funny thing with these shots was that it started to work AFTER the assistant did her job. After. Seriously. I felt the entire procedure and it's not an excruciating pain, but a pain that just goes through your nerves. Literally. I did sign (arm lifting and what not) to her that I could still feel this pain and she just said "almost done"...Rude. After, when I was outside, I noticed that I couldn't blink with one eye. I prayed that I didn't meet someone on my way home and called my sister to whine about my eye and the rudeness of the assistant. She just laughed (sigh). When I got home, my mom laughed as well and I have to admit...I looked quite ridiculous as I was annoyed, so instead of looking like this -__-, I looked like this o___- AND let's not forget that I kept blinking with just one eye..I probably looked like a mad pirate.

I switched to a new dentist after this, because I knew that sooner or later I had to get my wisdom teeth removed and if I'm not comfortable with my dentist, I most definitely wouldn't be for a bigger procedure. That said, I still waited till the last minute to get the tooth removed though. I still was scared. For what? Well, the unknown. I didn't know what to expect, but I reached a point where my headaches couldn't be fixed with medication and I had deadline, so off to the dentist I went and it was removed within 10 min. Yeah. I am such a chicken sometimes. I am not looking forward to remove the other two, but at least I know it shouldn't be thaaaaat bad *head desk*

I've LOTS of bits of news to share with you, but most of them definitely deserve a post of their own, so I'll be posting a bit regulary again. Hooray!! Also, I finally know what I will give away for my giveaway. So stay tuned for next post as this will be The Giveaway.

If you want to read more by me? Fly to Expats Post as I finally posted a new column again "Do You Recognize Me?"

Wanna get something from me? You can fly to my Etsy Store. A few originals will be up later today or in the weekend. I decided to keep a few originals for myself...I can't part with them juuuuuust yet.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Ciao Ciao!


  1. Am I the first to comment?? Yes I am! Yay!

    Okay, first thing...the painting are AMAZING. Like I know I will NEVER be able to paint like that. I can hardly paint a flower. Seriously. I'm excited you got the big painting done. Yay you!

    The dentist sorry to hear that (I'm trying to make up for the laughing your sister did...;)) I know I hate it as well. Dentists are super rude. Hope it's better now though. No more dentist visits in the near future, right?
    Stay cool TJ!

    1. Yesss! You ARE the first :D I almost wrote you ate the first. Don't know what you would've eaten though.

      So excited that I got the big painting done AND I got news they received it yesterday and they looooved it. SO happy here.

      Thank you soooo much! The paintings (birthday gift for a friend) are actually bigger though, but I used these for my columns on Expats Post, but never showed them here! So kind you're showing some kindness after all the horror I went through. heheh :D I have an appointment for a regular check-up in July -_-''...and I maaaay want to get the other one removed this year as well. So I will have 2 appointments if I go through with it. Ah well, after that no more visits for a loooong time.

      Have a great weekend! I pop over your blog soon!

  2. almost done! what a cheeky cow! I would have pinched her at least.

    Not a long comment today as I am writing you an email and too lazy to write something substantial here as well! haha!

    Can't wait for more updates!! :)

    1. Hahaha I wanna see how you would pinch her! I've an image in mind now...

      You lazy *mumbles stuff*...heheh. Don't worry! I got your e-mail and YES they got it! I'll reply soon :D Xxxxxxxxx

  3. Gorgeous drawings :3! And don't worry, I think we all have our own personal horror stories of the dentist x.x The dentist is just a dreadful place overall. We hate to go but we have to sometimes I guess Dx.

    1. Hi D! Hahah yeah, the dentist is an interesting aspect in our lives hehe. Thank you, thank you! Pleased you like it!! :D Xx

  4. It was a good idea to switch dentists. Yes, a lot of people are hesitant to go to the dentist because they expect a lot of pain and blood, but the truth is that an able dentist, the best dentist in fact, will make it a point to make the procedures as quick and painless as possible. It’s best when the dentist explains to the patient what the procedure entails and what the expected result is, so that the patient will know what to expect from the treatment.

    1. Hi Cody and thank so for strolling by!! Yes, I definitely agree. A dentist should be able to let you go through procedures without the pain & stress. It really depends on how they present themselves too. Thanks!! :)

  5. Hey TJ! I absolutely adore your art! Oh, and I totally understand your reluctance with dentists and their procedures. I think the anaesthesia that your previous dentist had used took effect slowly, which is why it didn’t work until after the procedure was done. That, or there may not have been enough with the dosage. I hope things will be a lot easier for you next time when you undergo any similar procedure later on.


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