Tuesday, December 13, 2011

TJ's Projects: A Cupcake Tutorial

Hello helloo!!

Hmm that was said in a weird opera voice...in my head anyway.

So, no recipe this time, but a drawing tutorial! A while ago, I got asked by the lovely Marieke Bos, if I was interested in participating in a creative project. It's for the site Swap-bot and here lots of creatives swap handmade goodies with each other. The group Dutch Swappers magically transformed the month December in an online advent calendar and every day a creative swapper reveals his/her gift.

And yes, you guessed it right, today is my day and I decided to create a quick tutorial on how I draw my cupcakes ^_^. There are really just a few basic lines and by switching up the expression you can create a new little cupcake in a few seconds. This is the first time writing a step by step tutorial and I will record a short video how I draw and paint it soon. However, the quality isn't THAT great. I will re-upload it soon again. My laptop shut off while I was saving the tutorial, so I lost some of my editing. Not a big deal...until I noticed that the file had become corrupt. The horror. I had a deadline to upload it a bit after midnight on December 13th, therefore I couldn't re-create what I had, so this tutorial is a quick version.

If something doesn't make sense, do let me know. I can keep this in mind for when I create the right version of this tutorial. I have another way of drawing a cupcake and if you guys like this one, I'll show you the other one as well.

Oh! I do have a cupcake recipe for you guys soon...hehe. Until then, don't forget about the Limited Christmas Cards and my Zazzle shop.

Have fun trying it out and if you drew it and want to show it...let me know! If there are enough cupcake doodlers, I will create a folder on my Facebook page so people can post it there. I'd love to see it :D Feel free to experiment with the frosting shapes and faces. I'll show lots of cupcake examples soon!

Ciao ciao!


  1. aahhhhh Pretty TJ!
    you should do this tutorial more OFTEN!!!!!
    please please pleeeeease.... i am still learning how to draw and to paint with watercolor, i think i will learn alot from you!


  2. Leuk TJ, ik ga ze zeker proberen te tekenen. Daar ben ik niet zo'n ster in maar met deze instructies moet het lukken volgens mij. Dank je wel! Marieke

  3. Leuk om ze ook allemaal bij elkaar te verzamelen! En met die frosting ben ik altijd aan het worstelen :) Ik ga ze zeker proberen te tekenen :)

  4. And now for something completely different....: a cupcake! Njammie! I love clupcakes, to bake them, to eat them and now to doodle-draw them too!
    thanks for the guidelines!
    Groetjes, Pauline

  5. TJ, You certainly know your cupcakes!!! Incidentally, I am very excited to give my cupcake print to my granddaughter at Christmas!!!!

  6. YAY! You did it!! I just tried out your tutorial during a meeting (haha!) and it turned out pretty good. Not as good as my AWESOME illustrations from yesterday ;) I'm posting it to your FB page right now!

    Ciao Ciao!

  7. Love it TJ. What a cool idea! Now we can all have our very own smiley cupcakes :D

  8. Che carina TJ :)

    I'd like to try this out and eat it lol...I thought you'd also hand out your recipe ;)

  9. Leuk, weer iets heel anders op onze adventkalender.

  10. hey TJ this is so cool .Loved it so much.

    Visit my blog and follow each other.

  11. @ Illustration Poetry: Ciaoo Pretty Mita!! Thank you and YES I shall add more easy tutorials for you guys!! I hope it’s easy to understand as well haha. I’ll go to your blog in a bit!!

    @ Marieke: Dank je wel! Ik zou het leuk vinden als je het liet weten als je een cupcake hebt getekend haha :D Graag gedaan! Groetjes!

    @ Knussemus: Dank je wel!!! Hopelijk lukt het anders...je weet me te vinden :)

  12. @ Pauline: YAY for cupcakes :D I hope the tutorial works out well for you!! Let me know if you need help, okay? Groetjes!

    @ Judie: HOORAAAY! I’m so excited. Do let me know what she thinks of it! I love cupcakes indeed haha. Xoxox

    @ Jen: I still LOVE your cupcake, Jen! So cool that you tried it and during a meeting…hahah! Awesome. Stay tuned for more and thanks for posting it too! Ciao Ciao <3

  13. @ Flameheart: Thanks os much! Yes, the world needs more smiley faces and cupcakes :D Xoxo

    @ Melissa: Ciao Melissa! Grazie, grazie :D The recipe will follow sooooon!! Stay tuned! Xoxo

    @ TYT: Helloo Susanna!! Thank you!! xoxoxo

    @ Kyroushka: Dank je wel :D

    @ Izdiher: Thanks so much! Glad you liked it!!


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