Friday, October 30, 2009

BOO ^_^...Happy Halloween!

(if you enlarge see it in more detail ^_^)

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I wanted to create a super cool outfit...but my mind went kinda blank haha. Soo it's a traditional witchy, vampire-ish kinda outfit in a typical Halloween setting. With typical I mean darker colors, ghosts trying to scare people (Boo anyone? Someone? No? Not scary?), pumpkins and a typical vague castle kind of thing in the background.

Hope you like it!!

Either way, have fun strolling around, scaring people, trick & treating and you know all the stuff that is typical Halloween!!


ps.: Next post will have a lot of updates! Stay tuned! Xoxo


  1. I have also done the traditional witch costume when I could think of nothing else and I otfen added an electric broom to my costume which drew lots of laughs and witchy comments.

    This year I happened upon a costume by chance when second hand shopping with my friend. Thanks to the animal print fad I'm going to be a leopard when I'm helping out at a preschoolers Halloween party. You can read about it here

    Have a SPOOKY Halloween!

  2. @ TT: Hello TT! Oh that sounds really cool! You know a traditional outfit can be very fun to wear!

    A leopard! Wow nice! Will you have pictures on your blog ^_^? I'm off to read your post!

    Happy Scary Halloween to you as well! Take care!

  3. That is a lovely little witch ;-) I'm going to be a "cereal killer", pun intended. I'll post pictures tomorrow ;-)

  4. @ Deray: helloooo!! Thank you ^_^! A 'cereal killer', hahah that sounds cool, although I don't know what I must think of it! I will check out your pictures!! Happy Halloween!!

  5. awesome outfit!
    scary, yet adorable!
    nice, nice work, TJ!

    i'm a fool for missing your birthday...
    but something tells me this will be
    an incredible year for you!


  6. hello! Not very scary but it made me smile. Happy day!

  7. @ Chuck: Hello hello! It has been a while hasn't it!? Thanks so much for stopping by and your lovely always ^_^!

    And don't worry about missing my birthday, I just want a signed book from you hehehe. Just kidding! It's okay, it really is.

    Oh I do hope that I will get more chances for my artwork! It is so much fun to do! We shall see what the future brings...

    Ciao Xoxo!

    @ Encaracolada: Hahaha well smiling is a very good thing! You have a lovely day as well! Xx *hugs*

  8. hey i love your blog! it's really cool and the drawings are great :)


  9. Happy Hallowe'en! Love the illustraton!

  10. Went to my first halloween party last night and had great fun, I'm from Australia and we don't really celebrate it in a big way here, although it is getting bigger each year. I went as a witch too! How original of me. Cheers Ursula

  11. Happy Halloween Tj! Very cute drawing. Luv it.

  12. Happy Blogoween!

    Nice outfit for the hollow days..

    Here in the Philippines it's totally different.. busy going to our own hometown to visit and honor our death and a small family reunion.. both the living and the dead.. haha.. Quite a do with trick or treat and costume party..

    Happy Halloween again..

    PS knock me on my blog.. I have my first entry this Holloween.. Hollows Brawl.. haha..


  13. Thanks for your comment! Hope you got a lot of sweets scaring people lol! oh before I forget. Your blog is on the top 5 blogs that I like for this week. cheers!!

  14. Your pics are always so cheerful, even this scary Halloween one.

    Love it!!

    Hope you had fun trick-or-treating. :)

  15. I love this TJ!! The pumpkin lantern is great! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Loved the b-day package you sent Kim... too sweet!


  16. @ Jacky Cheng: Hi there & welcome!! Thanks so much for dropping by! Glad you enjoyed your stay here ^_^!

    @ Sean Covernton: Hello Sean! Thank you for your comment and for stopping by my blog!! Hope to se eyou again! Love your illustrations! Take care.

    @ CreamPuff: Thanks so much for stopping by!! Hope you had a lovely Halloween and I look forward to your new cooking posts! You are really good! Ciao!

    @ Little Bear: Hi there! Thanks so much for strolling by! Haha I know what you mean. Halloween isn't that big in Holland as well, although it's getting bigger with each year! Witches are always fun ;D! Hope you had a lovely time! Till next time!

  17. @ Pablo: Thank you, Thank you ^_^!

    @ Japaul: Hey Japaul! Thanks for your lovely comment! I will stop by your blog again as soon as I have the time :)! Until next time!

    @ Kimee: Ciao Kimee!! Thanks so much ^_^!!

    @ Mystery Artist: Hi there! Thank you for your comment!! Haha I always scare people ^_^. Oh and a big thank you for placing my blog in your week top 5! Really appreciated! Cya!

  18. @ The Guys: Hey again! Hahaha well I tried to capture a cute scariness in my drawing hehehe. Halloween was fun, lots of kiddies running around. I didn't do much though, only scared a few kids hehehe. Hoep you guys had a good one as well! Ciao!

    @ Krista: Hello! You're very welcome! Your illustrations are really nice! Thanks for your lovely comment! It was so much fun to assemble Kim's package hahaha! And I loved her mermaid & magnets! Soo cute! They will get a special place in my room! Take care!

    @ Sorcerer: Hello Mr. Sorcerer! Thanks for dropping by ^_^! Was it magical enough?

  19. Hello TJ, my friend! I love Halloween and normally love to dress up in costume while I hand out goodies for the kids in our neighborhood. Unfortunately, I was not able to do that this year, as Les and I have been traveling and were in route on Halloween day--and plus I was too sick to get into the swing of it all.

    Halloween is such a fun time of year--and it was so magical for me as a child. I used to love dressing up then too! And of course, the candy wasn't bad either! :-)

    Take care, my friend--I hope you are feeling better.


  20. @ Melinda: Ciao Melinda!! Hope you feeling better as well! I'm doing fine, stopped sneezing so I don't have to worry about my brains haha!

    Halloween is indeed so much fun. But I think my love for it is bigger than most people in Holland. It really isn't that big just yet and the trick or treating is focused on the young kids, say up to 9 years old. I would love to dress up and hand out candy, but this year I wasn't feeling to good. So hopefully next year I will hand out candy or I will throw/organize a Halloween party!

    Thanks for your lovely comment as always and have a safe traveling & be careful with food okay ^_^! *hug*

    Take care!

  21. creepy pumpkin , i like it .
    .Nice blog too!

  22. @ Jose Ramos: Ciao Jose! Thanks so much haha! It really was a creepy pumpkin huh hehe!!


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